Why Renowned Arsenal fan thinks they'll end Below Liverpool

Piers Morgan Arsenal fanBefore last weekend, Arsenal were on top of the premier league but the real test of tough fixtures was about to begin.
Like every year, majority expected them to blow it all away and after few days, Gunners have dropped 5 points and the sudden drop in form in the key fixtures is not helping.
Had Man City played their game last night and won, Gunners would have been third at the moment.
Nevertheless, Chelsea and City were always close but Arsenal were eight points clear of Liverpool before last Saturday and the gap has now been reduced to only 3 points. Not to forget, Reds have a much better goal difference.
The problem with Arsenal is that in the big games, they have not been allowed to play their passing game they do against the weaker teams and it makes sense. However, Arsene Wenger has failed to find a solution for now.
Although, they are just one point behind league leaders, many Arsenal supporters have started to fear that they might implode again as the fixtures are not getting any easier.
Renowned Arsenal fan Piers Morgan now thinks that they’ll end up even below Liverpool in the league and may miss the direct qualification to CL next season by finishing fourth.
Why? Because Liverpool have in-form strikers and Arsenal do not have one plus the merseysiders have a great captain in Steven Gerrard.
Morgan tweeted.

“Liverpool will finish ahead of us because they have great strikers and a great captain. #afc”

There is a major possibility that it can happen because Reds have no European distraction and their main focus is on the PL. Now, only 4 points away from the top, surely they have their sights set there, the reaction of Stevie after the goal said it all.
Reds have not lost a single game in 2014 and if they maintain the consistency then the title is never out of question.
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  1. wd says:

    We need someone who can sit down with AW and tell him that he is telling us that his players are young n in experienced n they’ll okay next year, the same story almost for 10 years n never matured! Tell him you are wrong!!!

  2. Godwin Agbuza says:

    Arsene wenger’s refusal to sign a striker during the window,is hunting us right.arsenal have squander the chance of winning the epl once again due to the wenger’s policy of cutting cost.what now,nine years without a title? What ashame.

  3. faisal says:

    Wenger insists on proving others wrong, every one in the world plus fellow players feel disappointed but giroud only to see arsenal fail to beat united, I can’t forgive him for taking rosicky off, until then, he was arsenals best player

  4. samuthe says:

    AW is a let down & Giroud is pathetic yet he let him play the whole game.

  5. tapiwa nyamadzawo says:

    we need a trophy mr wenger nt th injured sanogos who cause trouble before they even kick a ball. wht if h scores?

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