$54m Star Eyes Move to Manchester United – Must Sign

Mehdi Benatia RomaManchester United need two world class center backs to replace the likes of Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand.
Red Devils were disappointing at the back last season with their defense crumbling on regular basis against weaker opposition.
Leaders like Vidic, and Evra failed to shine and hence Louis van Gaal has a big task to improve the defensive department this summer.
Jones can be regarded as a decent center half for United who can play as RB and CDM as well but a team like United need depth and hence at least 2 CBs are definitely required.
One of them linked is Borussia Dortmund defender Mats Hummels. On the other hand, according to Express, Roma’s Moroccan national Mehdi Benatia is a potential target as well.
As per the provided link, $54m rated defender wants a lucrative new contract with the Serie A side but Roma are not in favor of that and are looking to lure Southampton’s Dejan Lovren as a replacement.
Hence, the highly rated center back is eyeing move to Manchester United, Arsenal and Manchester City.
If that is really the case, then Manchester United must splash the cash to lure him because they are the ones who desperately need to reinforce defense. Benatia featured in 33 league games for Roma and netted 5 goals as well.
Without Champions League football, not many top players are going to be interested in joining Manchester United. Therefore, the Red Devils must not reject the quality stars who are eyeing move to Old Trafford.
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  1. chris says:

    LVG should not do any Panic buying…….he has not set foot yet inside Old Trafford, he has not met the players and discussed with them if they would like to stay or go, he should train with the players so that he can make his own assesments about who stays, who go’s and where replacements are required if necessary, then decide who you would like to buy and go after them with an open cheque book.
    last season was bad and that was down to mainly lack of confidience in David Moyes, so this is the only area where i see that needs his urgent attention, getting their confidience back. These very same players had just won the EPL by 12 clear points only 3 months before under sir Alex.
    My suggestion to LVG and Ed Woodward is to make do with what we have until the January Transfer window opens,
    then start your in’s and out’s and the re-building programme starts in earnest and carries on into the start of the 2015/2016 season. The best players and the most wanted players might not be available in Jan, but we have to start some where and if we can get the likes of Mata last Jan , then we might be able to get some others also in Jan,,,,( with a little luck ! ) DON’T PANIC !

  2. steve says:

    RE Chris
    PANIC! , honestly think we as United Fans must realise we are in decline, we won the league in 2013 because of two things. 1 Sir Alex and 2 The rest were so inconsistent. Since we lost Ronaldo we have gone backwards. The Glazers haven’t invested enough in the team. REAL MADRID spent serious amounts on Bale, Ronaldo, Isco, Modric and Di Maria. We on the other hard bought in Bebe, Owen, Young, Valencia, Smalling, Buttner, and the very average Fellaini !!!!! Fergie is to blame he brought average, we are now miles off winning major honours, we have lost the experience of Rio and Vida, Great to see Janauzaj, Wilson, and Lawrence given a chance to show the talents. I hope we get back Pogba I said 2 yrs ago that it was a mistake to let him go . Also lets hope LVG keeps to his total football philosophy. We need more pace, Flair, and imagination.

  3. g0dfrey says:

    Chris is wrong,we need new players,we do not have defensive,we just need t0 sign like three to four gOod players solve this problem,b4 the premiership began,if n0t d same st0ry,0r it mean’t even w0rst…

  4. Pras says:

    To Chris:
    I agree that Van Gaal should assess the players we currently have and then make decisions on transfers. We still have some good players that can do well under proper guidance. Van Gaal currently being busy with the Holland side for the world cup is not helping the club’s cause. But carrying on with the current squad till the January window is just not an option or a possibility at all. We lack good strong players in defence and midfield! It’s a known fact! You mentioned that we won the title with the same team in Sir Alex’s final season. But we don’t have that team anymore! Vidic and Ferdinand have been released, Fletcher is not the same anymore, Giggs retired and Scholes only came back from retirement as a favour to Sir Alex for that final part of the previous season. Carrick, Nani, Valencia and Cleverly who did well under Sir Alex, now don’t seem good enough, as teams like Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool have better players in the midfield, and our boys just can keep up with the quality in other teams! We have lost pace and creativity! In defence, Evans might just make through, but neither Smalling or Jones have developed enough to be fully trustworthy. Raphael is okay but not good enough.
    So, with these players, even if Van Gaal can get them all fired up and ready for next season’s battle, we just don’t have the quality to match up to other clubs. Since most of the squad have either left or are on the verge of leaving, we won’t have enough players or enough quality to compete at all! And if we wait till the January window, in simple words, we are doomed!
    I am not suggesting that we boot out every player and buy a whole squad. Van Gaal just needs to fill in the gaps left by players like Giggs, Scholes, Vidic and Ferdinand. We don’t need overpriced players or money hungry ones who will only sign for huge paychecks either. We need a few strong signings who will work well with Van Gaal’s ideas, and fit into Manchester United’s way of play. I don’t think players like Fabregas, Schweisteiger could fit into ManUtd environment. But we need someone with serious pace and ability to create from the flanks. Januzai is very good. But he is still young and has to learn a lot. Maybe next season, we will see him develop more, after he gains experience in the world cup.
    We can only HOPE that Van Gaal has some good plans for the transfers and that Woodward can deliver.

  5. steve says:

    Chris, we have lost two centre halves, a centre mid, Giggs too. We have known for years we need a midfielder or two. Absolutely ridiculous to suggest waiting, buying replacements is not panic buying.

  6. syahafali says:

    You have 200M, bring back CR to MU

  7. Numeto says:

    Honestly an not pretty sure if we got 200m available indeed. We are all known that we need the number of premium players to overhaul our squad and we are all hoping that will be happen. However I am quite believed LVG will be able to get only the grade c+ players or young players coming into the team this season. Am fear that we will get into the dark again and hard to come back same Liverpool. Keep in mind in the fact that RVP will not 100% anymore and the rest of our players is only able to fight for Europa, LVG is not the god anymore and,importantly we will never get luck so often as we got when SAF was managing…so am quite worried about our team for the next season. I have been keeping look at the transfer news and just hope that we will get what we want..go on LVG

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