Van Gaal tells Man United, Do Everything Possible to Sign €25m Star

Mats Hummels DortmundHaving worked for several years in Germany, the new Manchester United boss is mainly linked with majority of Kaiser stars to lure at Old Trafford.
While more than a few have recently snubbed Manchester United, Louis van Gaal is adamant to sign one star.
According to Football Direct News, the Dutch manager has informed Manchester United management to do everything possible and sign Mats Hummels.
The Borussia Dortmund star is one of the best central defenders around and will fill the void left by legendary duo of Ferdinand and Vidic.
Link to Hummels was reported earlier this month by Mirror as well, reported that Van Gaal sees the German international as the ideal star for Manchester United’s defense and will cost around €25m.
Manchester United really must do all to sign Mats Hummels as they cannot afford to lose out on every top targets.
Not qualifying for the Champions League/Europe under David Moyes last season is hurting the club more than anything in the transfer window.
Top quality players want to play in Europe’s elite competition and not everyone can be prized away by offering them insane wages.
Neither Louis van Gaal’s presence is working for now, nor him being busy with Netherlands is helping. Manchester United need quality players to qualify for top 4 next season because this squad can surely not challenge as rivals continue to improve.
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  1. Oluwalana says:

    Vaal gaal should stop the idea of trying to bring every netherland player to manchester, mat hummel will be a good signing for us, Mata must not go and good players around the world should come down to united. Not only netherland players that have been mentioned by LVG all cos they are of the same Nationality, remember you are bringing them to England and Not Netherland.

    • John KIMATARLE says:

      Vaal Gaal.Cool down and Since you are a coach of Netherlands for sure during the World Cup you will discover many talents you will bring to MU from Africa,Asia, Europe ,North and South America not to forget Oceanic representative.Remember Drake York his contribution at MU on the Hey days.

  2. Sean V says:

    We also need to get this idea out of our heads that Mat Hummels is coming to Man United. Klopp wont sell him nor will he ask to leave. This will be a dead issue very soon.

  3. Ballo says:

    LVG pls let Mata should be retain at old trafford, Mata is among who will take us back to our position, buy top quality with him nd stop bringing Germany players only, remember that is England they’re coming. Pls don’t sell Mata

  4. Lucky says:

    LVG should base his signings on top quality players that Man Utd needs and not on discrimination. Since he took over from Moyes, all his interest has been on Dutch and German players. There’s no reason for Mata to leave Old Trafford. he should proceed on Fabregas and Toni Kroos and forget about Schweinsteiger and Robben.

  5. David haule says:

    VAN . You are the best manager to our club. but most of Manchester united fans know the importance of having the best player like MATA ,PLEASE don`t sell him. we need him so much

  6. Something is worring this man called van gaal, why is he want to sale Mata? he is going to relegate with man utd i bet you.

  7. Troymak says:

    Please LVG dont let mata go,he is one of our best at the moment and has proved his capabilities,losing him 2 a team lyk barca will haunt us in the future,look @ wat happened with pogba,he is on our radar again bt we lt hm mve on a free transfer so plz mata shld not go!!!!!!!!!

  8. Peteang Angel says:

    Mata should stay and lest we need a hot winger like robben,defender like that of mat hummels,quality defensive mid fielders.WE have the money,so lets spend it and gain more than we spent and make history,jao miranda 4rm athletico madrid is needed also,lets sign up to 5 top european players

  9. Daniel Kassa says:

    There’s is nothing on the record to date that LVG has said in relation to incoming or out going transfers. There’s just been rumours & gossip from the media and speculation from various individuals. So I think it is unfair ,to put it mildly, to comment or to attach discrimination to LVG. There is absolutely nothing in his formidable career that would suggest otherwise and I am sure he is not about to change his ways at the age of 62,
    nearing the twilight of his profession.

  10. sam says:

    …Am sorry but I do agree with LVG… If rvp and rooney will play, mata will have 2b at d wing again..even kagawa and non wanna play there and let’s b honest and realistic..rooney is better behind rvp than both of them combine let’s nt b naïve..forget rooney play and transfer request,he’s d best player we have and will ever have for years now and that’s why SAF won’t let him like he let ronaldo,roy, beckham leave…I love mata bt I deem him surplus after the 5th match cause he exposed both rafael and kagawa xpose evra just too much coz they drifiting into mid and nt playing d wing.. Ya ..most of u will say Mata or kagawa is better as a 10 role…let’s look at there stats combine in past 5years.. They aren’t equal to what wayne rooney has done and so d best player should play and that’s wayne…if mata stays, he has to be on d bench so for 40mil, I will gladly let him go for that good price….

  11. Olanfe Fatai says:

    Firstly, it will be unwise for Mata to leave Man U bcos this was a player bought In January and LVG is asking to leave after his immeasurable contributions last season, though i have not actually believed that information, is an insane person that will ask him to leave, and also it will be improper for the management to ascend to such a directive from someone who has not taken full charge of the time in order to acess the players. Besides, iassume all these informations as speculation or rumors.

  12. Olanfe Fatai says:

    Firstly, it will be unFair for Mata to leave Man U bcos this was a player bought In January and LVG is asking him to leave after his immeasurable contributions last season. Though i have not actually believed that information. It is only an insane person that will ask him to leave, and also it will be improper for the management to ascend to such a directive from someone who has not taken full charge of the team in order to acess the players. Besides, i assume all these informations as mere speculation or rumors.

  13. boboya says:

    Friends, do not worry with the media rubbish about transfer rumors, it has never happened in football that a record signing player who has never played for even a season is instantly sold. Media will kill us. It is just a game to earn a living.

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