Exit Leaves €48m Chelsea and Arsenal Target Keen to Move

Mario Balotelli AC MilanChelsea and Arsenal have been linked with numerous strikers as that is one position both clubs badly need to fill.
The Londoners have brilliant attacking midfield at their disposal but at the same time lack a world class goal scorer upfront.
Former Manchester City superstar Mario Balotelli has been linked with a move back to the premier league and Gunners and Blues are the main candidates.
Previously it was reported by Metro, that Arsenal are likely to lure Mario Balotelli to Emirates with their new sponsors Puma helping them to sign the €48m superstar next summer.
However, not so long ago, reports also suggested that Chelsea are interested as well.
Now, according to Football Direct News, the AC Milan striker is keen to move away from the Rossoneri after their exit from the Champions league last night.
AC Milan lost 3-1 in the second leg against Atletico Madrid last night and the 7 time European champions are struggling in the Serie A as well.
It looks virtually impossible that they will qualify for next year’s Champions league and Balotelli surely deserves to play in that competition.
Mario is hot headed but extremely talented and that is the reason top clubs are interested in luring him.
The question is, where will Balotelli end up? Mourinho has previously managed the Italian during his time at Inter Milan.
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  1. wilson says:

    Let Balotelli come to Arsenal , we have suffered alot in the hands of Giroud , the most wenger trusted striker, Giroud does not deserve an Arsenal shirt because when the team needs him mos he always disappoint. Let wenger buy a lethal striker or else he leaves the club with his giroud

  2. Ola Ayobami says:

    Boloteli will do better under Arsene who has managed well, fiery tempered players like Van Persie and Flamini.

  3. Marveldeprince says:

    A welcome idea for Balotteli to be in Arsenal shirt will be great.

  4. Suman says:

    He wil surely fit at stamford bridge. Mou has already managed hm at Intermilan and their rlationshp is gud.

  5. mbalame says:

    Giroud has failed us and I wonder why wenger loves him. Poldoski is a hard worker has the pace and talent while Giroud is good @ making excusses . Give poldoski the chance and he won’t disappoint

  6. Edagar Amutamwa says:

    Boloteli will bring the best out of our attacking midfielders due to his goal hungry. Giroud is good buh very slow. He is not the type of a finisher we want at this great club. With addition of a striker, 3 defenders due to depatures of Verma and sagna ,a Difensive mid who pose physique and a winger. we can win or pose threat to the league come next season.

  7. Potential says:

    £28m for Morata ? Too expensive ..?
    Surely for £25m and with Puma apparently ready to pay the rest, would you not go in for a PROVEN premier league goal scorer and senior International first team player like
    Super Mario??
    Trade mark badman image aside his strength and prowess could be just what we need up front instead of playing the usual four passes too much and the move braking down, once again. A big plus is that his footballing attitude has seen great improvements!
    With Bendtner and may be one other making way
    ..AND/or Diego Costa, a snip at £32m (release clause) and the front line would be complete
    (If at all possible)
    ..Morata has a great record internationally so far but so many young guns that have become stars under the boss have then gone onto move to another club once establish on the world seen. Maybe an already established player that’s actually done something already for a little while ..tried and tested if you like. Is what we need right now to lead the front line, a true talisman.
    When Liverpool (like what they did to Fernando) held saurez to random and mentioned last summer a figure of £50m, had Arsene bit Brenda’s hand off instead of offering £40m and a pound? Maybe, IF (and I’m pretty sure it’s the clubs money) a deal would of been done we would be STILL top of the EPL ..of course if he bought his form with him. This season was our best chance in years to fight for the title with the other teams around us taking on new management. Next season we definitely need more than just one PROPER signing. I say that with no disrespect to the now predictable free signings, unheard of’s, injured, slow, French national that I hate to say no doubt head the transfer targets list. That said I sincerely hope that’s not the case!
    Arsene has done a lot for us when you weigh it all up.
    There are teams that spend a lot more than our selfs but still fail to make champions league and there’s some that thrive. Wigan beat the worlds richest club (TWICE) 2x lol this and last season and knocked them out of the cup
    and so has you could just imagine MR wenger saying, ‘I told u you don’t have to spend.
    As great as he is, I, one of the many, just hope he will remember the fans and the promise to bring in top top talent to work with our up and rising stars that maybe lack a little experience in important games, go missing and or turn up injured consistently over the passed few seasons to do what Ozil and Ramsey did in the first half of the season.That buzz alone, the excitement the shock and awe we sent out around the league was immense! Real Madrid players felt that too. Remember being SEVEN points clear .sigh.. when was the last time that happened? Credit where credits due MR Wenger!!! We showed that not only could we attract world class players but still have the ambition to be world beaters when we can be botherd (it seems) to pay the current prices.
    Hope we can continue to move forward with positive transfers like Santi, Gnabry, Ozil and not look back to the recent past. We should already started cranking up the gears to finish as high up as we can and for the summer window especially if we still are a team that want to keep moving forward and progress.
    Ps. What’s going on with the arrival of Wellington Silva ? Can’t wait.

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