The Mediator to Make Sure Ronaldo Joins Manchester United

Ronaldo Manchester UnitedCristiano Ronaldo’s potential return to Manchester United is the hottest transfer news going on in the media these days.
The brilliant news for United faithful is that for now everything is going in their favor and it is likely that Ronaldo may return to Old Trafford sooner rather than later.
As published before, The Portuguese captain is fed up of life at Real Madrid and wants to move to Manchester United.
Adding to that, United also have a deal in place for the former Red Devil and want to add him to newly assembled squad of superstars.
Also reports suggested that United are hoping for a key mediator to make sure Ronaldo joins and the mediator is none other than legendary Alex Ferguson.
The question remains, will he be able to ensure that the deal happens?
Alex Ferguson Upset United LiverpoolFergie was the one to lure Cristiano Ronaldo from Sporting Lisbon after selling David Beckham to Real Madrid and he was the one under whom Ronaldo became a superstar.
His say at the club is still highly regarded but it remains to be seen whether Van Gaal wants Ronaldo or not.
He has already signed Angel Di Maria from Real Madrid and handed him the iconic number 7 shirt Ronaldo used to wear.
Nevertheless, the fans cannot wait for the move to happen but for now United should focus on getting back into Champions League first.
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