Manchester United Latest – €32m Star 'Very Close'

Marouane Fellaini EvertonManchester United fans must be disappointed by the fact that their manager claimed that the Red Devils have concluded their business in the winter transfer window.
Surely, only the club record signing of Juan Mata is not enough to solve the amount of problems Man United are dealing at the moment.
The midfield department is still shaky with very low quality and the defensive department is the worst in years and very vulnerable.
Yet, David Moyes stated:

“You can stand down your TV cameras at the gates. I don’t think they’ll be required. We’ve done our business.”

The Old Trafford faithful might be feeling the worst but at least there is one fantastic news that players are returning from injury.
Rooney and Robin van Persie returned against Cardiff in midweek and now according to Moyes, summer signing Marouane Fellaini is close to returning from injury as well as he claimed:

“Felli’s on the fringes. We need to get him match practice but he’s very close.”

Fellaini was Everton’s star man under Moyes but since his €32m move last summer, the Belgian star has been average at best for United.
United need a central midfielder who can contribute in defense as well as in attack, Fellaini was brought for the exact same reason. However, he has been a disappointment thus far.
Manchester United’s final hope of securing a top four finish now largely depends on Fellaini. He has the talent to dominate midfield battles and win games and there is no better time than now to step up after injury and win over fans with brilliant performances.
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  1. goddie says:

    foolish moyes,foolish you cant you pay any amount for any player.fake moyes go back to everton

  2. Kehinde says:

    Our fingers are crossed to see whether moyes is justified for not seeing what we fans are seeing…but i foresee a sack letter for him

  3. ABE says:

    Moyes must be blame if we did not qualify for champions league next season……… why because strong clubs like City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool are all introducing new faces. why do we always chisel???? who do we want to get out from top 4 while they are serious??? even to an extent that truck pushers are saying they want to organize friendly match with us. Moyes pls don’t kill us. we support Utd be4 u come………

  4. geta says:

    fake moyes we dont need you
    ..get out from our house….you gave us shame …..we love super utd before you and ur luv at everton……leave us …. dont need u…..foolish.!

  5. Agunbiade Adekunle says:

    Notes must be in sane.What do we expect?He was in charge of Everton for eleven good years and nothing to show for it.Pls let him gooooooo!

  6. geta says:

    we r a true utd fan …..moyes first u shud be support the club …why u came here is to be act as a fan not a facking bosss ……we need legends… throw the mask of sorrow…which recist ferguson giv u…ur not true fan of utd we know that…..but keep ur job that our club paying u before sucking time comes.

  7. aminu says:

    Buying players is good but the major problem is winning so what we need now is ginger them win and they complain of they nature of training is resulting to injuries please contact sir alex to know the type they are used to so that wining spirit will commence.

  8. Sunday A Bello says:

    Mr Moyes everybody are tired of this nosence things u’re doing with united, you always go scout no result, enough.

  9. @gwens1356 says:

    Ass-fucker Moyes, go back 2 Everton. Kkkkkkk.

  10. gabriel smith says:

    Fuck moyes must get sacked we never make it witth this team top 4 never o my god fergie bought mata moyes never buy no 1 moyes and phil neville running 2 spain germany came back with themselves fuck moyes got. £200 mllion in his pocket scared 2 buy£

  11. Muppets says:

    Ho ho ho

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