Aubameyang to Arsenal – Shocking Update – Fans will Hate Wenger

Arsenal must replace Alexis Sanchez with a top quality star and Dortmund’s Aubameyang has been in the lime light.
Yesterday, Daily Star reported that the North Londoners are confident of signing the Gabon international in the winter transfer window but the latest update provided by the British source will shock the supporters.
Today, Star have exclusively claimed that Wenger is not sure whether to spend big on Aubameyang or not.
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It is mentioned that the French boss is seriously worried about the player’s disciplinary concerns and therefore, he is only willing to spend 35 million pounds to lure him. However, the German club rate the African star at 53 million pounds.
The 28-year-old center forward is one of the best goalscorers in the world. Last season he netted 40 goals in all competitions and this season, so far, he has scored 21 goals in 23 outings.
The baffling issue is that Arsene is only willing to pay 35 million pounds for a star, whose contract will expire in 2021, whereas, Alexis, who is out of contract in less than 6 months, will be leaving Arsenal in a 40 million pounds deal (via Daily Star link provided above).
Fans will absolutely hate Wenger if Aubameyang does not end up at Arsenal due to the manager’s insane stance.

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  1. Avatar Werner Nel says:

    It won’t happen because wenger don’t know how to buy propper players. He buys boys and useless talent. Wenger won’t know quality if it sits on his face. It’s a disgrace in what state the club is under him. No trophies, no passion, no clue

  2. arsene Wenger is rubbish, his work is to ask for the prise of quality players but nothing much, so no deal to get done

  3. Avatar Macfee says:

    it does’t matter after this week end lost Wenger will resign.

  4. Avatar olatunde jimoh says:

    What I would say is that “is Arsene wenger cursed or what”…….who is this insane man and who are those cursed people on the board alongside him always trying to trick and cheat the fans worldwide……are they not ashamed!!!

  5. Avatar Anatole Jeselo says:

    Honestly, Arsene Wenger should be sincere to himself, and LET ARSENAL GO. In opinion Wenger’s heart and Arsenal’s can nolonger ally. The Arsenal’s legendary manager should believe and accept that a hunch to motivate the players to victory gain won’t come even once in 24hrs.

  6. Avatar abdul wahab says:

    First shd be the quality of the player you are buying.Auba is a great player who scores lots of goals.If he is indiscipline,its the coach to mentor him.Look at suarez before going to barca the issues he had but barca went ahead to buy him.So plse mr wenger don’t let the fans down.Are u afraid of working with big name players?

  7. Avatar paul says:

    AW with due respect you are making Arsenal look ordinary team when watching you are playing is not attractive any more fans world wide we are not happy the way the club is run . We are also contributing indirect to the club by buying all replicas for Arsenal caps etc. But you don’t want to invest in quality players to guarantee good football team .

  8. Avatar Meer Ayang says:

    It has been a long term of mediocrity, we are really tired of Wenger let him go

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