REVEALED – Man United's Sensational €120m Shopping List

Man United David MoyesAs Liverpool dismantled Arsenal 5-1 to not only strengthen 4th place but to jump into the title race, Manchester United’s chances of finishing in top 4 looks more bleak.
Red are performing at the optimum level at the moment whereas United are struggling, currently 7th in the league.
They need heavy reinforcements in the summer transfer window and that is exactly what David Moyes is planning.
Daily Mail has exclusively revealed Man United’s sensational €120m shopping list for the summer that will bring the club where they belong.
Firstly, the midfield concerns that seem never ending needs to solved once and for all.
Moyes has wasted two windows but could not lure someone who could help in dominating midfield. However, enough is enough.
As per the provided link, Moyes is planning to sign both Juventus’s midfield superstars Arturo Vidal and for Manchester United star Paul Pogba next summer.
Apart from that, United’s defense have been all over the place this season and Moyes wants to reinforce the positions with young talent. Hence they are planning to sign Southampton’s Luke Shaw.
Last but not the least, the Red Devils are in for a world class goal scorer. With speculations surrounding the future of star striker Robin van Persie, United may as well need a quality replacement for him.
Therefore, as Daily Mail reports, Manchester United are looking to sign Atletico Madrid’s superstar Diego Costa who has been scoring for fun this season.
The players United are targeting are not doubt quality ones but signing all of them is easier said than done as rivals are going to be there as well.
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  1. Robin says:

    See what moyes bought.fellani not used and mata not wanted in his rival team.they are not cheap.anthor £120millions won’t buy your anything good if it is spend by is more economic by changing the coach rather than by selling the whole team

  2. David says:

    There does need to be changes made to this Manchester united team but, not just in personnel alone. The attitude of players and managers alike needs an overhaul. Manchhester United are our most successful team and our manager has come to it like a shy child at a party, he can’t believe his look and has been largely ineffectual because he has stood in awe of some ageing stars and has failed, in my opinion, to put his stamp of authority on the club. That is why we need to back him till the end of the season and see what business we can do.
    I do believe that we need to change our attitude towards Kagawa. He, along with Mata and Rooney can turn our season around if they are allowed to play with freedom . Never play CLeverley again nor Wellbeck as they are not up to playing in the premier league let alone Manchester United..
    Start today with; Amos, Rafael, Evra,Evans,Smalling, Fletcher,Kagawa,Mata,Rooney,Van Persie,Januzaj in a 4-3-3 with De Gea, Hernandez, Jones,Giggs,Valencia and Carrick on the bench

  3. In the know says:

    Even IF and it’s a big IF Moyes managed (never thought I would put Moyes and Managed next to each other) to buy all the players he wanted he would still be saying we need at least a full season for them to gel as a team so United fans get ready for another season of mid table. Perhaps we should rebrand United after it’s manager he moans about the squad he got left moans about having no luck moans about fixtures at beginning of season moans about injuries our new name should be MOANCHESTER UNITED or maybe Moyes will go a part in Eastenders might suit him better.

  4. bob marley says:

    massive man utd fan and im not scared in the slightest the thing is all these fans and players jumping ship yeah we have been poor and yeah the team is aging but hes brought 2 players in so far and both a world class I know fellani was poor before he got injured but it was the team not him…… here is my prediction rvp Hernandez young evra Ferdinand vidic nani andreson clevery giggs welbeck and butner all gone and heres some quilty powell and lingard henriqez and zaha to come back for there loan spells…….. gundogan,vidal,shaw,koke and a player no one has tipped but I don’t know why?? Juan Fernando Quintero watch this guy he is unreal ( think hes injured at the moment ) hes one for the future…… and don’t forget a world class striker look no further than the psg duo Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Edinson Cavani, ibra can be a 2 season wonder and cavani can be the future. for a player like ibra hes done it everywhere in Europe why not come to the premiership its on the wages whats going to cost bit of a read but cheers COME ON UNITED WE ALL HAVE FAITH

  5. Van Kenny says:

    If I were Paul Pogba, I will organise a press hearing and insult Manutd to the highest. Anyway RVP is on his way to LIVERPOOL.

  6. Elvis Hangue says:

    Playing Ryan Giggs and benching Shinji Kagawa will not bring any +ve results to Man U the guy we knw what he dd to the team and his days are gone so don’t expect any miracles from him any longer,bench the living legend and play youngsters.In my view Moyes is busy turning United into Everton,whts the use of signing Coleman while having Rafael or the guy can’t see any other players apart from those of useless Everton…..Moyes finished my desire of watching United I swear.

    • red dave says:

      im an avid utd fan, and have been since 1968, david moyes is a fish out of water at old trafford and we know the the style of kick and rush tactics from his days at everton,. it breaks my heart to watch this crap week in week out, time for moyes to go asap, he,s not got a clue.

  7. greg says:

    a last minute goal for fulham see manchester into more misery, chest got to be bigger =D

  8. neville says:

    It does not really matter who is on that shopping list. If you cannot offer Champions league football, there is really no chance of attracting the top talent. I rember the dark days of wtching others win everything in sight. United have been managed by a genius for 26 years and now we have someone who sees avoiding relagation as a sucessful season.yiu cannot use the argument that Fergie won nothing for the first three years because he took over a struggling and unfit team, not a team that had just won the league.

  9. Wakheel says:

    Some fans just watch match 4 watching sake,they dont study&cheek wear the problem lies,we only need two energetic midfielders,with this.we are done,we have many creative players,but,sometimes,midfielder do come&score,outside box,some brilliant ground across made by many players do wasted,where some midfielder we just come from nowhere&convert it to goal,when mixed by strikers

  10. Wakheel says:

    I pity Kagawa,who many united fans are now condeming,na whaa o,i want moyes to sell this brilliant guy back to dotmound,i know he will always play mata ahead of him,so,let him go&continue is briliant performance.

  11. Michael says:

    Many Manchester United fans don’t seem to understand the fact that MUFC is at a STATE OF EMERGENCY… U can find out from real Liverpool fans how their woes started. I feel like crying whenever I hear a Manchester United fan say we should give Moyes time. As it is now, basically, MUFC have about the best or even the best attack in EPL; u can quote me… ROONEY, RVP, JUAN MATA, JANUZAJ…. With the likes of NANI, CHICHARITO, WELBECK, VALENCIA as well. No coach in the world wouldn’t wanna manage this crop of stars; can u imagine RVP as a top striker, having the attacking prowess of mata, Rooney, and januzaj right behind him. What more does Moyes want? Maybe Lionel Messi?. If he can’t bring out the best from what he currently have now, then no way he’s gonna bring out the not even from Lionel Messi.
    I also wanna remind the MUFC Fans requesting for more time for Moyes these basic things:
    1. The gap between Manchester United and top 4 is 9points now, and Moyes isn’t that type of manager that will win 5 straight matches, so basically, Manchester United won’t be playing champions league football next season
    2. We were asked to give fellaini at least six months to settle at MUFC before we start criticizing him; so if we wanna give fellaini that has been playing in EPL for years 6months to settle, how many months are we gonna give Moyes dream signings? Players coming from outside EPL, which basically means, Moyes will still have excuses till next year January… Then my beloved MUFC would have been ruined. This is state of emergency, am sobbing for MUFC if we don’t act fast

  12. Najibu says:

    Moyes but y not shinji kagawa????????

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