Arsenal to Finally Seal €47 million Superstar Signing

PLArsenal earned a hard fought victory in the FA CUP last night against Hull City but must improve their form in the league.
Gunners are in desperate need of defensive reinforcements. A top quality central defender and a solid defensive midfield player is required.
Arsene Wenger have enough attacking player at his disposal that include many world class playmakers. However, the defense has let the attack down on numerous occasions and the French manager must solve the dilemma.
Arsenal let go club captain Thomas Vermaelen last summer and did not replace him whereas they kept on chasing defensive midfielders and did not sign one.
Arteta and Flamini are by no means top holding midfield players and are also past their best. More importantly, the duo are injured and Gunners should not waste any time in signing a DM.
According to reports, it seems that Arsenal are finally ready to seal William Carvalho signing from Sporting CP in the January transfer window.
The versatile Portuguese midfielder is one of the best breakers around and has a very huge release clause of €47m in his contract.
William Carvalho Sporting

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  1. Justine Raymond says:

    Arsene Wenger stop playing with Arsenal FC, fill the gap holes that the club is suffering from. Get a strong defensive midfielder like William Calvaho and a strong central defender so that we can compete for the league and champions league.

  2. Sahr Abubakarr Gborie says:

    Act Fast Arsene Time And Tide Wait For No One, The Ealier The Better 4 Us. Do What U Have To Do And Forget About Latter Pls

  3. joseph ugbenu says:

    Arsene doesn’t bother how the fans feels in a verry challenging and competitive season such as this one. He need to be educated that fans are the major assets of the club and their feelings given a priority attention at all times. For sure, Arsenal team are still not strong enough to stand a firm competition with the current top four as far as this season is concern. Early procurement to close the current gaps and lapses will reduce the enraging tension/attack from fans on Arsene Wenger.

    • Ben Britton says:

      so if we lost you as a fan, in monetary terms how much do we lose? Love to know how much our transfer budget is depleted by losing you? Let me know and i will tell Wenger to buy Cavani otherwise he will lose his asset of your money that supports our club. Dont you get it? The Arsenal do not rely on a sugar daddies, banks, governments and dare i say it TV fans from across the globe who dont spend a single penny that goes back to keep our club afloat. Does the concept of being debt free after spending £500,000,000 FIVE HUNDRED MILLION POUNDS (Plus) 10 years ago and staying in the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE for a record breaking 17 years on the trot using players who by your words are sub standard have any impact on you? Have you worked out how much it would cost to buy all our players? (my guestimate is approx £400 million – probably top 3 after Chelsea and Manc) If the words a Billion are being talked about for Spurs to buy what do you think our crappy club that is run by clowns is worth?. “fans” like you bitch about #Podolski being loaned but you show your self up because it shows just how much you actually know what it takes to be a Arsenal player much less what it takes for the player to become a legend for us. You all hated Walcott because Alan Hanson said so but you all shut up and why was that? i can say it wasnt because he won you over with his physical ability to play game after game scoring winning goals again and again ala Sanchez, it was because anyone who slagged Theo off was shamed into silence by the guys sheer guts and determination to keep playing his game and listen to his Manager and not the plastics. I just wish for one thing – for the newbie fans to show just how much they love OUR club by keeping the faith even though the path is tough at the moment because when the tide turns and it will, you can stand there and scream and shout your allegiance to your hearts content because you would of earned it. But its too late for you and the rest – when we do hit the sweet spot and you all come out the woodwork spouting off how Wenger finally listened to you we will all laugh at you. Cant wait for that moment that WE – The Arsenal Faithful can you look you all in the eye and see you look away in shame – ahhh but i bet all you plastics will look at each other believing it was because of YOU we won the Champs League. Before you rage on your keyboard about how crap some or most of Wengers signings have been, at least he kept us in the top 3 & 4 clubs in the country for nearly 2 decades spending what the club earned and not by running to Daddy every year loading up OUR club with a debt that can only be paid back by loans and re-loans or selling the ownership of our Football ground/ training facilities etc. Im tired and need to sleep and i will dream of the glory days that will return and i like many purists will be able to stand there and look at each other knowing we stood firm shoulder to shoulder. Shame on each and every one of you who dont know enough of what Wenger and his ideology for our club has done. Even now when we have sold our soul to our temporary owner our Wenger has stayed with us to make sure we dont lose our heritage. The man loves Arsenal more than most but not more than The Gooners. No one can love OUR club more than us and thats why i will never lose faith. COYG

  4. Issa Dumbuya says:

    how many more years did arsenal management need to sign a player? or is arsenal team is poorest team in europe? wenger please stop fooling people. step down!!! your time is up!!! remember u are olest coach in the EPL. shame wenger, shame!!! and leave our lovely team alone

  5. bonaroca says:

    Bonaroca:- I believe that Arsenal are said to be prepared to sign Carvalho when he signs and holds
    an “ARSENAL SHIRT” and photographed at the Emirates with Mr Wenger, otherwise this could only
    be the usual repeat fairy tale.
    Apart from that the next player Arsenal need is a central defender and in my opinion this is a must..

    • Zaher says:

      I honestly believe Coquelin is doing well right now in DM.. I think we should make getting a CB as a priority and spend our money there and then worry about a DM in the summer. Id even take Cavani or a legit goal scorer.. Welback works hard and all but simply cannot finish, and Giroud is sometimes nonexistent. We need a striker with the work rate and heart like (sanchez) with a bigger frame…. Cavani…. Benzema?

  6. Simon Ngulube says:

    Mr. Wenger is now a liability to Arsenal Football Team, he is costing the team new and young supporters. No young and new supporter would endure the pain and shame that we have suffered the last 10 years or so. This is because Mr. Wenger has past his career time at the club, winning games does not motivate him any more hence his inability to sign top players. My plea on behalf of Arsenal fans, Mr. Wenger please resign and let those that know that supporters are also human take over the helm

  7. H2J says:

    yes is good to buy him. but ew need a experience central attacker like fc photo goal machine jackson martinez.

  8. Ben Britton says:

    Yeah Wenger is such a schmuk because the newbies who suddenly supported The Arsenal when they saw the tail end of the golden era of watching the likes of Pires, Lundberg, Bergy, Viera, Petit and the fulcrum of our attacking power named Titi Henry and im not forgetting Keown, Adams, Bould, Winterburn, Lauren and Cole and the immense presence of Seaman (missed a few names there i know) destroy teams who came against us now feel they have earned the right to slag off every aspect of what MY greatest manager has done for MY club. When i type MY club i mean OUR club. Our club that has stuck by OUR ethos of how a club should be run. Wenger has, in my opinion shown weakness by bowing down to the FEW numbskull’s and bought Ozil for the amount he paid just to satisfy the few and i will admit he has bought a few duds in his time that rank worse but i dont hear the same people praise him for buying Sanchez or our French central defender or even our French right right called debauchy (couldnt spell Kolcheny _ spelt wrong yeah so dont troll me). To all who pretend to love Arsenal and act all sullen and hard done by because the reality is they feel gutted because they chose a team to support purely because they wanted to support the most sexiest team at the time and now they are sucking their thumb looking like dummies because of what? …..Because you are plastic. Just swap teams as easily as you become Gooners [sarcasm] and jump ship and support Man city or Chelsea. I for one am glad we dont rely on our richest man in England because of one reason – when or if he commits suicide [ assassinated] our club wont sink into shit. Our club will be still standing there in another hundred years being self supported and laying the path on how a club should be run. I hope the purist of Arsenal Supporters get my drift as i know im ranting now but ive been a supporter since we lost to Westham in the FA cup final in ’86 and im 43 now so work out the maths. I had the luxury of a season ticket in the upper North Bank at Highbury for 6 years during 2000 & 2006 so i had that dream ticket that let me watch my heroes stomp all over teams. I couldnt afford my ticket anymore so the year we went into our new ground i missed that milestone of a year of witnessing us settle in to our fantastic new ground. You wont see or hear me moaning that i couldnt afford it any more – no i just watched in awe as i saw MY/ OUR team play in a ground that was designed and built to our greatest manager’s ideals and THEN managed in the correct manner to sustain a top 4 finish so that we THE FANS could enjoy Champions League Football year in year out. The last thing i will state here is this – why don’t you think we never signed the real players that we all wanted these last 10 years? It was because we couldn’t afford to pay £150K a week for them – that was 5 years ago and the wage they want has increased since. Even now, do you plastics know that we have increased our star player top pay packet from £80K to £100K (Henry) to now £130K MAX. We play the game by the rules – we are advocates of the fair play rules – why is that? Because we are the leaders in bringing the game we invented (i mean the country) up to modern day standards of fair completion. We dont see Manu, ManCity, Liverpool, Chelsea banging on about it do we? Why is that plastic fans?please reply without using dis an dat and god knows what and i dont believe in god so please dont go religious on me. In a few words to finish…the words of the few may sound loud to you but that is only because people like you seem to float together, much like the rubbish in the sea that swirls round and collects together in the middle of the ocean – guess what…thats made up of mostly plastic. The Arsenal will still be doing what we do in another hundred years and by then all of us who live today and watch our boys whether you love The Arsenal or hate The Arsenal will be dead and there will be the sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, grand parents who will have the pleasure of watching a team filled with history and a legacy of being a Club who did it their way. COYG!!!! win or lose i will love MY/ OUR Club for ever.

  9. Sahr Abubakarr Gborie says:

    All Am Asking Is 4 Wenger To Sign Prolific World Class Players 4 Us And Not Schools Kids To Be Tame Before Proper Action When? Sign Players Like Calvani, Calvanho, Hummels And D Likes ;go Out 4 Them By Spending D Money, I Believe Arsenal Money Is Not Your Family Property So Why D Fear Mr Economist? Act As Soon As Possible And Stop Fooling Us Like Previous Seasons With A Lot Of Promises And Never Fullfil. You Are Indeed A Good Coach Who Always Scout Good Players 4 Other Coaches Like Mourinho Who Always Provoke You As A Master In Failure, Indeed I Agreed With Mourinho U Stinge Coach!!!

    • Ben Britton says:

      and there we have it….these are the words of a “fan” who only noticed us because of Henry, Viera & Lauren et al. Do you understand why we dont pay the monies ManC, Manu & Chelsea pay? Clearly not. Its all about spend spend spend and no thought of tomorrow. You are a today fan, a fan who lives by the rule of do what thy neighbour does. Have you bought a car that you cant afford? Have you spent a lump of money that stops you feeding your children? Have you spent a lump of money that denies your wife the honeymoon of her dreams? Bought your wife a silver ring because you blew your money buying a sharp suit for a job interview because you believed if you look the part then the cleverest person who deserved the job was overlooked because of the dazzle your shiny suit? You scream buy him and him and HIM…the players you speak of you have memorised from the tabloids you read on the internet. My blood is boiling – am i right in saying “fans” like you are no better than trolls who cast misery to the grieving except our real fans – we dont care, we are The Arsenal. Love all you plastics to explain why we put the word “The” in front of Arsenal? Please tell me all you who think they know more than the custodians of our Club? PLASTIC and whats worse there are “fans” who actually think they have a right to question how our club is run after a few years. By the way, just how much money have you spent on Arsenal merchandise and i mean merchandise that is Official Arsenal that actually goes back into the club and not the street market crap?????/ blood boiling over!

  10. Joseph Temanya Richard says:

    It’s very obvious that we have no commanding CB and a Top Holding Midfielder – Arsene Wenger knows and has on several occasions confirmed the weakness in these areas. Unfortunately Wenger is a coach who doesn’t believe in filling these gaps by buying the already established top class players. He believes in buying school boys and put them to the Arsenal Academy for a while and promote them to the first eleven while they are still premature! Solution – get rid of Wenger! There are other good coaches out there.

  11. Leonard says:

    I can bet Wenger is not going to sign a player of class the fans are crying for. He is playing mind game with the fans.

  12. the man says:

    Alot of disillusioned gooners on here. If you get rid of a legend like wenger who do you bring that will give us financial stability an consistency. The failing klopp? Mr van gaal who needs 159mil to guarantee 3rd place. Eccept cash rich chelsea and surprise surprise man city. Who else is competing for tittle and are realistic contenders. Even man united having spent almost 200mil are way of the top 2 and only a few points ahead of us. People forget we’re coming out the other end of a difficult period. Last season was the first time in year’s we spent big money (ozil) and we have an f.a cup to show for it. Something chelsea man United and Liverpool couldn’t manage last season. Since then one off those teams have fallen behind (Liverpool) whilst were still amongst it. All I’m saying is arsenal fans stop measuring our club with cash loaded city an chelsea. They can afford to take 50mil hits on failing players all day. We can’t afford t expensive mistakes. Were self dependent. Wait and judge wenger at the end of the season the fa cup and dare I say it the charity shield should at least buy wenger time

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