Manchester United Expect to Complete €37m Midfielder Signing

Kevin StrootmanManchester United might have signed many top class players in the summer transfer window but they still did not reinforce as per their requirements.

They already had 4 strikers, sold two of them in Welbeck and Hernandez to add a new one in Radamel Falcao from Monaco.

However, the main concerning departments were defense and midfield.

Having lost the likes of Evra and more importantly Vidic and Ferdinand, United did not sign world class experienced players to replace them.

Someone like Hummels would have done brilliantly but United failed to lure the Dortmund man despite chasing him for long.

Hummels was not the only players United wasted time on, perhaps they wasted most time chasing world class midfielder Arturo Vidal hoping that he will partner Herrera but in the end failed to lure him or any other midfielder for that matter.

They did sign Blind, who might be playing in midfield but he is not a specialized holding midfielder as mainly Van Gaal used him as a Wing back during the World Cup and he also plays as a central defender.

In such a scenario, United’s main priority in the next transfer window is again signing a midfielder and they expect to complete signing of another long term target €37m man Kevin Strootman from Roma.

The former PSV star was one of the first players Van Gaal was interested in buying but since he has been injured, the plan has been delayed for winter.

The results for now are going bad and fans hope that come January they are in a better position in the table to sign stars like Strootman.

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  1. BD Condell says:

    The devil is in the detail. Hernandez and Welbeck out as strikers, Falcao and the very impressive James WIlson in as their replacements: numbers balanced. You suggest that Blind is not a midfield player. He won player of the year in Netherlands last year playing a holding/defensive midfield role for Ajax. The Vidal saga became a fiasco in the media. I’m not convinced Utd chased him all summar, if at all. In defence, Rio, Vidic and Evra out, Rojo, Shaw and the highly promising Mensah in. Also, Blackett promoted and Blind a capable defender, so the numebrs are not as lopsided as you suggest. Like I said, the devil is in the detail.

    • Ste -k- says:

      Well said ppl say we got a week mid not really fully fit mid fletch carrick mata Anderson filaini Herrera dimaria januzaj Valencia young blind wats week about that def we got jones smalling evens rafael Rojo blacket James also blind fletch and carrick can cover defence don’t even need to mention Rooney RVP falcao Wilson that is a strong and with the influence of left footers also now balanced

  2. seun samson says:

    I don’t think condell knows what he’s talking about.we are talking aboutl defenders anh he’s talking about mensah and bllacket when old trafford had lost the likes of vidic,ferdinand and evra.the mid-field would remain as terrible as it has been as long as the likes of young,valencia and fletcher remains there as we have seen overtime that their level of creativity is zero.falcao is undoubtedly a good addition to the striking force but I doubt if he can salvage the devil’s situation if the mid-field remains like that.I wonder what young and valencia are still doing in old trafford.

    • Dan Morgan says:

      you’re off your nut my friend, Carrick due back before you know it, one of the best in his position bar last season, blind Dutch player of the year as cdm, he’s box to box goal scoring link up super skilled player, maybe as you don’t watch footy then YouTube him, that will change your mind. Rojo is top draw, by no means the answer to the problems at the back, but Shaw to play and blackett coming through then surely we’ll make huge improvements, Herrera will learn epl well this season especially linking with di maria & Mata, then Rooney RVP & Falcao, well not even gonna comment, top fuckin draw front line, that tear apart most defenders, if you think different from that point of view, then your jealous, deluded or a scouser or possibly all 3! Yes I agree we’ve got a severe task, but there’s no way we can fail or accept excuses for failures.

    • BD Condell says:

      I’m afraid it’s you who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Vidic has been crocked for 2 seasons and had limited playing time. Ditto Rio who was used sparaingly. Shaw is a direct replacement for Evra and top quality. Rojo is a direct replacement for RIo and top quality. Jones and Smalling were bought to backfill Rio and Vidic anyway and I believe that Jones, at least will measure up. Mensah is one for the future and highly rated while Blackett is a work in progress. Blind is a capable defender. So where’s your problem, especially if we go with 3 at the back?
      The new Cm will be Blind and Herrera with Carrick and Fletcher as back-up. Blind and Herrera should compliment each other. In the medium term we need someone else (Strootman, Vidal) also. Di Maria and Januzaj are the key wide players (depending on formation played) with Mata, Rooney, RVP and Falcao the choices up top. Young, Valencia and Fletcher will be squad players at best before (probably) being offloaded in the future.
      You can’t fix everything at once but this is a major first step.
      De Gea,
      Jones, Rojo, Shaw
      Herrera Di Maria
      Rooney Falcao
      Critique that if you don’t mind and try to undertsand the make-up of Utd’s squad a bit better.

      • Ste -k- says:

        Ye I under stand but al fit think he will play
        ……………………………………de gea………………………………
        ……………smalling…………jones …………Rojo……………….
        Rafael………………………blind…………………… Shaw…
        ……………Herrera …………………dimaria ………………
        ……………………………falcao …………………….
        mata RVP carrick Amos young Valencia fletcher evens januzaj
        Back up
        Filaini. Blacket Wilson Anderson James mensah and pick of under 21s

      • Rednez says:

        My critique is that you have only picked 10 players!

        • BD Condell says:

          Nice one! Try Rafael if you want 4 at the back or Januzaj on the right of midfield if you want 3 at the back. You see, I offered a flexible model!

  3. Lewis says:

    You say uniteds young and Valencia are no good but the likes of di Maria and Januzaj are Rooney can play as an attacking midfield there’s mata blind Herrera aswell in the cm/cdm/cam area so once that the team is sorted out playing to the best of their ability united will be back in the top four qualifying for the champions league every season like they used to

  4. liam c says:

    why didnt we bid for gungoden, khederia, fabregas, vidal, pogba , hummels, rafinha, varane,,de jong,scweinsteiger and so many more who would have strenghthened our squad. and whos bright idea was it to let vidic and evra both leave. they both had at least 1 if not 2 more seasons left in them. congrats mr ed the talking hosre

  5. Daniel Emasit says:

    i can’t agree with you more, United Did right business on all their signings i.e. Luke Shaw, Herera, M. Rojo, Dimaria, Falcao& Blind and player sales/ loans. As For Vidal, he was goin to end up injury prone as Hargreaves; so we did well 2 set tough conditions on him as we wait for Strootman. Danny Times, Ug

  6. meshack mogaru says:

    This the start,, a new team, a new manager and a new play formation. Let lvg focus on taking utd to champions lg this ssn. a tittle is a plus this ssn. the last two ssn we lacked a true defender, ferd was getting old, speed strikers overrun him, vida was injured for long, evans/smalling/jones stood up bt when needed, in fact they tried. evra a nice hard working figure bt u can accpt wit me that he was caught offguard alws. overral we lacked best in terms of defense. bringing rojo, shaw and blind who can play thea is an upgrade frm last years,, they wil offer wat ferd, vida, evra dint. at mid we hve fantastic herrera, yu have not seen what this boy can giv,, is a class. blind gona play thea too. still we need hard tackler md bt atleast we ar beta than last ssn. upfront di maria, falcao, rooney, rvp, januzaj can destroy any opponent. unless ur arguiments is based on winning the epl now, then ur right to argue which is dificulty. we have a coach to lead the chour.
    de gea
    di mari

  7. bobo says:

    you have all spoken well…really…i feel like having options/reserves and a reliable ones at that..pple we can call game changers..although i must comment that we need a pure and natural defensive mildfielder, likes of strootman, de jong, vidal, schweiztiger, alonso,yaya toure,our own paul scholes, fierce stoppers……the calibre of players we have now are depicting what style of play we should expect . trust me united will be more offensive this season and it will be abou enough goals in a match..i see a mass attack mass defence team like united of 2003/2004.

  8. TRUSTWORTHY says:

    its abt time our so call beloved supporters should comment on the poor performance of Jones, Smalling, Young, Mata and Valencia also we should try as much as possible to get heart for old players who did their possible best to win some major trophies with the club players like Fletcher and Carrick, Nani when he returns even at the old age since did not retired should be blend with the youth in domestic cups like capital one cup and FA cup

  9. John Kimatarle says:

    Let us have trust and give the support to our present players we have at present..I am sure up to Next signing in January our present squard wil elevate ManU in promising position. Then the coach will be in good position of bringing more in the area where nessessary. I believe in the present players, they can make us walk tall till next transfer.

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