LIAR – Chelsea's Boss is really Getting on Pellegrini's Nerves

Manchester CIty Manager PellegriniUnderstandable that after dominating Manchester City in their own backyard, Jose Mourinho’s has handed Manueal Pellegrini a major blow.
However, it seems that the Citizens’s boss is unable to deal with Jose’s mind games as he is over reacting a bit too much.
Surely the Chelsea’s boss is getting on Pellegrini’s nerves becoming a real pain in the … well that is what he is famous for.
Mou claimed that they are not really in the title race plus he criticized Manchester City for getting lots of favors from the referees.
In reply to that Pellegrini claimed:

“For me, it is not a fair comment. But there’s a famous saying: ‘lie, lie and some things become known as being true’. So it’s very simple – everyone acts in the way they think gives their team an advantage.”
“Remember, the only time a referee has come out and apologized about an important mistake this season was in the Chelsea-West Brom game, when the penalty for Ramires was awarded to Chelsea after 93 or 94 minutes. That gave them two more points than they should have”
“The two decisions people say went in our favor [at Newcastle and Tottenham] did not change the course of either game.”

Think Pellegrini has got a very bad memory. Against Liverpool, Manchester City were handed a major decision in their favor when Sterling was very very wrongly called offside.
Afterwards Red did take the lead but if the first goal was counted which it should have been, the merseysiders would have led by 2 clear goals.
City could have lost, nevertheless they did score two themselves and Liverpool were robbed. So there Pellegrini should also claim that City got at least two more points which they should not have.
Mourinho’s mind games are working on Pellegrini, will it influence the title race, we shall see.
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  1. Gordo says:

    If you read his comments he did not say a city had not got the odd decision what he said was that the only time a referee had apologised for a decision was after the Chelsea game which directly gave them three points because it was the last kick of the game.

    • Harry says:

      “That gave them two more points than they should have”? and “which directly gave them three points because it was the last kick of the game”? It was a draw. They gained one point.

  2. dav says:

    Chelsea never got two points from west Brom it was 1 point. if you’ve a coach who doesn’t know the rules of the game then I don’t see how his team are going to cope with the intelligent ones. in the champions league he never new 1 more goal would’ve taken them to the top of their group and you call yourself a manager. please go back to the classroom

    • Muaki says:

      Jose Mourinho Should Just Shut The Hell Up And Focus On The Beautiful Game,when ever things Get Hot For Him He Kicks The Bucket and Leaves..He couldn’t Handle The Pressure after he’s tactics Of Dropping Key Players at madrid costed him and decided To Pack Up and Go he should Focus On Chelsea and Let Them Do The Talking 4 The Last 14 Games

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