Moyes wants Man United's Sensational Swoop for €84m Duo

eliaquim-mangala-PortoManchester United are all set to reinforce their squad in the upcoming summer transfer window and they have lined up few quality players.
David Moyes is desperate to improve the squad for next season and has all the funds available to do the same. The real question, how many transfer targets can he lure this summer.
Last summer, Moyes had more than a few transfer targets but was frustrated all the way and signed Fellaini on deadline day as a panic buy.
According to reports, Manchester United manager wants top quality duo Mangala and Martinez from Porto.
The mentioned stars are not going to come cheap by any means. Mangala is one of the best defenders around rated at €43m and Manchester City have been tracking him as well.
Mangala is considered to be Moyes’s favored replacement for captain Nemanja Vidic.
Jackson Martinez PortoOn the other hand, Jackson Martinez is a top class striker who has a release clause of €41m in his contract and considered to be the ideal replacement for Robin van Persie.
Hence Moyes is looking for a sensational swoop for €84m Duo but signing them is easier said than done given the demand for the stars is very high.
United fans will be hoping that star striker Robin van Persie stays even without CL football but it will not come as a surprise if he leaves.
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  1. Agudze roosevelt says:

    Is that any wrong with David Moyes. U are scouting too many players which do not make sense. Look @ Pep he knows what he wants. He does talk too much. Moyes shd do his under ground check very well. Know the players buy-out clause before going back and forth. If thinks the moni is too much he shd tell the glazers. Cos i see Moyes as being myopic minded. Why chase Fabregas again.? What for? The same player u bade for trice. Are u dumb? £50m for fragile player like him? U se ur coconut Moyes. In the first place u lack technicality in terms of player selection as well as sunstitution. Open ur eyes. Man U do not need Fabregas. We need marco reus, mangala, garay and shaw. Why tour the whole world mr moyes. Woe unto u if u loss to everton. Don’t forget ‘am’ running out patience. If u want to win dis match, bench rooney and fellani. Replace them with Fletcher and chica and u wil win. Anythg different from dis u wil lose david moyes. Be firm on ur decisions and don’t be naive.

  2. Henry says:

    What Man U need now are committed players..Players who are ready to risk it all for the club..Players who are ready to WIN.. The likes of Cech Fabregas should not be considered @all..I remember we bided for him thrice but he turned us down..Why considering 50m for a fringe player like Fab..? Moyes and the Glazer family should do their work early enough..the likes of Southampton duo Shaw and Lallana and Porto Mangala and Matinez should be approached with more seriousness.. Toni Kroos(main priority) should be settled before W.Cup.. Am Tired reading about these possible transfers..Let’s cut the speculations and DO THE TALKING WITH OUR MONEY…no stories

  3. Qaydee. says:

    Tired o’ speculations. Juz brin’ in Mangala, Carvallho, Shaw, Kroos n Reus period. Ship-out Young, Clevz bt don’ dare touch Nani n Valencia.

  4. RAJ says:

    Why bother about buying expensive players. Liverpool is winning ze the title with players that cost them not much.
    All we need is get rid of Moyes n things will change @ Old Trafford

  5. andr Lagos says:

    Manchester united is not a club that should be experimented with a naive coach that has now infected the players.Moyes out,everything settled.

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