Arsenal to Complete Perfect Midfield Signing for €20m

Arsene Wenger UpsetArsenal are currently 6th in the premier league with arch rivals Tottenham Hotspur above them as well.
As it happens every season, once again fans are turning against Arsene Wenger for the consistent problems of inconsistent performances.
The first half of the season is gone and Arsenal need to step up big time in the second to ensure a top four finish again.
Gunners badly need a natural central defensive midfield player and Wenger should make DM signing priority.
Top players like William Carvalho and Sami Khedira have been linked with Arsenal over the past few months but now the one name in the limelight is Newcastle United’s Moussa Sissoko.
For now, Arsenal have both of their defensive midfielders Arteta and Flamini injured. Moreover, even those two are not as good as the quality breaker Wenger needs in his squad.
According to French source, Arsenal are very serious about signing Sissoko but will have to splash €20m to secure his services.
NUFC Moussa Sissoko

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  1. Yes sissoko is good,sign him.

  2. Gab says:

    Forget about stubborn wenger. In my life have never seen a manager of his type. We have trust mourinho. He is serious. Lious van gal is another serious manager. It will take arsenal football club years to rebuild the club

  3. TAJ AZIZ says:

    Wont happen unless wenger gets a kick out ,we need a player that can break attacks by opposite players real dm and a cm now we have below average players in the midfld

  4. anthonyAkers says:

    as an accountant wenger is the best we have ever had as a football manager he is one of the worst he is so stubborn it is unbeiveable we are really shit and he must realizehe has to buy a copuple of world class players a striker a midfield holding player and a central defender so for fuck sake go out and do it or fucking resign and we can get someone in who will

  5. Billy bee says:

    £££££££££££ – Wengar short and simple

  6. Usman says:

    Wenger! Any time l hear that name l get annoyed because l am sick of his philosophy that never win nothing but sorrow and frustration. Let us just Waite for him to finish his reign of failure and go. He will not buy and if he will, he will buy half baked player.

  7. Lamin Bangura says:

    Why always we Arsenal are like that. We`re the first team to relise our players, but when it come to buy a player, you can hear the man with the big head who think that he`s clever than everybody Mr Wenger, saying always that he can`t find the right player to buy. ?? whlise the other teams are buying. What wrong with this big head man and rest of the people sitting up there

  8. adewale adejumo says:

    Wenger need to think defensively, the successful coaches of this era have been successful due to very solid
    goalkeeper, unbreakable defense ,then competent midfielders and decent strikers.
    The best defenders in the Premier league are now contributing goals to their teams as well as defending tirelessly and intelligently. .Arsenal do not have this, our goalkeeper lacks concentration during matches. So we need to buy solid defenders that will see us through tough games.

  9. bonaroca says:

    Bonaroca:- I have given up hope that Mr Wenger is going to sign a central & Midfield defender. It is
    beyond the ridiculous for the board to allow so much nonsense of signings by the manager going to be made but at the at the end of the day it remains a status quo option, no wonder the Arsenal Supporters are unhappy with this situation which have now been going on for years with the piece meal signing a top player
    here and there.

  10. Cheni says:

    Wenger don’t know what football is in this era.As he was outdated nd as he also managing the club.He’s heartless manager in ever forever.My fellows forget arsenal till he leave it.

  11. Sahr Abubakarr Gborie says:

    We Are Sick And Tired Of Wenger, Sign 4 Us Prolific Players{world Class} What Are U Waiting For? Or Do U Want To Wait Until January 31’st As Usual? U Are Not Serious. Thank God U Are In Europe,haven Been In Africa U Should Have Dead Long Ago

  12. Fedson says:

    The only time we can see changes in transfer policy at Arsenal is when Ursamanov takes majority shares. We know when he takes over, Wenger will be fired and that will be era and new dawn of football at Arsenal. Right now, forget it. Arsenal will be an ordinary team like Stoke or Aston Villa

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