Arsenal Player Ratings Against Chelsea – Disappointing

Arsenal FCArsenal visited Stamford Bridge on the back of a brilliant win in midweek in the Champions League.
However, once again, they had to return empty handed as Jose Mourinho’s plan once against worked well against Wenger and the Blues won 2-0.
The North Londoners did have few good chances but that habit of passing the ball a little too much in the attacking third even when there is clear opportunity to shoot did not help them.
Also, Chelsea were as usual solid at the back as well while players like Hazard and Fabregas provided the creativity upfront to ensure Chelsea win all three points.
Gunners now have 10 points from the 7 league games while last season they were on top of the league at this stage with 16 points.
All in all, a disappointing display from the gunners. Here are Arsenal player ratings against Chelsea.

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  1. stevenson says:

    Arsenal problem it is the players but its the big man,the manager,Arsene Wenger.
    He has no ideas now,he must leave the club for the better!

  2. Sylvia says:

    Cazrla was subtituted instead of wilshere, and rosicky was on bench once again for wilshere, Ozil also played wing once again. Wenger and wilshere gave chelsea a win

  3. Sylvia says:

    Cazorla was subtituted instead of wilshere, and rosicky was on bench once again for wilshere, Ozil also played wing once again. Wenger and wilshere gave chelsea a win

  4. cliff says:

    Now it is becoming too much.wenger should know that Ozil is a natural No10 n not a annoyed with you wenger!!!!

  5. sebastian says:

    Mr. Wenger is arrogant, he should know more than we do, play your players in their best position, he should leave simple as that. I think we also need a manager who strong enough to tell players once they do mistake. Arsenal lucks a winning, strong attitude players and coach to win the games.

  6. birhanu says:

    wenger you should leave this CLUB, because you don’t have good ability to win stong team like Chelsea,M.united and also relatively other strong teams

  7. TAJ AZIZ says:

    Why is wenger playing ozil is beyond reson every time we play the big boys we are actually playing one player short because ozil never show up he is making other players tired look how cesc dispossessed him he shoul be bench why did wenger sub carzola instead of ozil its just 42ml wasted cesc proved his point to our stupid idiout manager why the fu…..k didn’t wenger sign a dm it shows that he doesn’t have his best interest in the team just there to collect not worth the money being paid to him he should get out now we are tired of morinyo’ s attitude we love our team and wenger shoul take a walk he doesn’t have it anymore

  8. sektion8ty says:

    I love the fact Wenger didn’t sign Fabregas; though he is an awesome player, I like him, but how can you eat your cake and have it back, he left when we needed him most.
    The mistake Wenger made was not signing a top d.m and a few more defenders…
    The derby was a close game, but i hate it when wenger uses ozil on the flanks,
    Rosicky is becoming poor with his passes…
    To me I’m okay with the points gotten so far
    what really matters atleast we’ve played Chelsea, man city, spurs, everton, and we won aston that beat us in this same fixture 3:1 last season
    then the dubios leisc….. and palace….
    to me points collected are fair.
    now we have a run of easy fixtures after the inter’tnal break, and we ll be just fine when we pick max points…
    we ve played the most difficult matches in the first phase
    #COYG cheer up …

  9. pastor chami says:

    Ooo! May be time will tell. But when? Professor should not substitute Curzola. He was doing very good.
    Generally our boys performed very well compared to last year.If Ozil will work harder I am sure we are going to enjoy very soon. Our backline should as well work harder to defend. Sometimes they loose concerntration.
    Why Work up boys, we are all behind you.

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