Chelsea Update – Star to Return in the Next Game

Fernando Torres ChelseaChelsea could only gain a single point from their last two premier league games and Mourinho was that close to losing brilliant home record at Stamford Bridge.
The Blues will look to bounce back from the recent disappointments with a win in the next game against West Ham United.
Chelsea cannot afford to lose more points as other rivals, especially Manchester United are that close and may over take.
The Hammers are in horrific form, having only won once in their last 6 league games, Sam Allardyce’s side are currently 16th in the league and surely Chelsea are favorites to beat them.
Good news for Chelsea fans is that their star striker, Fernando Torres will be fit for the next game and will be ready to face West Ham after the international break.
El Nino has been in fantastic form for the Blues lately but injuries are still keeping him inconsistent.
Not only that, with the inconsistent form of the strikers, Mourinho is now looking for options and may sign a top quality forward in the January transfer window.
Nevertheless, the return of Torres will give Chelsea much needed boost to see off the challenge of West Ham.
Marco van Ginkel is the only long term injury concern Chelsea are facing. The summer signing suffered knee injury in late September and is expected to return next year.
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  1. Avatar japhet mukala says:

    Mo is droping some points because he is mixing reality with politics, when i watch blues on the pitch i always see some good rythm from Back four and Fron line but i never see anything at the mid especially when Ramiress pair with Lampard! we always win when Mikel pair with Ramiress, i m not quieit sure if Jose doesnt know this, he is trying to win funs by playing Lampard and bench Mikel but this had been proven failure since Lampard at his 35yrs already justified that he dont deserve to be in starting XI,

  2. Avatar louis says:

    japhet is right on the money, mourinho insisting on playing lampard in the holding midfielder’s position has flopped. One can give all the statistics they need to give but sadly enough the results on the pitch are not encouraging. Lampard’s pairing with ramires is a flop. Mikel for me is a natural choice, he might not score as often but he can defend as hell. Lets give the young players enough confidence. For me david luiz was going to be our next terry but looks like that wo’nt be happening any time soon. From the looks of it, terry will be still chelsea’s next terry.

  3. Avatar Damian says:

    Lets be realistic and heat d nail straight instead of trying to bend it mourinho is a bias coach now i understand what he mean that is now mature with with hair i can see he has gain some experience in Spain and that experience is biasness u bought same u bought Essien and they are young and fresh for the game instead u choose playing our former coach age mate lampard to keep spoiling our day for us mourinho i repeat again we Chelsea fan are running out of patients for u u said u love Chelsea and much as Chelsea love u but u lied bcos Chelsea suppose to come first b4 favourism for ur son lampard or maybe u Afraid of him instigating ur sack but i promise u d end shall tell of who have more power whether Lampard or All Chelsea fans and mind u i am still writing dis articles wit love and i promise u will not like me if i started writing with hatred!

  4. Avatar Damian says:

    Lampard u keep paying pple to an article in favour of u even when u know u are old and fit for the game any more u started ball when dey were still wearing T shirt to play football now as u can see things have change now they wear jersey and that jersey is too big for u now so pls let whom that cap fit let them wear it or rather let whom that jersey fit let them wear it and stop fooling urself with ur so called favoured fatherism or ur names will be erase from Chelsea history book while ur misdeeds will take d day nobody will remember u any more for d good but 4 d bad as i am talking to u i am very angry i can even kill myself so long as Chelsea is going great my soul will be @ peace no mater what so u can’t be an exceptional think about that…….

  5. Avatar collablnso says:

    Oooh..and holding midfielder you have good options from young players but I would like you to include some like Scout parker, Victor wanyama who is doing well at Southampton, Daniel de rose, Alex song

  6. Avatar Solomon says:

    Good articles, I thought I was alone on this issue about feverism. Lampard is past his age shouldn’t and shouldn’t be first eleven on Ward Or mourinho get sacked. We need to see Ramires with Obi Mikel holding mid field. No bragging with so called old friends again.

  7. Avatar Solomon says:

    I don’t know if he Mourinho is going to read this articles… So important he should read..

  8. Avatar muzie says:

    Lampard is a good plyer nd he must keep his position till nxt year then after in january transfer wil get a good holding midlefilder…he still has the shorts we wnt and I say lampard ur a legend u deserve that place in chelsea starting 11

  9. Avatar John oduor says:

    Mourinho should even drop Oscar in Lampards position to create room for Mata if hes nt sure of Mikel’s abilities.I remember Oscar did well at times during Di mateo’ reighn at the holding role.

  10. Avatar David says:

    Seriously,I think Mourinho is chelsea’s problem right now. Lampard is no doubt a living legend in Chelsea’s history as d all time highest goal scorer but we need not live in the past. The present form of players should determine who gets on the pitch. Ryan Giggs is a legend in Man U $ he no longer start every game due 2 age$ form. If Mourinho wants to help Lamp gets in2 d England’s world cup squad, must it be at the expense of Chelsea’s success? We’re dropping silly and unbelievable points like against Basel,New castle,Westbrom. Chelsea is bigger than Mourinho $ Lampard. If he can drop Cole 4 poor form why not Lampard coming from bench in some games. I hope Mou gets 2 work $ drop sentiment $ favoritism for reality $ performance.

  11. Avatar josh says:

    Lampard was never good in terms of holding midfield role,he became a legend because of his goal scoring ability but now he can’t even score,age has taken its toll,for me mikel is beter for that role.

  12. Avatar ibrahim says:

    All this talk about lampard I ve seen it since the last two season ago, why can’t chelsea go for Alex song, this guy is very amazing,

  13. Avatar Franklin says:

    Up bluesss!!! Am glad you guys are seing what i predicted for chelsea before the start of the season…….. MIKEL, RAMIRES over lamps.

  14. Special please 4get about old friend this voetball aspect. If u want us 2 be winning please drop lampard and feateure ramires and mikel 4 d midfield role. Jose dont u observe one thing that if u used mikel we always win our match. And mata is the king of assist so far pls allowing him to play 4 is best chance @ dat no 10 role.

  15. Avatar sam says:

    Lampard blah blah blah. How problem is simple-#Roman Abramovich. You say you want beautiful football(possession football) and then you about bringing a coach that likes to play counter attacking football with is mid-fielders sitting. We should have gone for a coach with better possession football idea. Oscar,Mata,hazard,willian,Schurrle,KDB,Mikel,Ramire and on,this are players with flair,skill and composure. All they need is a coach is the same football ideology and Mourinho isn’t one. Keeping Mata on the bench,playing Lampard even when lamp’s playing sh*t. Playing ivanovic at right back when he can’t help attack and make the simplest of crosses. I can go on and on. My argument’s – Roman has signed the wrong manager. Mourinho has come to change the new found football philosophy.

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