Torres – Hard Decision to Leave 'Special Club' Liverpool but It was All Worth it

Torres - Hard Decision to Leave 'Special Club' Liverpool but It was All Worth itChelsea’s Fernando Torres has never been able to find the prolific form he had with Liverpool football club but the Spaniard believes that he made the right decision to leave merseyside.
Understandable that he wanted Champions league football and Liverpool were falling behind and he did win trophies still El Nino never found his form that made him one of the best players in the world with Liverpool.
When Torres departed merseyside, he claimed that Liverpool will always be a special club for him, perhaps he still misses Anfield but claims that the hard decision to leave Reds was in the end all worth it.
Fernando stated:

“I’m so happy to have made that hard decision in my career to come to Chelsea,”
“Over time you can see all the success that we have had as a team, so everything was worth it.”

Torres scored for fun with Liverpool but never won a single trophy with them.
On the other hand, Torres has won the Champions league, Europa League and Fa Cup with the Blues, still he lost his killer instinct somewhere at Liverpool.
Chelsea paid a hefty 50 million pounds to hire his services. Fair to say that he has never shown he is worth that for the Blues.
Spaniard still struggles and thinks that he needs to do better. As far as things are going, he will find it really hard to go to World Cup. Even if he does, he will most probably be having bench role unless he starts scoring for fun with Chelsea.
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Dusko Cakovic

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  1. islanderkop says:

    Torres is full of sh•t! In his last few games at Liverpool he made no efforts anymore, acted like a diva and left in a classless manner! It is about attitude… cannot defend that!

  2. red ted says:

    I suppose he can say to his grand kids that he was at one time the best forward in the world, very happy and adored by his fans and team mates. Then he can show them some medals and say that he gave it all up to be a bit part player in a team that won them whilst becoming a figure of ridicule. He will never be accepted back at Anfield with anyhing but contempt.

  3. Cadillac 1 says:

    I strongly believe he will be at his best again. He will definitely score for fun under JOSE MOUR.

  4. FuriousRed says:

    Will score 4 fun under Mourinho? Who? Let alone under Mourinho he won’t do it under the Sun!

  5. Reddy says:

    Pushed for a move at a bad time (January) & prior to that sulked & showed half hearted commitment despite taking a big wage, disrespecting club & fans. Has since been booed & jeered at by his own fans & became a laughing stock, pilloried on ads. You were a disgrace in your final months at LFC Fernando, well, you got your move & have won some medals but as a bit part player who’s declined dramatically.

  6. paul says:

    torres was treated like a prince at liverpool but now he is like a thief at chelsea.sorry we have great striker Sas!

  7. Olumide says:

    Player are talking about success now not about loyalty how could you leave where you alway threated like a prince

  8. Red Barron says:

    Torres WAS…. That is all you ever hear. We remember him as he played four years ago. He had stopped playing that way for us a year before we sold him for a ridiculous amount of money. Chelsea arrogantly thought his loss of form was from playing at Liverpool and that he would be so much better under their training blah blah! He hasn’t been and never will be again. He got injured and lost his most vital asset: his explosive speed that left defenders for dead. Without that, and it’s gone for good, he is an ordinary striker and no longer world class.
    As for winning trophies, he hasn’t. He has no more won any of them than Owen did when he got a CL medal at the Mancs. He rarely ever played and when he did he was ineffective. With the money we got for Torres we wasted a lot on Carroll but at least we spent the rest on Suarez who is twice as good as Torres ever was despite his obvious faults!

  9. Paul says:

    Torres was a great goal scorer. 65 goals in 102 games over 4 years. At the time, probably the best striker in world football. His work rate (with or without the ball), determination and his general attitude was unquestionable. But for at least, the last 9 months of his contract he was dissolusioned and wanted to play in the Champions League, something, unfortunately we (Liverpool) could not give. I don’t blame any player wanting to leave a club if the only reason they went to that club in the first place is to play in the champions League. The reason that myself and other LFC fans have a problem with Torres are his comments about Liverpool, which he still continues this season 2013/14. Fernando Torres has his medals but whatever he says he does NOT have the respect and piece of mind he longs for at the London club he laughingly called ‘One of the biggest clubs in Europe’. The london club he refers to will NEVER be as big or come close to LIVERPOOL’s standing in world football not just Europe. In the end Torres made his decision for him, which everybody does. If anybody out there believes that players today are loyal, those days are well and truly over, take a look at another player who has treated Liverpol and it’s with little or no respect Luis Suarez. Liverpool Football Club is bigger than the names that come and go. Support your club in good times but most defiantly in bad times. Liverpool fan for 42 years and nothing will change that.

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