FIFA World Cup: Strategic Advantage of Betting the Underdogs

The stage for the upcoming Russia World Cup is receiving the last finishing touches, and sports betting sites all over the world already feature outright win odds for each one of the 32 teams involved in the competition.
The stakes are naturally high for traditional soccer behemoths like Brazil, Germany and France, and betting on either one of these teams is very likely to produce the expected dividends, however, putting all your money on the favorites is a sure way to quickly exhaust your bankroll and collect minimum wins, if any at all in the end; on the other hand, making a wise dark horse pick could eventually signify tremendous wins with the smallest possible risk.
The beautiful but unpredictable game
Football fanatics are well aware of the random and unexpected outcome of soccer matches, deriving from unforeseen tactical difficulties, an overgrown sense of confidence in one’s team, or the very common occurrence of in-game expulsion or a penalty shoot. In either case, it is important to keep in mind that the best reputations and performance records matter little when well-established teams are faced with an unknown foe, as it often occurs during the running of each FIFA World Cup edition; squads accustomed to a certain type of competition level in their respective areas lose their edge before relative unknowns from distant parts of the globe. We will take this opportunity to analyze the latest odds charts and infer the best underdog picks from among the entire board.
Strong Hopefuls and Farfetched Picks
Situated within close range of the top favorites for the tournament we find Belgium, expected to become England’s main adversary in a group that also includes Tunisia and newcomer Panama. Eden Hazard’s team has already received the support of many betting professionals, who envision a possible upset run for the Red Devils. The current odds for Belgium range between the 10 and 12 to 1. Tournament host Russia also makes an interesting undercard choice with 40 to 1 odds; even though Kokorin’s team lacks the overall quality of other ensembles, the sheer size of the local support could easily propel them to new and unexpected heights. Make sure to seize upon the best world cup betting offers and ready up your betting account in time for the opening ceremony. With a tournament this heated, though, be extra careful to make sure that you bet as smartly and as responsibly as possible. It’s easier than ever to actually bet on your favorite game but it’s also easier than ever to properly research the teams and players to make sure that you’re not just randomly throwing the dice on a team you happen to like. Do some careful research, though, and you’re far more likely to make strategic bets on those who might actually win.
Further down the list of nation team prospects we find James Rodriguez’ Colombia at 40 to 1. The South American team is widely envisaged to lead a group that is also composed by Poland, Japan and Senegal. Group F’s Mexico fell under Costa Rica during the qualification phase, entering the tournament as second best in its region, nevertheless, the Tricolor can be expected to pick the pieces of their recent record to deliver a wholesome performance in Russia. Javier Hernandez and crew are listed at 100 to 1 odds. Appearing near the end of the World Cup betting odds we can spot Egypt and Costa Rica, two teams who have often provided adrenaline-style breakthroughs in previous instances; the odds for both these nations are 150 to 1 and 500 to 1 respectively.

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