Arsenal Player Ratings Against Swansea

Arsene Wenger ArsenalArsenal have dropped more points from winning positions this season than any other premier league team, Nine.
The above mentioned stats clearly explains the fragility of Arsenal defense and all the good work upfront is going in vain at the moment.
Arsene Wenger’s men are currently 6th in the table but with literally no hope of catching high flying Chelsea side who have 12 points lead over them.
Not to forget, Arsenal will have to face Manchester United next who are just a point behind them at the moment.
Chamberlain and Sanchez were influential in attack but the defense was all over the place as Swans scored two quick goals to turn the game around.
Here are Arsenal player ratings against Swansea.

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  1. John mburu says:

    Very disapointing. Something need to be done urgently

  2. Les Naidoo says:

    Its very frustrating to watch Arsenal play from a winning position to lose or draw. Firstly Wenger should be fired and so should some of the players.Get rid of Metersacker,Flamini Arteta and not forgetting our goalkeeper who is average and a few others as well while you at it.The team needs a complete overhaul.These days I like to watch Arsenal games just to see Sanchez and Welbeck and Alex Chamberlain play.They play the committed game while the others are like bystanders.I know that I am critical but I am very very disappointed in the team and the manager.

    • may7heaven says:

      Did you see how we lost control of the game against Anderlecht, after Arteta went off? Metersacker, needs a fast, mobile, last-ditch tackler CB to play alongside him but do you remember how many headed goals we conceded before he arrived, especially from set pieces? Can you name me another 6′ 6″ defender in the world who is quick & nimble? Neither is perfect for every situation but both are very valuable squad players.

  3. J. Emmanuel Tokao says:

    Short of words, complete “disappointment”!!!

  4. aloma says:

    Wenger is a disgrace to football world he is not trophies oriented manager.he loves to play sir-no-goal ahead of campell he sees per mert.moreal,flamini and arteta as good players that can win trophies…….mad man that is what Wenger is

  5. Andre Bagz says:

    Sometimes i just want scream at Monsieur Arsene…You have enthusiastic young lads like Joey Campbell(who we may lose btw),Lukas Poldi….use them..
    Rambo has not gotten back to his best there is no need putting pressure on him, and with a thin back line…bring in little Hector B to fill Right back ..move Chambers to Centre back and drop Monreal…am i the only one seein this.
    Don’t waste time on players who are not proving themselves….

  6. ed said says:

    Wenger needed to go, 5 years ago. He makes ridiculous decisions. He takes off players who are playing well, makes substitions too late or doesn’t change when it’s needed. Nobody has to fight for a place, even if they are out of form, Wenger plays them. What is Monreal doing at CB? Move Chambers into the middle and play Bellerin at right back, he looked ok. Why is Jenkinson out on loan? Chambers is exposed at right back because he’s a CB. He said, we don’t need Fabregas, we have Ozil, then sticks him out wide! Arsene Wenger is the only manager, who constantly takes pace out of the team. Not only is the player slower but generally out of position. Arsenals striker problems can be solved with Walcott. Welbeck will get a rest now, Sanago is fit! What’s wrong with Campbell?
    I don’t think Wenger hasn’t got the players, he doesn’t pick them.

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