Arsenal Playmaker Flirts with Manchester City

Cazorla ArsenalArsenal have been terrible in the second half of the season and it has been a painful ride for everyone attached with the club since new year.
One player who has constantly been in the limelight criticizing the club is playmaker Santi Cazorla.
The Spanish international joined the club at the start of last season and was their player of the year in another trophy less year.
This season, Arsenal were on top of the Barclays premier league for a very long time but then collapsed in recent weeks and are now struggling to even qualify for next year’s Champions league.
Cazorla has had enough it seems as first he openly commented against the club for not having a winning mentality.
Then he came up and criticized the transfer policy of Arsenal as they do not sign top stars when needed. That is perhaps the main reason why they have suffered this year as only an injured Kallstrom was brought when Gunners badly needed to reinforce strike force.
Lastly, Arsenal star rated Manchester City’s Pellegrini as the best manager he has worked with as Cazorla claimed:

“I learnt a lot from of all of the managers I have played for, but if I had to choose one it would be Pellegrini. He’s the coach that has given me the most during five to six years that I worked with him at Villarreal and Malaga.”
“He was the first person who took me to Malaga. We have a great relationship and I congratulate him because he’s doing well.”

Cazorla has made his frustration well known and if Gunners do not qualify for the Champions league, it will come as no surprise if the Spaniard wants out.
Pellegrini surely would be aware of Cazorla’s situation and it will make complete sense to move for him. Cazorla would hardly resist a call up from his favorite manager.
Arsenal cannot afford to lose one of their best players again. They have no other option but to heavily reinforce squad next summer or else risk losing players to rivals.
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  1. TAJ AZIZ says:

    If any player leave the culprit is nobody other than wenger and ths board they ever had a winning ambition they should resign and for the majority share holder sell his shares and f….of

  2. Emmanuel says:

    You are an alarmist. Carzola has just extended his contract by 2 years. As one of the best of Arsenal players he now has the opportunity to lead Arsenal to champions league qualification and this is what he should do, rather than looking for where the grass is greener.

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