Moyes Desperately wants €43m Star at Manchester United

eliaquim-mangala-PortoManchester United manager continues to make record after record for the Red Devils, sadly for all the wrong reasons as the pressure is rising.
The fans thought that signing of Juan Mata will change the mood and give everyone the lift to turn the season around.
However, 8th league defeat suggested that United’s troubles are far from over. That was always going to be the case when the champions did not reinforce the key areas of midfield and defense.
It looks highly likely that Manchester United will not finish the season in top 4 and in all honesty, Moyes should not stay. Nevertheless he is planning to buy top quality players in the summer window.
Manchester United’s defense has been a major concern this season, especially the inconsistency of central defense.
With Rio Ferdinand almost done with United and captain Vidic completing his contract in summer, Moyes is desperate to sign a quality center back.
According to Mirror, Manchester United are targeting €43m Porto star Eliaquim Mangala. The 22 year old is widely regarded as one of the brightest prospects and will immensely improve United’s defense.
However, there are two main problems.
First, as per the provided link, Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain are also interested in the French star. Second, if United fail to qualify for the Champions League, surely they will have a very weak case to sign such a talented star who deserves to play in Europe’s elite competition.
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  1. Kehinde says:

    Moyes is so clueless that he couldnt recognise his team’s problem until the transfer window is closed…who says he wont be sacked before d next transfer window anyway cos i foresee d team battling with relegation

    • Dragon says:

      Whilst it’s impossible that United will battle relegation given that they already have 40 points, I do forsee us only taking around 10 points between now and the end of March. I think if we do drop points this weekend and then get spanked by Arsenal, he surely has to go. That would mean all hope of European football gone and it would be chance to get a new manager in to get a good look at the players before the summer transfer window. I’ve been calling for Klopp since the moment Fergie announced he was going……I never wanted Moyes….I just hope Klopp gets a chance

  2. Kevin Isaacs says:

    Moyes,is not playing the players in their regular positions and that is frustrating for any player,look at Mata we all know he is a number 10 same as shinji kagawa but he plays mata on the wing and uses kagawa to play on the right deep in midfield,i looked at the game against stoke he should have played adnan janujaz but instead he played young who plays with his back to the opposition post…i think he should play valencia in the middle where he is playing for his national team and get more out of him..

  3. Gabara says:

    Fire Moyes before it is too late. I want to direct this question to Sir Alex Ferguson must David Moyes be kept like what happened to him? Times have changed. Get somebody much better than Mice.

  4. Rob Macgregor says:

    Even if we signed the best players from Madrid,Barcelona, Munich, Milan ,Moyes would create a team in total disarray,clueless and no confidence with most of them injured within a few short weeks…….Not to worry we still have Liverpool, Everton,Arsenal ,City, Fulham and Hull, who will want to rub our noses in it.
    And in the latter 2, have ex players and management who have points to prove. Moyes is the problem and cannot escape his own mindset and personal paradigms.He is an ego,who has never won anything and never will.What gets me is,he does not think it’s his fault……Coming soon a thrashing or two against us ,a struggle to the CL quarter,that will be it though, but do not worry about the money spinning U.S tournament,as we will be neither in the CL or Eufa competition next year,so we should make it…….This is a bad,bad situation, and i will not be listening to blether from Charlton or SAF.If they cannot see it, we are doomed……To Oblivion and Beyond ….Buzz Moyes……….

  5. happy says:

    Totally agreed. Moyes is suck. It is obvious. He had coached Everton for 11 years without winning any single title. Everton today is doing way better than when Moyes was there. United is a great time with verry great player, and those are the the players SAF had uesd to win a lot. So if you really look at it, the problem is the coach not united lacking of player. Moyes has demonstrated his inability to read games, his lack of appropriate tactics of the game. Even if we buy Messi and Ronaldo, the problem will still there. So i will say fire him before it get worst.

  6. kashere21 says:

    moyes a dull-tactical manager rounded by incompetence as assistances , no any experiance of changing tactics to break opponents, i forget the day we lost 8 games in a complete season, who knows where we will be by may . United in mid-table ! ” Unbelieveable ” something need to be done before is too late . My United My United….,…….! Please mate.

  7. Echeya M C says:


  8. Jonathan Bianco says:

    I’d love to see Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs taking the reins at UTD. Every time I listen to Gary as a pundit he makes so much sense and seems to know exactly whats needed every time -and passion will definitely not be a problem to get his players breathing fire before a game instead of sweating with self doubt.

    • Willy Lesetja says:

      Change in management is needed urgently otherwise I foresee problem. We are a big team with reputation so we can’t afford to be ordinary . Which team are we going to support if mu is out of champion league?

  9. Utdfan says:

    Moyes will be the downfall of Man utd! with Fergie and Bobby around the club Moyes will keep his job until the end. Perhaps if Man Utd stocks drops by 60% that should get the attention of the complacent owners. Other clubs would have sacked this clueless Moron three games ago. I guess Fergie is an ego maniac that needs to be constantly reminded that his achievement cannot be matched by anyone else at the helm and Moyes is making Fergie look good.
    As Man Utd fans, we are truly saddened by this Moron managing the club……the future looks bleak even if he manages to recruit the top players in the world today, cause Moyes and his bunch of Everton coaches don’t know what to do with them except play 4-4-2 and keep crossing the ball from the flanks just like the Stoke match. A disgrace to Scots !!!

  10. Sparko says:

    It is so obvious that a man that has not achieve anything throught his whole stay at everton could be giving an oppurtunity to coach a great man.united,it is awful to retain that shameless baboon who doesnt know de appropriate change during any game.he has come to plunder us and not to help us boost the true champions we are.
    The fear factor at old trafford is gone in de hand of manageless manager.plz moyes should go,or we may not reach top 4.united…!

  11. David Kabalira says:

    The pain we are experiencing is from agroup of people who think that United can only survive with English players like Welbeck, Smalling and young. Moyes is nothing to united, everyone knows he wasnt the manager fit for such abig winning club like United. Suck him and we shall regain our glory.

  12. Don Namikasa - Bungoma Kenya says:

    moyes is a total disrace to Manchester united!!
    why waste 37 million on purchasing an attacking midfielder in the form of Mata while we have cleverly, Kagawa even Rooney
    United needed a good center half and defensive midfieder of which moyes failed to recruit!
    lastly, during the stoke game, why the hell did he have to bring in Welbeck in place of injured Jones and bench Januzaj in favour of useless Young!!! then force rooney to play the Expense Valencia?!!!Surely?!

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