Chelsea Star Mocks Arsenal's Ozil for Performance vs Liverpool

Mesut Ozil ArsenalGunners were on top of the Barclays premier league leading Chelsea and Manchester City by 2 points when they visited Anfield.
Not even the heartiest of supporters would have imagined that Liverpool come out all guns against the league leaders and rip them apart.
It took Liverpool only 19 minutes to score 4 past the ususally tight Arsenal defense and in all honesty, Reds missed 2-3 easy chances, they could have scored 6-7 in the first half with ease.
Koscielny and Mertesacker’s unbeaten partnership of 31 league games was brought to a humiliating end at Anfield as Reds thrashed gunners 5-1.
Arsenal had a lot of expectations from their record signing Mesut Ozil coming into the fixture but the German star was arguably the flop of the match.
He was supposed to provided assists for Arsenal but in fact he assisted Liverpool by losing the ball in crucial positions leading to two goals.
He did earn a hell lot slating from the Arsenal fans but even the rival players stepped up to mock the performance of Arsenal’s record man.
Chelsea wonderkid Ruben Loftus-Cheek mocking the play-maker’s display at Anfield.

“Ozil this Is the prem mate, it’s not all #niceynicey over here!”

Ozil has been average at best in the past few weeks and Arsenal need him at his best if they are to win the premier league title this season.
Next up, Gunners face another tough test against Manchester United but thankfully for the fans it is a home game.
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  1. jordangooner says:

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek wonder kid, I have never heard of him. What is in a name, Loftus, should play for local rivals QPR, Cheek plenty o that. What a stupid name and comment. He is not fit to lick Ozils boots, like his big mouth boss Mourinho!

    • jecoloski says:

      Cheek comments were right. Ozil is not good for big games

    • anonymous says:

      hey lad, when you’ve never heard of a player that does not mean that the player cannot be a good player. you’re probably an arsenal fan with little knowledge xD
      his name maybe stupid or whatever, but he is no noob like you. so shut yur big mouth.
      ozil huh? where is he in big games? you like it or not, ozil can only play against the bottom teams.
      you say mourinho is big mouthed? so what? he is way better than you or your wenger! he won lots of titles with different teams compared to wenger who coukdn’t even win one in the last 8 years!

  2. precious okafor says:

    that is not the way to cry lad don’t add mou to this ozil played as if he was in a kitchen

  3. Shedzy says:

    Chelsea star?

  4. P says:

    Fair comment.
    I’m a Gunner, 4 life.
    Wengers fault. He needs to know when to rest players and not keep running them into the ground. What the hell does he watch out there? It has been obvious the lad needs a eat for the last month. And the tactics !!!….my gosh. I could’ve set the team up better.
    Let’s hope it’s not going to be another season Mourinho outsmarts him. Sigh!!

  5. Jefferson says:

    Having not heard of him b4 doesn’t mean he’s not a wonderkid n beside the kid was 100 percent right about his comment cos EPL is not all about been stylish without defensive contribution

  6. wale adekoya says:

    U guys shd spare d chelsea kid: he merely expressed his opinions
    A gunner player can do more, if n wen it happens to chelsea or manU
    Football without hatred!

  7. Muaki says:

    Ozil’s Performance was Appalling!!He Certainly Hasn’t Lived Up To Expectations…He Goes Sour and Into A Shell When He Comes Up Against Tougher Opposition

  8. deejay1952 says:

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek? sounds like a wind up. what lotus chick need to take into ac*nt is the fact that the southern oilers are currently buying trophies at a hundred million quid each , commendable since the northern oilers are paying FOUR hundred million quid per trophy. remember leftars chock, a short while ago, the chavs were going FIFTY years between titles… (both of them). it does go to show though you can buy trophies with stolen russian oil money…

  9. Ding dong says:

    It’s obvious the the first post was an arsenal fan
    Just trying to make himself feel better
    Liverpool5-1arsenal 🙂

  10. Silas osumah ehis says:

    Ruben loftus cheek is a young lad with alot of potential,if u watch junior boys championsleague den u would have notice him,ozil is really bad wit weak bones to compete against stronger opponents,the guy have a point

  11. owa says:

    I don’t think Ozil can make chelsea reserve. He is as strong as snail.

  12. Jordangooner yesterday i believe u were purnished nicely n will be purnished severely come 2 stamford bridge next mth, evrybody saw wat Ozil did not only our young kid, n stop murmuring Mou’z name alwayz he is proving himself so i believe come next mth kneel b4 wait n see.

  13. Bala Babayo Kubo says:

    Please arsenal fans stop mocking the young kid but with adult brain. Ozil played nothing, as my friend said he played like he was in kitchen.

  14. Theophilus says:

    Ozil should not be used in big games like Chelsea,Man u,Man city, Totti,Liverpool &co

  15. I am a blues fan & i agree with the lad ozil never stood up in big games & 4 u saying jose is a mouthy coach, its because is always superior over all coaches in the EPL

  16. Bill says:

    Ozil is always interesting to watch and yedterday might just be his bad day as well as the team. No need to blame him he is a world class player even mou said it. Chelsea 4 life

  17. Abdulraheem says:

    Let’s all look out to what he played, he played woefully. So why are you blaming Loftus for his comment?

  18. Promise says:

    I tink the young lad is right ozil always lose in major games

  19. Blame the players not but wenger a one tactics man,arsenal plays middle game to link up with a striker all the time so clubs have found out you can only win arsenal from wings what stop arsenal from buying born wingers like bale,ronaldo,d maria,ribery,willian,or even adam johnson instead of converting ramsey,wilshere,chambs,and carzorla to wings they are not born wingers they are attacking midfielders you dont know if there are scary skillfull born wingers in a team it helps the team and it makes opposition teams fear them so why blame ozil when there is no body on the move to pass for imagine the lazy giroud playing out of position nobody on the flanks no reliable striker so why blame ozil why cant wenger loan out the likes of wilshere chambs and gnabry to gain more experience and by in experience ones what stop arsenal from having the likes of falcao costa mandzuvic as a striker why cant wenger bring in young defensive midfielders like verratti gundogan or martinez of bayern to support ozil on the loose ball instead of using old cargos like arteta flamini and the injury prone kallstrom oh my god wenger is a disgrace he needs to resign or be sacked then get us a coach who is going to build the team with physical strength and power instead of the light training mr wenger does then bring in worldclass players well lets see whats next :/:(

  20. Aussie Gunner says:

    Ozil is a world class player, and a permanent member of the German National squad, Wenger runs players down to the ground plays them just about every game, these players need resting sometimes.
    We’re in more then one competition, unlike some of the lower sides which only worry about their PL fixtures.
    Shallow squads make good players look ordinary because of fatigue, get off the players backs and support our beloved Gunners, i blame the manager for all this not the players.

  21. ozil played shit. De lad is right. For Mourinho. Dont just go there at all. He has beaten de best so he is de finest.

  22. Kade Terpase says:

    Wenger shud be cruxify for his stingy policy not O`zil, weda u like it or n’t he is World class & tomorow ur views wil be different about Musit, He is phenomena!!!, u alone cant stop him, O`zil is a blessing to de footbal world, stil source of excitment on his day!!”~.

  23. Immortal says:

    Dis’s still too early for the gone-as as club to mourn herself. al dis is as a result of stinginess. a tree cnt make a forest.plz wenger dnt dform mesut ok?

  24. Football is all about knowing what to do & doing it @ the best time,do arsenal ever beat liverpool or any top team 4-0 witin 20mins,pls let all be frank with each other,it is not 2day that Arsen has been coaching the premiership u kw what it take to be successful here & u are not willing to do it,moreover Wenger is too linient with the players,which set of players will try an 8-2 to united 6-3 to city if gibbs is not playing in a big match we are gone,no proven goal scorer,how on this earth would arsenal have a striker that cann’t dribble or breeze past opposition defence,something a stoke or cardiff coach won’t do,I have not been satirical about Giroud becuase he has is own quality,but Wenger should think arsenal fans deserve better than this,& wenger should always allow bould to handle the players sometimes,I cann’t stop to talk about this because I soo much love arsenal,it has been very tough being an arsenal fan couple with trophyless.I hope this doesn’t derail our season.

  25. John Oduor says:

    Mourinho is the Best so dont involve him here.Loftus is a great talent for real and For Ozil,Dont think ANCELOTI was stupid to sell him…hes under performd for arsenal.

  26. Azeez says:

    So arsenal now fully depends on ozil, you mean you win or loose bcos of him, you are mistaking guyz football is played by 11 players per team remembered? if so where were the rest of the players were the watching to see what ozil can do at his goal post?, at the back?, in the middle?, right wing?, letf wing? even up front?. why do you think only ozil can save the whole team?, bcos he cost a lot?, highest paid player of the team? club record signing? huhh!! guyz a single tree cannot make a forest. beside Ozil had try, when last arsenal top the table for two month, bravo Ozil!!! you are just a play-maker you are not Pele of the past.

  27. Tanaka Rukuni says:

    Evry1 knows that Ozil is world class. He came assisting and you praised his name. Now that he’s out of form u are slaming him. Stop it he is not the only player responsible for our loss. After all don’t you think he wants to win really hard more than we fans want it. Its his proffession and surely has the passion. So plizz question Wenger s desicion of putting him in the staring line up when he’s not having the best of days but surely knowing that they are other people on the bench such as Rosicky. Even Cazorla is exceptionaly good through the middle

  28. sippy says:

    Arsenal v Man U will be different. Ozil is world class, Loftus is just an up coming star…. They are like the sky and the ground!

  29. Bassey Bennassi says:

    football without violence,Mou the greatest,he has layed a land mark in football,Arsene wenger Ur fans re hungry for a title pls get them any,we are sick of dis comparisons Our great Mou,and your economist called coach wenger.Blues till I die.the sky remains blue

  30. Hebertf says:

    Ozil is better than Luis Suarez.

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