Quality Midfielder to Finally Sign for Manchester United

Paul Pogba JuventusAlex Ferguson always had the eye for brilliant talent but perhaps he made one of the biggest transfer mistakes for which United are still suffering.
Paul Scholes was the key central midfielder under the management of Ferguson. The former English star retired from football the same time Ferguson retired from management.
Before leaving, Fergie made a huge blunder by selling French international Paul Pogba to Juventus for peanuts as he thought that Tom Cleverley will be the man to replace Paul Scholes.
Now, Cleverley plays on loan with Villa after a horrific season with United while Pogba is one of the best midifeilders in the world.
The Red Devils want to make amends by re-signing the French star but for that they will have to pay a huge transfer fee.
According to reports, £77m rated Paul Pogba is heading to sign for Manchester United as the Italian champions are already eyeing his replacement in Marco Verratti.
Paris Saint-Germain’s Verratti has always dreamed of playing in the native leave and it is likely that he would be joining the best side in Italy i.e Juventus.
Verratti claimed:

“One day I want to play in Serie A,”

Louis van Gaal is looking to secure signing of a complete midfielder and surely Paul Pogba fits the bill.
Not to forget, United manager is still keen about signing his compatriot Kevin Strootman for the same role.
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  1. Kimatarle says:

    The Transfer fee is Too Much.
    This Amount Could Buy 3 Good Quality Players , Which Could Contribute More.

  2. Glen Smyth says:

    FYI… Ferguson never made a blunder selling Pogba for peanuts. Pogba left on a free transfer in 2012 after refusing to sign a new contract so under the Bosman Man Utd and Ferguson were powerless to stop him leaving.

    • Corey german says:

      Ferguson was only offering small wages to pogba and next to no game time. If he recognised the talent he would have put forth a more lucrative contract. Mistake on sir Alex part
      No doubt

  3. Greyson Mwale says:

    It would be nice to see Pogba back but not at such a huge amount. I think the urgent department to look at is the central defence.

  4. roy says:

    Paul pogba for £77m? Too much
    That kind of money could be useful for buying hummels, varane and add some for gundogan

  5. Echeya M C says:


  6. Raymond says:

    Who is this MC echeya? u can name them all but adding Mata & carrick makes me feel you are not sensitive to the effect they both had(esp Carrick) on that field of play, since he returned to the team we’ve never loosed a match! Don’t u get it? In his appearance we Had 6 matches winning streak, what else do u want? Pls don’t always assume u know All when u know nothing! Boof. What we need now is the addition of a quality CB in Hummel, Strootman, Gundogan, Gaitan & Varane. But Hummel & Varane are the most important once for now. Pogba is ours but that amount is exorbitant… Let’s cast our eyes elsewhere

  7. Radharishnan says:

    Too much money to buy Pogba ! We can buy 2 good defenders and 1 midfielder with that amount. What happens if Pogba get injured the very next day ? Pl do not go behind only world class players, there are enough players who perform better than those world class.
    Dear LVG, please get up from your chair and encourage the players. I always find you sitting.

  8. gabara says:

    Sir Alex Ferguson never willfully sold Paul Pogba. He was sold on a Bosman rule because his contract had come to an end and Pogba wanted to try his luck somewhere for Sir Alex was not giving him playing time. Seventy seven million pounds is too much, Man United must get some other quality players with the same amount of money. Man United should not be viewed as a milk cow. But I have serious reservations when it comes to the improvement of play by Man United under the leadership of Mr Louis van Gaal. Man United does not have a biting philosophy.

    • alex t says:

      LVG said the guys are still lucky winners on their 7 games win, it’s clear we are not doing well in the field due to some spaces running short of players short on their normal positions, we need defenders, defensive midfielder, right back, but the team still trying to collect points with what we have got, so what philosophy must bite to make you see results do you want? Let us get all players fit and get new signed players signed then we can talk next season. For now let’s hope Varane will come, Hummels obvious it’s end of the season, then get a defensive madman. The team will work well, all players are playing but they are protecting a back line that’s why we don’t see a strong attack.

  9. Trevor says:

    Pogba would have stayed at United if Fergie would have played him. The final straw for Pogba when United played the bottom of the League team, Blackburn and Fergie short of players decided to play the Silva twins at right and left midfield.
    Pogba thought that if he could not get a game against Blackburn he would never get a game so he decided there and then to leave.
    If Fergie had given him a chance he would have stayed

  10. Masota K. Madulu says:

    I dont like Pogba back, even if we are getting him for free.

  11. pius tenete says:

    Lvg time is runing so without wasting time hummel,strootman and coleman rather wasting time on pogba whos expensive by the time all we need currently jst three player or two to boost the team so that we can get the top place afteraward then will go for the world class ,coz evn ths player we are having they we become world class giv them chance especial those younger player eg januaj,wilson,mcnair

  12. Adamu Abdulrahman says:

    MC i kno u ar not a man utd fans, if not u can’t make such a comment by mention Carrick nd Mata. Which player or whose player wil ever call Carrick a flop. Pls reserv such word.

  13. Murphy says:

    £77 million is crazy money.He’s good but not a superstar.And how strong is that Italian league?Spend the money on the positions we are thin of like CB & 2 wingbacks..Blind will be back next week and Fellaini soon aswell.Carrick is doing well as a holding mid.We have enough attacking mids in Herrera/Mata/Rooney.So Pogba is not a necessity especially for that ridiculous amount.

  14. Bowale says:

    I seriously don’t think the defence is as bad as people make it seem although I must state it needs to be improved upon.. The 3-5-2 formation does not suit the calibre of players at our disposal. When we play this tactic it leaves a lot of space in the base of midfield for oppossing teams to exploit provided they press high. The 4-4-2 is preferable and encourages the sort of football we should be playing. For confirmation checkout the recent FA cup tie against yeovil town. Carrick, blind and fletcher can only try but as long as we don’t play to their strenghts it’ll continue to be pointless. Finally LVG should spend wisely. As long as pogba remains dat expensive, strootman or someother outstanding player out their is a far better option. A commanding/ruthless defender in the form of Vidic at his prime is also needed. That’s my humble opinion.

  15. Minda Gelay says:

    I think Pogba is not the right man for manutd. He is not a world class midfielder. For me he deserve less than £10. He better join PSG.

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