Fabregas Zips Arsenal Fans up Once and for All

Cesc Fabregas Arsenal MilanHaving spent 8 long years with Arsenal, Cesc Fabregas absolutely loved Arsenal and was expected to return when Barca wanted him out.
However, as things turned out, the Spanish international sealed a deal with one of Arsenal’s London rivals Chelsea.
Gunner fans were furious and degraded Fabregas as a traitor like Robin van Persie. They did burn Arsenal shirts with his name on the back to show their anger but in all this Cesc was never at fault.
Fabregas has zipped Arsenal fans up by claiming that it was not him but the club that did not want him to return.
Arsenal were the first option and he did say that apart from Arsenal and Barcelona, he doesn’t see himself playing anywhere else. However the circumstances called for a different action. Cesc Stated:

“When I decided that my time at Barcelona had ended, I looked for the best option for me,”
“Arsenal was the first option, for contractual reasons. There was a clause that gave them the right to decide.”
“We spoke to Wenger and he said that the space was very well filled by Mesut Ozil and it was hard to find a place for both of us in the team.”

Arsenal supporters should direct their anger at the club but even that would not make sense because one cannot blame Wenger for not spending heavy on a player whose position is already filled.
Similarly, no one can blame Fabregas for joining Chelsea when both his beloved clubs Barcelona and Arsenal made it clear that he is unwanted. He could not possibly sit at home and watch football on TV.
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  1. Khawaja07 says:

    What the hell are you talking about? do you see any long term club player playing for your rival NO MATTER what the consequences are? David beckam didnt play for any other english club except for Man UTD.. what do you think with already tons if midfielders stocked at arsenal would you spend $30 million on a former player returning? arsene made the right choice, we have Ozil, wilshere Ox. But that still doesnt make up for a club homegrown player to join a direct rival club to yours with whom YOU are gonna hurt the club who made you who you are are.. LOYALTY speaks volums whether its positive or negative..Same with Samir Nasri, Van persie and now this..they choose $$$ when they just could’ve gone to some other big club in some other league..Also arsenal is at fault selling their players to rivals such as Man UTD and Man city..do you ever see another club doing that? NO clearly, the board needs to get their heads out of their A**es and think about it!

  2. Metsihafe says:

    vamos cesc!

  3. Justice valentine says:

    We should understand that this is football and nothing else.

  4. Nigerian Gunner says:

    I do not really believe in his explanation that Arsenal never really wanted him back. Something tells me it’s Great Arsene making it known that Fabregas f**cked up, in spite of all d love he got at Arsenal, leaving for “home”. There was no real need for a midfielder but Ozil was signed. Had Fabregas been re-signed, the team woulda lost so much respect and of course players like Wilshere and Ramsey would automatically feel undervalued. Fabregas shouldn’t have left in d first place, at all.

  5. AJISEBIYAWO says:

    It seems to me people do not know what sport is all about. sport is enjoyment not war. Is there any sin for one club to sell player to his rival? What would you say about Chelsea to Manchester united. .

  6. Aros says:

    people don’t really no what football is all about and I don’t no the problem u arsenal fans are having if cesc sign for Chelsea bcs I don’t believe his son name is arsenal fabregas bt cesc fabregas and beside he was nt sign from arsenal bt Barcelona.liverpool sell Torres to chelsea, Chelsea sell mata to man u no complain,arsenal sell RVP to man u and Nasri to city they complian now they are complaining again.the question is are u d only one DAT sell players to ur rival?

  7. Cheadle says:

    I was one of those willing to remain blind to the consequences of bringing him back. i.e. player unrest etc.. I think Wenger was the most upset by Cesc’s leaving for Barca. It really burned him up he ought to have been happy to have him back now history would judge him for making a rational decision when an emotional one was beckoning. Wenger nearly went insane as his prodigy was whisked away to become a “world-beater” in the best team in the world (largely a pipe dream because the team had peaked and those that made it happen had worked for years to reach there, in reality they were never going to recreate that success)
    Cesc is no longer a loveable, carefree16 year old with wavy hair or a hungry 22 year old with ambition but rather a disappointed, more pragmatic 27 year old. Why go to Italy, Greece or France just to avoid direct competition with Arsenal when another team in LONDON (where Cesc probably still has a home) with tons of dough was willing to have him. Would Cesc have chosen Arsenal if there was no clause? Maybe, maybe not.
    The Cesc fairy tale was over four years ago. We should thank Wenger for finally putting a lid on the whole issue and lets see how this “vote of confidence” would boost the team next season cos Wenger is really telling them “I gave up my prodigy cos I trust you” .
    Having said that. It remains true that Cesc is one of the most influential midfielders in the world, able to change a game, score, create goals, win set pieces etc. Chelsea is definitely a stronger team now. Is Arsenal weaker? NO! Though we may need a couple more world class players in key positions, our strength largely comes from cohesion and team spirit, even star-studded teams must have it.

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