How Man United will Line up Without Rooney & Herrera

Why are Manchester United so Interested in Spanish Star Ander HerreraResults have only just started to improve for Manchester United but injuries and suspensions are all set to hurt them now.
With defense lacking quality and depth, United have Evans, Jones, Smalling already out on the treatment table while Blackett is suspended. Hence McNair was given his debut and perhaps will start the next game as well.
The Red Devils could not heavily reinforce the midfield department with Herrera being the only creative option and now the Spaniard has a fractured rib. Not to forget, Carrick is out as well.
As far as attack is concerned, Manchester United’s captain was sent off in the last game and Van Gaal cannot believe his luck.
With tough fixtures coming up, Man United have so many key stars out. Nevertheless, they will have to make do with the group available.
Here is how Man United will line up without Rooney & Herrera.

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  1. Churchill Paul says:

    Mata can replace rooney and januzaj can replace herrera

  2. timth says:

    I prefer 4-2-3-1 formation,de gea , rafael , mcnair , rojo , shaw. Fletcher$blind .falcao(11) , mata(8) , di maria(7) . Van persie main striker

    • macdalys says:

      i agree with ur formation, that’s the best for us at this moment where we are ravaged by injury and suspension.

  3. Ntulume James says:

    timth’s formation is de best 4 us on paper but can be modified on pitch basing on your opponent’s strength

  4. HITIYAREMYE Eraste says:

    Why can’t we replace Herrera by Antonio Valencia instead of Fletcher

  5. Echeya M C says:

    Dea Gea~Raphael~Rojo~Jones~Shaw~ Fellaini~Blind~ Valencia~ Januzaj~ Di Maria~ FALCAO..= 4-2-3-1 ? MATA/FLETCHER/RVP/ the trio lack physical presence in UTD team- NO BENCH FOR MEDIOCRITIES/LACKLUSTRES

  6. Blazin paul says:

    Rafael – Jones – Rojo – Shaw
    Januzaj————Di maria
    –Van persie—–Falcao–
    This should do it

  7. hassan muhd says:


  8. TRUSTWORTHY says:

    please Januzaj should play ahead of Mata

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