Media Rip Arsenal Star Apart Yet Again – Deserved?

Ozil Real MadridArsenal’s record signing Mesut Ozil is turning into a laughing stock because of his recent outings and media all over his back.
The German international had a brilliant start to his career in England but since the turn of the year, Ozil has been horrific.
Former Real Madrid star has been heavily criticized by the pundits and newspapers for him being ridiculously inconsistent.
Moreover, in big games he is nowhere to be found.
Fair to say, Ozil is one of the main reasons why Arsenal were ousted by Bayern Munich in the Champions league.
He was flop of the game in the first leg, even in the second as well and now media has ripped him apart yet again. Does he deserve such treatment?
Here are the back-pages of Daily Mail and Daily Mirror bashing Ozil.
Daily Mail Ozil
Daily Mirror Ozil

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  1. Ola Ayobami says:

    I share no inhterest nor fun from what comes out of the British media,the urge to make a respected player a carricature of what she should be portrayed. Osil is an exceptional player in the world of modern football and the distinguished record of the young gentle man stands out. I know the stock and trade of the British media. Theirs is to promote and jealously protect what is theirs but demonised what is not theirs. The British media would do non of what they are doing to osil on Rooney nor on Wilshere on their non performing days.

  2. Delford Magaya says:

    The media is doing it for the sake of their business, just ignore them. We know how hate Arsenal. I am surprise they continue to talk about Ozil. What is your problem guys, if you do not any other news to write call me. I will arrange some stories for you to write.

  3. micro says:

    thats what they did to Arshavin, Tores and now Ozil. Why do you have such bitter people in the English media? If they have a problem with their personal lives they need to sort them out without involving players especially the expensive ones. It is not the players mistake that the reporters are cheap, so taking on players where they cannot respond is not fair. People know what Ozil or Torres have done in the pitch before and their qualities are not in doubt I dont know what the intentions of these writers are.

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