13:00 Rojer J-J / Tecau H – L. Kubot / R. Lindstedt

Today , in the last round in the group A, we have match between the pairs, jean-Julien Rojer/Horia Tecau against Lukasz Kubot/Robert Lindstedt.

Jean -Julien Rojer/ Horia Tecau have the win against Kubot/Lindstedt few weeks ago on the ATP tour in Paris.

Here Kubot/Lindstedt are in 1st round managed to beat brothers Bryan and then beats Peya/Soares in 2nd round, and with these two victories they have ensured the placement to the semi final.

I Think that pair / Rojer/Tecau will be motivated for this match, because they not want to end World Tour Finals with all defeats.

Rojer/Tecau will win

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I'm really really lucky

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