16:00 Al Ain – Al Shabbab

Al Ain since March 2014 are with Dalic as head coach and that put an end to the period where they would change coach too often. He know Arabian football from inside out, actually spent 4 years in Saudi Arabia. Al Ain stepped up in the league and has shown very good work in defence, currently leading the table and should lift the title inn the end. They have two great strikers for this level EKoko and Gian and some great midfielders including Stoch. These three players have scored a total of 23 goals and common between them is the speed. Today Abdulraman is out.

Saudi team should focus on securing a top 3 place, up to now apart from Hazazi there's no one else who scores goals. They are the weaker side at moment and shouldn't get such credit on the road.
Al Ain managed to go furtehr in ACL last campaign, nwo difference between these two teams is even bigger and therefore fair odds are 1.80-1.85 for home win imo.

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