Player Ratings – Arsenal Thrashed by Manchester City

EPLLeague leaders Arsenal were absolutely ripped apart by Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium as the sky blues close the gap to only 3 points.
Gunners have been in torrid form lately as now they have not won in the last three games (drawn 1, lost 2) and will face another tough tie against Chelsea next in the premier league.
The defeat is a massive wake up call for the North Londoners who now know that they need top quality reinforcements in January to compete with the likes of City who have the best squad in the league.
Arsenal’s defense has been solid this season having only conceded 11 goals in 15 games but City absolutely thrashed the opponents and opened the flood gates. In the end, Arsenal conceded 6, could easily have been more as the home side were finding gaps easily.
Gunners were left frustrated with Ozil not even going to the away end to thank the supporters who made the trip to see such horrific display. On the other hand, Wilshere may as well be banned for idiotic conduct on the field.
Here are the Player Ratings.

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  1. RAS says:

    arsenal needs to a striker in the January to boast the attack.Giroud to me should be rested he looks tired & short of ideas.NGNABRY should be given enough playing time.

  2. Luke says:

    I dont think thats a fair analysis of the game. If you looked at the stats it was rather an odd game I think city had one stage had 3 (4 shots off) shots on goal all of which went in and for large parts of the game we were really giving them trouble only to be stopped by the three extra players city had. On top of that losing losing koz didn’t help what so ever. With giroud I ghought he was alright. His reaction to being hacked down(he grew quite) and his lack of finishing I think more so comes down to fatigue particularly mentally. Yes we were heavily defeated but I don’t think the score gave the game justice and i don’t think we are helping ourselves going into a season with one striker who wenger trusts. The real test is next week as wd will be rested and so will the oil scum. I dont intend to be rude but in fairness to the squad our schedule right now is fucked comparatively to anyones and I have watched us lose in a lot more disgusting ways over the years to teams that aren’t legitimate, in this loss aeased we tried to play.

  3. Fabian says:

    Play Walcot upfront for the remaining fixtures and buy Baloteli or Rooney or Tores or Lewondowski. Giroud is an average player, he cannot run with the ball, he can not score simple chances. Remember the game against Everton the ball passed through his feet but failed to tap in, thanks to Ozil who followed it closely and scored, this just one example of many chances he missed. Walcot is now mature, technically he become very good plus his speed is fantastic. Remember what Thiery 14 has said Ozil need to play along with quick striker, to utilize his creativity. I think play Walcot upfront will benefit Ozil. Giroud is not good enough. Thanks Gooners

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