18:00 Trapani – Brescia

I'm a Brescia fan, it's a great team they can gain the promotion this year. They are not in first place because they were robbed against Verona by a wrong referee's decision. For this match they will recover Nelson, an important player. He is not in form so he will play only 15 minutes but he is very strong, a great scorer. Only captain Loschi is doubtful for today, others players are in exceptionnal form. Trapani is a decent team but isn't good enough for Brescia. Players like like Fernandez, Brownlee, Benevelli, Passera and Alibegovic could play in major league without problems. Brescia have to win to gain the second spot in Final Six (so they will play maximum 2 games and not 3), if they lose Torino will overtake them (because they lost the head to head). It's an important game and i think Brescia will easily win, high stake here.

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