13:00 Rojer J-J / Tecau H – L. Kubot / R. Lindstedt

I got burnt yesterday when I played contra Nestor / Zimonjic.

Even though they had no chance for next round they beat the Spanish combination Granollers / Lopez.

Today, the situation is similar with that Kubot / Lindstedt can not be eliminated, and both doubles can play relaxed , and i give nmore chance chance Rojer / Tecau.

Why? Because thay have 2 lose and want to finish this tournament with one winn surely. Because thay are better double, and because

each victory brings points and prize money.

I think Rojer/Tecau cannot lose 3 matches in a row..they have not luck in the last 2 matches(both lose with 2-1) , but they are quality double, already winn Kubot and Lindstedt in Paris and i think can winn and today. Good Luck!

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