08:15 Alla Kudryavtseva – Yung-Jan Chan

Taipei Challenger Kudryavtseva vs Chan.

Chan place on WTA : 212

Kudryavtseva place on WTA : 98

Well…why bet on Chan when Alla is better ranked. Two reason:

H2H first and second Yung-Jan Chan play in hometown

Chan have 4-1 against Alla :


KAO-HSIUNG 2 winner: Yung-Jan Chan

6-2 6-0


DOTHAN winner: Yung-Jan Chan

6-4 6-2


US OPEN winner: Yung-Jan Chan

4-6 7-5 6-3


KUALA LUMPUR winner: Alla Kudryavtseva

6-0 3-0 RET


MIAMI winner:Yung-Jan Chan

6-1 6-4

Only winn for Alla after ret. Yung. I think this 4-1 is so important for Yang..surely she have confidence and home fans will encourage her.

Yang show couples time that she can beat Alla.. and i tink will do that again. Good Luck!

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