Midfielder Following Di Maria to Man United

Arturo Vidal JuventusManchester United fans could not have envisaged such a horrible start under Louis van Gaal after a terrific pre-season.
However, after witnessing two defeats in the first three games that too against teams arguably weaker than them, United are in shock.
If this is the level of performance against the minnows, imagine how much havoc teams like Man City and Chelsea can cause against the Red Devils. Hence, immediate strengthening is significant.
United completed the signing of Angel Di Maria but more quality is needed and it looks likely that world class midfielder, Arturo Vidal is following Di Maria to Man United as well.
According to reports, Manchester United have agreed a five year deal with the Chilean international in which the Juventus star will earn £182,000 a week.
However, this is not something new. The very similar report was published by Metro earlier this month as well that Vidal agreed terms for a move to Old Trafford.
The main dilemma that still remains is that the two clubs have not yet reached an agreement over a fee and the remaining few days of this summer transfer window will be intriguing.
Vidal to Man United has been the most dragged transfer saga this summer. Will the former Bayer Leverkusen star finally complete his move to Manchester United, only time will tell.
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  1. El-mansur says:

    Man utd are conceding excessive goal because of the formation, how can u use 3 men at the back, when great attack come what do they do

  2. CYRIL says:

    How can Van Gaal play the 3-5-2 formation when it is so clear that we do not have a single world class defender thats just plain stupid

  3. salmin says:

    The Issue To Man U Failure Is Not The Formation That Van Gaal Is Using, But The Problem We Are Facing In Man U Is That We Do Not Have The Type Of Players Of Cavan, Cuadrado, Vidal And Matt Hummel Callibre. Who Can Help That Formation To Work. So As Negotiation Still On Process To Finalize The Deals, Let Us Be Patient Enough And Give Van Gaal Time To Build The Squad Both Physique And Mentaly.

  4. Armstrong Oduro says:

    since we are lacking competent players to play that formation(3-5-2) why dont van gaal use our traditional 4-4-2 formation for now until we make the necessary signings…and please LVG dont play young again just replace his with our new giggs kk..we are on our knees…

    • Ibrahim Adob says:

      The plain truth is the majority opinions that the fact relies on the formation of LVG i.e 3 defence, thz thea4 can contribute to man utd’s disaster. And also plz LVG try 2 eliminate barren like Fletcher,Diver like young nd pretender like Welbeck.

  5. Obi says:

    Ebola is wreckin havoc in man utd, let fletch go, carrick dont have d garlic needed to improve, young is not really young he plays olden days footbl. Cleverly that name is d opposite of the bearer.

  6. cute money says:

    The formation we are using is the major problem for us, we might have finished 7th last season but we had the best away record in the Epl… To me I don’t see the reason why have to ditch tradition for intuition, we should continue our normal 4-4-2 formation cos this 3-5-2 will take atleast two seasons to become digested!!! By then we might have lost the weight of our fan base, valuable players including “the almighty Di maria could be priced out,and we will be facing a great problem of transition!!! Trust me am a united fan till death,that’s why I feel the pain already if this happens to my First Love!!!

  7. Sugs says:

    Van Gaal needs time to rebuild this Utd Team. He did not get a Championship team, what he got is a bunch of misfits that were hiding behind all the old talent, likes of smalling, evans , nani etc that was all being helped by Ferdinand , Vidic , Evra , Giggs and so on. Young players need world class player along side them to develop. Van gaal did not get that at united and with the pressure of this team and league he needs to get in high profile players to make this team whole again. he is the ONLY man that sees all these misfits for what they really are..and he is doing a damm good job tring to get rid of them. he will bring the winning days back to OT but needs time. remember he is the man that is going to attract the world class players as he IS A WORLD CLASS MANAGER. Moyes was good, but not WORLD class, and could not attract world class players. This game as changed is controlled by money. people must compare how much other PL clubs spent over the last 10 years compare to utd, then talk. Also remember we had a manager for over 2 decades, ..so i say “IN VAN GAAL WE MUST TRUST” as he will pass the torch to Giggs when ready.
    I Hope we get in VIDAL, BLIND, DE JONG and Carvarni…and get rid of the waste..
    Ps..we never worried about that capital cup before, so why now..I say less detraction….
    UTD 4 LIFE…..

  8. Vincent says:

    We’ve started loosing unnecessarily again lvg shld 4get his 3-5-2 formation & use our award(s) winning 442 formation to @ least get us out of ds mess cant get enough sleep bcos of manutd it aint no joke

  9. cliff says:

    The united problem started longtime ago, we failed to invest in world class midfieders we didnt have ideal replacement for mighty, Paul scholes, Mighty Roy keane, that problem has been passed on from season to season. I know LVG is a genius and gifted soon he will resolve midfield issue, old tradition will soon be restored, the system he uses need very flexible players and for that matter very quick players, I wonder the likes of Young,Anderson,cleverly,fletcher or fellaini will give that. I m confident United will flourish again.

  10. Obi says:

    Lvg needs to loose or else he wont get d players he needs; g
    trust me we are going to b there soon:

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