Man United Board Unsure of Handing Moyes Heavy Funds

Man United David MoyesMajority of the times, media reports are shocking for the supporters until official confirmation is made. Still, no one can ignore the speculations.
For Manchester United fans, the season have been one to forget and the only thing they are looking forward to at the moment is a brilliant summer transfer window where they will hopefully sign top players.
The transfer news provided by Mirror might not be liked by some set of supporters who are still backing Moyes.
According to reports, Manchester United have heavy funds available for the next transfer window. However, the Board are not sure whether Moyes is the right man to have those funds and sign players.
Managers like Klopp and Van Gaal are linked with United job but it is highly likely that Moyes is going to get more time.
Still, United Board’s concern are legitimate as Moyes literally failed in securing deals for United last summer when they were champions of England.
He targeted numerous world class midfielders but failed to lure them and in the end signed Fellaini on deadline day who turned into big flop as well.
Now, Moyes will have an even bigger problem i.e. No CL football and a struggling side. Hence, it will be fair to say that the former Evertonian will find the upcoming transfer market more difficult than last season’s. United faithful will be hoping that is not the case.
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  1. phillip gessa says:

    don’t give him a single one,just get Louis van gaal in and the task master will bring top players on the cheap coz of his reputation

  2. Ibidapo Tunde Daniel says:

    No top players will like to join a club without CL except a reputable coach is in charge. Consider Everton where Moyes comes from on the top of Man U. So, Moyes can not handle the club otherwise, next season will even worst than the present.

  3. Sharkey from South Africa says:

    If the Board is unsure about Moyes, he must go even the players don’t like him.

  4. David says:

    Get moyes out as quickly as possible. Moyes has never shown any sign of improvement, he has left us in an embarrassing position. D more times he gets d more confuse he becomes. Give us Lius Van gal or Klopp and we’ll be ok.

  5. christopher Chisom says:

    David Moyes should never be allowed to carry on next season or else the disappointing performance the club has put up this season will be a wonderful performance compared to what that is going to happen next season. He can never attract any top player to our club, even with £200,000,000 moyes can’t get any quality player to United. It is advised an immediate replacement is made just to save this great club.

  6. Dr. Olajide Olusina says:

    Moyes never had a steady first team, yet he had a whole season to achieve that! Nobody knew what to expect on the team list. He has done trial and error all season; with stupid and barbaric tactics, foolish substitutions most times. We need Diego Simeone or Jurgen Klopp, these are accomplished coaches, very capable of attracting top players. Able to read a game perfectly, smart and reliable. They are also younger than Lou Van Gaal, and can stay for so many years.

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