Man United move in to Seal the Deal for €36m Star

Di Maria & KokeManchester United and the supporters are desperately hoping that they will sign world class players in the winter transfer window.
With their priority changing from title to top 4 finish, the Red Devils do not have enough quality especially in midfield to compete with top teams.
They have been losing to weaker teams as well mainly because the opponents battered them in the midfield department.
No less than four defeats at Old Trafford for the English champions is no less than humiliating and the fans cannot take it more.
Manager David Moyes is under immense pressure and he will have to sign stars as soon as possible to gel them well in the team.
According to reports, Man United have moved in to seal the deal for Atletico Madrid star Koke who has been fantastic this season. United have send a delegation to negotiate the deal for Spaniard.
Capable of playing as a central as well as attacking midfielder, the Spanish youngster is exactly the kind of midfield star United badly need.
However, the Red Devils will once again have to splash hefty cash to sign him and the price they may as well have to offer is reported to be €36 million.
Nevertheless, the talent he has is worth that amount and Man United must splash the cash to lure him to Old Trafford.
The obstacles are of course obvious though. Atletico are fighting for La Liga title and are alive in the Champions league. United are fighting hard for fourth spot and Koke cannot play CL for them as he will be cup tied.
Can United somehow sign the midfield star, we shall see.
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  1. Sunday A Bello says:

    Moyes should not play with our inteligent this time around, he should sign whosoever he want sign. Because i see him take another dimension now he dosn’t want to sign any player in this jan. He should consider himself failiure if he does.

  2. gabriel smith says:

    Now this morning moyes says his not buying his team will do fine he buy in the summer man united got fans all over the world we stressing we cry we feel hurt we get teased if moyes don’t buy he must get sacked before the window closed

  3. Ridey says:

    upgrading d team is really important for our champions league qualification hope.
    I as a united need dis deal to b done

  4. charles okabo says:

    moyes shouldn’t be overblamed be’se the football is changing from time to time however he should begin targetting some fantastic midfilder as well as strickers that are more creative to make the football change at man united .otherwise he should fight hard as a honoured coach leading the only honoured club in united kingdoom

  5. Okello maxie says:

    I can’t under the manager at all as far as strengthening midfield and defence at United is concerned.if he fails to do that this january, we gonn be out off the top four spot this season

  6. Jeremy Poynton says:

    Twaddle. United have stated they will not be buying in January. Not that players will want to go there, or that they can afford top players any more.

  7. Suman says:

    Fck moyes. Bastard damn must b fired

  8. Mark says:

    If Moyes were in Africa here he would have been killed by fans…Moyes think twice and stop playing with our patience otherwise……..

  9. Koojo Chris says:

    Now Please read and listen closely, my name is Koojo from Uganda in Eastern of Africa, am commenting from Uganda right now.
    The biggest Question is: does Moyes work alone at Manchester? the answer is NO-there is a board of directors, the owners so called Glazer family. Much as I think that Moyes is the worst manager in world football apparently. I Honestly think the glazers and the board are hugely TO BLAME. They are withholding funds and at the same time diverting funds to their NFL company in the US. The maanger is not given money to buy players but again, the way Moyes wasted money on Fellain was so disappointing. If people here in Africa who haven’t even gone to school in a remote country can see that Man U needs re-enforcements of A defensive, creative attacking, wingers and a central defender. Then it beats my understanding how people in the first world Britain more over at a club like Manchester United can’t or seem not to see that.
    Now moyes to come out and say that Man u has a squad with quality and that there is no need of buying this January is the most stupid thing i have heard so far in 2014 and this leaves me thinking that
    1. The glazer instruct him to speak like that so that the fans anger is directed at Moyes and they keep in the shadows from criticism.
    2. The glazers and the board don’t mind about Man u Football club and its fans but only care about the NFL company in the US
    3. This is the same reasons that led to Ferguson and David Gill retiring may be after realizing the glazers were going to take the club down.
    4. Etc
    Bottom line, Moyes should be given 100millions pounds this January 2014 to save his job and Manchester from what happened to Leeds United.

  10. davie says:

    If Moyes is saying he wont buy anyone in January, then lets fire this f..ckn ass..le Moyes. We supporters we r fed up with this humiliation. I really wonder why we r taking much time firing Moyes? R we waiting for relegation or what? This stupid ass..le wont assist us. Players r just getting injured because of his stupid methods

  11. david says:

    They have no chance of signing Koke… For me, the tactics and the player selection are all wrong. What do they work on the training ground day in, day out. i am struggling to understand the tactics.
    With refgards to the players, they are simply not good enough for Man Utd. there is no passion or soul in the team. The players should be proud to wear the red jersey – i don’t see it
    Smalling is all at sea at right back. bad positionally, can’t defend, pass and doesn’t know how to link play. Surely there is a better right right back in the Academy and worth bleeding into the team. What is Moyes thinking.Rafael is not much better.. weak defending and and has difficulty reading of the game
    Time for Rio to go – very slow and time has caught up with him and has no leadership skills.
    Evra – total liability. no further comment
    jones is a must in the heart of defence – has the passion and drive – a leader
    Middle field:
    none existent – only way to sum it up. There is no creativity and sense of team play.The back four have been exposed time and again and the front players have no support. I can’t single anyone out as they have been all bad. something is amiss here. Not bad players overnight and wonder if they are struggling to come to terms with the new formation and tactics.
    Why didn’t zaha come on today. The game was crying for some individual spark. What is going on here – that is the question. Given the sub standard performances, it is worth bleeding him into the team. Kagawa was awful today – too lightweight and gave the ball away at evey opportunity. Surely, bleeding Zaha into a game against Swansea was a win-win situation and who knows, could have been the catalyst for the the remainder of the season
    Nick Powell. – bring him back fromn WIgan and let him start. Anderson, Fletcher, Cleverly, etc are not in his class.
    Chicarito looks lost -does;t understand the game plan. Can’t hold up play and link players into the game – everyone knows that. United have cut off his service. Sorry, time to cash in. lovely guy, but not a United player.
    Kagawa = not much to say – not a united player; too light weight and can’t play out wide – plain and simple. Time to cash in. not sure where Ferguson thought he would play
    Valencia = love him… but please take him out on the training field and get him to cross a ball. Hire becks for the job
    Adnan – should be starter every game. Only plus in a dreadful season. He should be given the licence to attack, attack, and attack. true united style!
    Young – not up to scratch, along with Nani. Should be despatched as soon as possible.
    Rooney – what can i say – heart and soul of the team. Moyes, please sign him up and show him that United mean business. Not sure what fergie was thinking last year, but guess he had lost the plot, but best british player for years and years. Just needs to be loved.
    RVP. The man, but not sure if he has the heart to be a United player – time to stand up.
    Summing up :
    5 to 6 players need to be shown the door as soon as possible
    urgent need of an attacking midfielder, holding midfielder, left back, right back, and centre back. Yes, major overhaul is required
    Sorry, I don’t think the current mangemet team cut it. Phil Neville is out of his depth – let’s face it – and Giggsy, who I love, is starting a new chapter in his life. The rest – sorry, not up to standard and haven’t the experience – it is showing.
    here goes the Perks view on the world- Add becks to thne coaching staff – a big win here and can work on the attacking formations
    Bring Gary Neville into the fold – he can work on the defensive side of things. Sorry, Phil, I don’t think you cut it.
    Scholes should be promoted to !st team coach.
    Yes, and i would bring back Cantona. Sounds silly, but class breeds class.

  12. david says:

    becks needs to be brought into the fold as soon as possible. Moyes is not up to scratch – totally out of his depth and doesn’t understand the United way of things. Sorry, david, but beleive you made a big mistake on the coaching side of things. rene should have stayed. Everyone is pointing to the results, players, etc, but belive that your management team is not experienced enough to handle the challenge. Round – who? The summer debarcle on the transfer front iwas a shams and i expect the same in the January window – pure novices and Woodward is an idiot, plain and simple.Mourinho should have been hired.

  13. bemoney says:

    I always feel hurt wen seeing United struggling on field …Moyes turn Old trafford to bonus ground and Still insisting no more new signing I think d man was sent to destroy United. Wen even blind man know dat United lack quality players….Moyes be warn if United miss out on top 4 to attract big players will be problem

  14. mwavani says:

    Moyes out!!! We don’t need him anymore if he won’t sign world class mildfielder.

  15. stephen says:

    Am sick of moyes. I just know that the problem of man u now was created by ferguson bringing to man u his country man who is a middle table coach and not technically sound for a team like man u, there are better coaches

  16. Touljier says:

    Interesting article if you may not have read it already. In short it sums up how sub standard Dudsy Moyes was at Everton and how i see the same happening currently at our belovered Man U. This wet fart that more resembles a deer starring into a cars headlights (did the same at Everton – article confirms it!) as apposed to a worthy manager that can lead a club to even greater success than SAF needs to be fired NOW! #MoyesOutNOW

  17. stewart says:

    I don’t blame moyes so much I blame the board and the glazers.
    yes moyes shouldn’t have brought fellani for 27mill!
    sell him now I say!
    our midfield is weak and cant create. that effects our defending and going forward.
    we need two midfielders one defensive like strootman and atleast a winger

  18. Jamie says:

    Plz s***kin’ Moyes, today United dot need to wait for years in transition, Dot think of that time that SAF was given those days are gone far back. See big clubs need good results if coaches dot produce good results they get fired. N’ you Glazers with United we love good results, trophies. Dot ponder we funs are to seat back n’ jst look at u destroying our dear club, if u cannot manage and feel the cries of the funs who pay their money to the club and that have made it wat it is now. Plz live our club. And you SAF why did u think of your country man to be the best man for the job, u felt jealous of other better coaches coming and succeeding at the thats why you chose Moyes for that he comes and fails, thanks for that idea SAF.

  19. Pirro kadosh says:

    No thanks to SAF. He’s a schemer.And for David Mooye and his team of coaches, they’re not top class.I don’t see him doing more than what he did with Everton. He lacks confidence and tactics. Man u needs a better hand. We’ve suffered unthinkable defeats at home and he does’nt think something is wrong? He should be shown the exit door he turns man u to an ordinary club.

  20. Okuro Godfrey says:

    Moyes should take Alexander Song and Javier Pastore on loans from Barcelonia and PSG respectively.

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