03:30 Edmonton Oilers – Ottawa Senators

Edmonton vs Ottawa

Edmontons is 13th on West:

13.Edmonton Oilers 16 6 0 1 9 40:54 13

Ottawa is 8th on East:

8.Ottawa Senators 15 6 1 4 4 41:38 18

Last year Edmonton win both matches, but last year both teams were very bad. The difference is that Ottawa has improved this year , and Edmonton stayed the same.

Ottawa is highly improved defense and he recieved 38 goals..and that is good.

On the other hand, Edmonton have one of the worst defense in league..54 golas on 16 games is too mutch.

Ottawa has the better team and I think thay will prove it tonight. They will not have problem with scoring..and for home team that will go a little harder.

Away team winn if u ask me..Good Luck!

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