01:30 Tampa Bay Lightning – San Jose Sharks

Tampa Bay vs San Jose

Tampa is 1st on East:

1.Tampa Bay Lightning 16 8 3 2 3 60:44 24

Thay play very good, in great form. Tampa had 6 wins in a row, and Chicago stop them in last match on penalties.

Realy good attack and what is important- very efficient , 60 goals in 16 games.

San Jose is 8th on West:

8.San Jose Sharks 17 6 2 2 7 51:50 18

Sharks are not bad for..play solid, but have problems with defense. Is enough to say that in the last game thay received 4 goals from Florida, which is one of the worst teams in the league. In last 2 games SJ recieved 9 goals.

Tampa Bay play in great form this season, thay play good home..and i think thay can winn today against Sharks who are currently something weaker form.

Good Luck!

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