Frustrated €30m Star Hints at Manchester United Move

Toni Kroos Bayern MunichRed Devils are struggling in the premier league at the moment and are likely to end up finishing the season out of top 4.
David Moyes was well aware of the fact that Manchester United need a superb central midfield player to solve the crisis they are in.
Instead, he opted to sign a playmaker in the form of Juan Mata and United are still helpless in the midfield department.
Whether or not United end up qualifying for Champions League, they just have to spend a hell lot of cash to lure a top class CM.
According to Metro, €30m rated Bayern Munich star Toni Kroos hints at a move to Manchester United after getting frustrated with life in Germany.
Kroos is not getting the contract renewal that he desires and may as well move next summer.
In such a scenario, Moyes must splash the required cash to lure the talented midfield star who has been a key member of Bayern squad over the past few years.
Manchester United may as well have to pay him over the odds to meet his salary demands.
Morevoer, paying him hefty wages is perhaps the only way they can lure a player of Kroos’s caliber if they are not playing CL football next season.
As per the provided link, David Moyes is set to make an official bid for the German international at the end of the season.
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  1. Samora says:

    Moyes is not a manager to lead man united.He seams to be settled with the result

  2. andarge says:

    We neednot be too emotional for our judgement let us allow Dms atime to build his own after that confidentially we can let him go! Until then let us drink the bitter without this other things are crazy!

  3. If doesn’t finish among the top four he must leave. Todays match if he want 2 win let him play , Degea, Rafael, Evra, Jones,Vidic, Carrick, Valencia, Mata, Vanpersi , Rooney and Janazaz. Otherwise Fulham will fool him.

  4. Suman says:

    Man utd iz dead & buried. Let it just fight hard 2 avoid being leligated. Hahahahaaa..!

    • In the know says:

      Ah a little troll where did you surface from you inbred excuse of a turd . The difference between Man United and you is when we make a mistake we admit it more than your scabby parents did when they had you dumped on them . Now why don’t you just go away and crawl under the rock you came from

  5. onyedi nduka kelvin says:

    What happens to fletcher our only outstanding midfielder?Fletcher is far better than all our. Midfielders currently and playing time is denied of him.Poor Moyes!Rebuilding the team is rubbish!absolute rubbish!Moyes doesn’t know how to use players,he doesn’t know who to bring on and who not to bring on…Always having selection problem.”Look at d match against stoke city.Januzaj is d only outstanding consistent player dis season who should have brought on.In that game,our midfield was shambolic.When jone was taken off,fletcher should have come on…..come on guys,moyes can’t manage manchester united,cos he is average

  6. Ashraf deen says:

    When he was in everton he was always ok with the result and he is still ok with these results in united so he should be sacked

  7. Kadira haye says:

    Dms is manager who have agood experience for the leageu but he can manage only less top four clubs for that united are going to loss top four and that is the habit of moyes b/c when he was in everton he always used to present no7,8,6in the leageu table for that he is not worrying about this place all in all to get wining today he should make the line up against fulham. De Gea Rafael, Jones, Evens, Evra, Carrick, januzaj, Rooney, mata, kagawa, v.persie and i think that is agood selection even not today for the rest of the season plz moyes do ur best and servive us the uefa leageu we should qualify the champions leageu

  8. Wakheel says:

    My own is that what’s wrong with Kagawa again?De gea,rafeal,vidic,evans/smaling,evra,valentia,carick,fletcher,kagawa,roney&vp&moyes need kroos&one other strong midfider

  9. Sam says:

    When i hear of this Moyes.i feel like i shiuld step down my supoort to manchester if it were possible,I hate him naturally, for him is to bring new records for lower ranked clubs difeating us even in our own ground.Infact has not changed any style,its like players are left to use their my mind to play no coaching has taken place since Furgerson left. Otherwise Anderson revealed all the feeling players have against Him. most of them dont want stay under his leadership coz dont seam to bear fruits. I wonder why this man is left demolish the giant club.

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