Arsenal Poised to Complete €35m Striker Signing

Arsene Wenger ArsenalArsenal failed to get back to winning ways in the premier league as newly promoted Leicester side held them to a 1-1 draw.
Gunners have been far from impressive in attack since the start of the season and must improve if they are to challenge for the title.
One of the main reasons why Arsenal failed to overcome Leicester was lack of a proven striker. Giroud is out for long and Wenger is short of out and out strikers.
Yes Walcott will be back, while Podolski can play as a striker as well but they are more of playmakers.
Arsenal needed a regular goalscorer upfront but once again the manager ignored the issue and signed another playmaker in Sanchez.
However, now that Giroud is gone, no more excuses should be entertained and Wenger has claimed that their might be a new striker signing.

“We are very active in the window. We are working hard to find a solution.”
“Nobody can predict what will happen in the next 24 hours.”

Arsenal have already lost out on Loic Remy who completed his deal with Chelsea last night and now according to reports Gunners are after Sevilla’s Carlos Bacca.
As per Goal, Arsenal are poised to complete the signing of La Liga star who has a release clause of €35m.
However, the North Londoners might be able to secure Bacca for €16m. The 27 year old directly contributed in 19 goals last season.
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  1. ArrSoNear says:

    Wenger Arr rrrr,
    Stop arguing ! Playing with words is not going to help you in anyway!!!
    School kids can tell that you are such a great animals tamer !
    You are turning the likes of Lion,Tiger,Leopards…(Ozil.Sanchez,Ramsey..) into kittens because you force them to play with kitties (Sonogo,sub par DM,Even not so world class CD…Metal sucker is slowing down the game all the time).
    Why are you doing this?
    They would be back to Lion/Tiger/Leopard if you surround Ozil,Sanchez,Ramsey with the likes of Barcelona/R.Madrid/manCity/Chelsea.. better players .
    They are bad because they are losing confidence now!!!
    A bad manager given the square with money to spent would do better than you because they dare to chop and change…not so sentimental!
    You could do it too! Just wake up from your momental illusion and get going!
    Arr….So…Near now ! is getting nearer Ar,,Se…Nal !

  2. Mikey says:

    Great message ! We need top holding midfielder and a top goal scorer plus a centre half with the current squad and we are ready for major trophies ..

  3. Bob says:

    If I were Arsene Wenger, I did not need to think twice after yesterday’s performance against Leicester City. Excellent performance but no goals!!!! Sanogo is far away and we just need an already made striker, not student striker. Dropping 4 points in three games is too huge for title contenders.

  4. Alemayehu Bokan says:

    Arsenal needs first class striker better than Giroud and Sanogo it is the right tine to act. Why arsenal/ Arsen W. desperate to obtain first class as other clubs and experience should be gained from Liverpool in buying players. There is time to cultivate striker like before and Arsenal should be convinced that doing without 1st class striker doest work now. Please do not select players and give to other clubs like Chelsea, Liverpool, Manutd, et.c

  5. Max Anyanwu says:

    Arsene is simply a deceiver. So full of himself that his mistakes which have seemed detrimental to the passion of a true gooner, do not bother him one bit. The important thing is that so far his deceit has clearly shown in the recent previous games Arsenal have played. We just have few hours to the close of transfer window. Arsenal desperately neeeds a ‘NATURAL’ DM, CD & GOAL SCORER. Pls and pls Arsene, lets face reality! No more deceit!!!

  6. All the statements above are spot on, everyone see’s this but wenger. A great coach but I truly think his time is up. He even stated last season the reason we fell off in the title race was because Giroud played so many games and he was tired so why didn’t he purchase another striker to take some of the load of him. All of the top teams have at least 3 top strikers we have none. You are killing our midfield to make up the difference and I can see one by one they are going to leave. You made another stupid comment on how Man City has all those strikers and they lost to Stoke, every team will lose but they will win more than they lose with the forwards they have!!!! I respect you as a good coach and you have done a fantastic job but we have money and we need a forward, DM and a defender. You are the only person that doesn’t see this, other coaches,pundits and even my grandmother can see this so I’m begging you to either help our current squad or let someone else come in and complete the puzzle, you are so close as all we need is 3 more pieces

  7. john says:

    Wenger is just stupid and think doesnt hav eyes to see,we dnt have a good finisher,holding midfielder,one centre half and u ar just sitting there watching as drawing with a newly promoted side like leicester city.wake up the time is not on our side side,we hav less than 8hrs to seal the business,dont be stupid.

  8. happisoul says:

    Attempting to be a success in the premiership with Giroud and Sanogo upfront is disrespectful to the whole league. Enuff said!

  9. bonaroca says:

    Bonaroca- I have to agree with the above comments made whom I would call real Arsenal Supporters,
    Yesterday’s Arsenal match proved were the Arsenals deficiencies are. Missing a strong defensive midfield
    player, this could be proven by the sloppy goal by Leicster, and a strong attacker which I would say every Arsenal Supporter noted the missing strong forward link, perhaps Campbell would have done a better job. Hope that Mr Wenger will rise up to his responsibility and sign these two mentioned weak positions by tonight ,otherwise we have to forget any future trophies.

  10. AWE VICTOR says:

    I wonder why Wenger will be so self centre, he is only thinking of what will sweet him at the detriment of the fans.Pls this money is not your father’s money,I wonder if u die today whether arsenal f.c will bury some cash with u to heaven.Pls wake and make fans smile.Or are u not ashamed of this every year? OK we fans are ashamed of this ur stupidity .U MUST DO SOMETHING NOW.

  11. True Goon Kid says:

    Welcome Wellbeck and best of luck at the Famous Arsenal.
    As for the above comments… if your not happy with Arsenal and Wenger, please please do go and support another team. there is no law that makes you support (apparently) Arsenal. The amount of moaning is laughable. If this was your Girlfriend you would leave her, why not your football club…? no off to the Bridge you lot go. Good riddance.

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