Jose Mourinho has Talked too much but Has Done too Little

Jose Mourinho ChelseaIt has been barely 6 months into Jose’s ‘2nd Coming’ and it’s already a tough season. We sit on 3rd position,5 points behind arsenal in the league table,qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions league.
Whilst some Chelsea fans are already tired of Jose’s antics, some believe it’s a transition period.
Fans believe that Chelsea are in transition,¬†so i asked my self this question,are we truly in a transition?. My answer to that question is NO,it’s just like we are stagnating under Jose Mourinho. I will give some reasons,and back it up with quotes from Jose.
Style Of Play
Before the league season started,Jose talked about changing our style of play from a ‘reactive’ style to a ‘proactive’ style.

“I want to make the Chelsea fans happy by results,by our playing style,by the philosophy and the identity”

The 3 things he mentioned (style,philosophy,&identity) have been missing in his 6 months in charge,he went further by saying

“If we win a match,but not in the style we’re trying to build, it’s 3 points,one step up the table,but one step back in the direction of our work”

To play proactive football you need players that can press high up the pitch & a very good playmaker that orchestrate the team’s play. After our defeat to Basel,he said this

“I think Oscar is a no. 10 player that gives so much creativity, but at the same time when we want to press high up the pitch, he’s a runner a player capable of pressing”

Judging Jose by that statement,he talked about pressing, but we don’t press high up the pitch. Oscar naturally press but what about the strikers (who should start pressing) & the wingers ,are they not supposed to press? Why the no10.Oscar lacks the creativity to be a no10 for a big club like ours, he completes less than 5 key passes per match,a poor statistic for a team that wants to play a proactive style of play.
To also play proactive football,we need overlapping fullbacks,who can double up on an opponent fullbuck,and create a 2-1 situation,but we have relied on a Centre back as our right back (Ivanovic,who has been one of our worst players this season) ahead of a more reliable ‘Dave’. Ivanovic tries to double up and attack,but his end product are very poor. at left back Cole,who as lost his attacking impetus&offers nothing defensively,just got recalled to the squad after being dropped for poor performances.
We have solely relied on a reactive counter attacking approach where we look to exploit our opponents mistakes when they don’t cover the space. This has made us too predictable and easy for opponents to sit deep and cover those spaces.
Jose also talked about building from the back and keeping possession

“The ideal is to play high block,to recover the ball very fast,to build well from the defence,to control the game,to be proactive not reactive.the ideal is to possession & use it in a proper way”

How do we keep possession with an ineffective pivot pairing of Lampard and Ramires,the former can’t tackle,the latter can’t pass.they are not compatible.and we don’t have that midfielder that can keep possession very well,the best we have is an inconsistent Mikel.Jose also talked about trying Oscar in that role,but has failed to do that all season.
In terms of building from the back,the best defender that can do that is Luiz,but has barely played played this,either dropped for poor performance or injury. Cahill and Terry can’t build from the back.
Striker / Lukaku Conundrum
With recent report coming out that Jose wants a new striker in January,it means Jose already blames himself for loaning out his best striker,Lukaku who has scored and assisted more goals than our 3 strikers combined.most fans try to apportion the blame to Lukaku for wanting out,but forgetting that Jose promised him first team opportunities,but failed to do so and he’s trying to win back his National team position,he lost to Benteke.
Promising players like Lukaku & KDB games,but failing to do that and spending the whole summer chasing after a new striker(Rooney). Lukaku who thought he would start against Man Utd,then finds himself on the bench and sees the arrival of Eto’o, did the right thing to ask for a move.
Mata Syndrome
According to Mourinho,Mata’s style is suited to defensive approach

“I think it’s not his fault,it’s a consequence of the way he is playing in the last years.since he arrived Chelsea was playing a very defensive football,with low block all the time”

So if Mata is defensive in style,why did he say this

“Juan has to learn how to play my way,he has to be consistent,more participative when the team lose possession of the ball”

So if Mata is defensive in style,why are you telling him to tackle?.we all know that’s a lie and Mata is never defensive and can’t play a ‘reactive’ style of football.even though he gave the assist that won us,both the champions league and Europa league,he was awful in both finals,due to our defensive approach of play.
Jose talked about playing proactive football,so why should the league best no10 of last season,sit on the bench for Oscar,that is statistically the worst no10 amongst the Top6 clubs in the EPL.Jose treatment of Mata is more than him adapting to his style of play,if he wants his no10 to defend,why didn’t he tell Ozil to defend when he was at Madrid or what’s the essence of playing 2 defensive midfielders in your team(Lamps and Ramires) if you still want your no10 to defend. so if truly Mata is defensive in style,why bring him on when we were losing to both Spurs and West Brom.
After Ramires blatant dive that earned us an undeserved draw against West Brom,Jose said
“It was a penalty”. Same man that said a month earlier after the Spurs match he hates diving,and he will publicly criticize his player that does it

“I hate diving,my players know they will be in big trouble with me,if they dive it’s very bad.the search of red card to another player,for me is a disgrace.if one day i win a game where i feel i did it because one of my players didn’t behave correctly,i will strongly criticise him”

Long Term Future
When he was employed,he talked about youth and giving them a chance and also building a long term future for the club.Mourinho has failed to do those in his 6 month in charge,despite promising De Bruyne and Kalas first team chances,he has failed to do would have talked about starting De Bruyne,Ake, Betrand and Kalas against Steau in the Champions league yesterday,but only De Bruyne played as a sub,is that the long term future he talked about?.
Against Swindon,a league 2 outfit,i thought Loftus Cheek,Ake,and Baker would play,but only named Baker a sub,and he started a team that the total cost of players would buy Swindon footbal club.when we were 1-nil up and Van Ginkel went out injured,i thought Baker would come in but instead brought in Ramires.
He has also talked about extending players like Cole and Lampard contracts,saying Lampard can play till 39 years,those players have been awful this season.what happens to the youth he promised to play and long term development,how do they get them when we still play those deadwoods.also having an already ‘career dead’ Micheal Essien in the team ahead of Oriol Romeu,Chalobah(both on loan) and Lewis Baker.a manager who wants to play youth,and believes in them would have shown an ambition by now.can Jose play an 18 year old,reserve team player in a crucial Champions league match,like Klopp did against Marseille?.no.even in a match against Steau that meant nothing and Swindon,he didn’t try it.
They say it’s too early to make conclusion,but i have already made mine in what i have seen in is first 6 month of his 2nd coming.but he can still prove me wrong and make me look like a fool by ‘talking too much and doing them’ rather than ‘talking too much and doing too little’
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  1. Leo says:

    Terrible article, picking holes in a chelsea side that is definitely in a ‘transition’ period. Look where we were at this stage of each of the last two seasons, I think you’ll see a significant improvement. You can’t expect it to be as straight forward as his first spell in charge simply due to the quality of the other top teams in the league. And for you to say Ashely cole ‘offers nothing defensively’ and that ivanovic ‘has been one of the worst players’ is absurd. Ashley is still one of the best left backs in the world and ivanovic has been solid at the back and positive going forward unlike many of our other players. Have you even watched a game this year? Give up journalism

  2. marf says:

    honestly your analysis sounds nice from the context of hatred only that you cant nicely read a soccer match well Lukaku has been given some chances to show case his abilities in the pitch but failed to impress. Have you ever asked yourself why? he is not yet mature for a big team like Chelsea what you have said is nothing but nonsense

  3. Sylvia Etock says:

    What a great and wonderful statements I so much appreciate your talk nothing but the truth.

  4. onesmus munyenya says:

    Mou likes talking a lot but does very little. He is a coward that’s how cowards behave

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