AGREED – Arsenal Finally Seal Deal to Sign $38m Superstar

Morgan Schneiderlin SouthamptonMauricio Pochettino did wonders with Southampton side last season after a strong finish last season.
The Argentine manager left to take over at Tottenham and Dutch manager Ronald Koeman stepped in at Southampton.
Saints had to lose so many star players who performed brilliant last season. Captain Adam Lallana departed to Liverpool, so did star veteran striker Lambert and their best defender Dejan Lovren.
On the other hand, Country’s best left back last season Luke Shaw also left the club to join Manchester United last summer.
The one player Ronald Koeman held onto despite interest from several Pl clubs was French international Morgan Schneiderlin.
That decision has proved to be fruitful as Koeman build his squad with the funds obtained from stars’ sale and now find themselves in third place in the league with a strong chance of Champions League qualification.
However, for the European dream to come true, holding on to Morgan till at least summer is pivotal but as per latest reports, Arsenal have beaten Liverpool and Man United and finally agreed $38 million deal to sign Schneiderlin.
Arsenal is despreately in need of a quality proven defensive midfielder and Schneiderlin has been fantastic for the past two seasons in the premier league.
Adding to that, the 25 year old star plays as a creative midfielder role as well and has scored 4 goals in 20 appearances this season for Saints.
Securing his signing will solve Arsenal’s dilemma of not having a top DM because of which the defense has suffered a lot as well.
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  1. Charles Anywar says:

    I people who keep dreaming during day. Ask Wenger before you put dreams into writing. Thanks.

  2. Gab says:

    I don’t believe until it happens.

  3. John Abraham says:

    Doubting Thomases are always welcome. It keeps our feet on the ground. But I do think the Schneiderlin deal is truly done this time. However, my question is, what happens if we don’t make the top four and Southampton does? Will he still come?

  4. Kuda says:

    I don’t trust Wenger anymore so will smile when the deal is confirmed

  5. Frank says:

    No player in the world will agree to a contract half way of the season to join at the end of the season, do you think he is stupid? Don’t you realise at the moment his current club is doing better that Arsenal? Don’t you think at the end of the season if his club make to the champions league and Arsenal not?
    So please post about sanogo, afobe, cambell and co and finally about wenger buting 17 years old boys around europe for a supost future wich will never come because when they are ready to jump into the team they just go to united chelsea or city don’t you remember Fabregas, van gaysy, clichi nasry sagna ashly cole!!!!!
    Don’t you think if all those bunches of idiots stayed at arsenal we could have created one of the strongest team in europe

    • Conner says:

      Saints position is a one off like Liverpool last season and loads of players sign to a contract in advance and if you think it don’t happen then you don’t know football I’m afraid. he will be at afc come the summer that I have no doubt

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