Di Maria shows that Arsenal Star was Really Afraid

Di Maria shows that Arsenal Star was Really AfraidAs Real Madrid splashed record fee of 100 million Euros for Spurs star Gareth Bale, they had to sell a few to somewhat balance the books.
Gonzalo Higuain left Los Blancos for Italian club Napoli. On the other hand Mesut Ozil decided to leave for Arsenal.
However, there was another player who was heavily linked elsewhere and top clubs were also interested in him but he opted to stay, Di Maria.
The Argentine claims that despite the increase in competition and arrival of Bale, he was ready to fight for the place. Di Maria stated:

“I decided to stay, despite the players that were coming to the club,”
“I knew that I was going through a good period and that I had the skills to play here. I talked to Pocho [Ezequiel Lavezzi] and he asked me: ‘Do you really want to go away from there?’
“Coach Carlo Ancelotti told me that whoever is better will play. I think that Bale wasn’t training in Tottenham so I guess I have a head start.”

Bale could not start ahead of Di Maria in the latest champions league fixture as former Benfica star is continuing his good form.
Di Maria’s stance shows that Arsenal star Ozil was really afraid of the competition at Real Madrid. Isco arrived and quickly became Madrid’s most important player that forced Ozil to the bench. It did not take long as he decided to leave.
Even Perez and Ancelotti claimed that it was Ozil’s own decision to leave the club.
Higuain mainly departed because he was getting a lot of undeserved criticism from the media according to Di Maria.
Ozil is a world class player and could have stayed at one of the best clubs in the world but perhaps preferred the easy way as at Arsenal he is guaranteed first team football.
Di Maria could have done the same and left but he stayed and proved that he is not afraid of competition.
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  1. Robbie Rotten says:

    Afraid bollocks. Why would a player of Ozil’s stature be content with a place on the bench when he could be playing every week with another (classier) club. Real Mad have some decent players, but their prez is a idiot.

  2. Tokimi Alaba. says:

    He who fight and run away, live to fight another day. Ozil knows the best way to handle his own broblem. Di Maria shut up.

  3. Oddbod says:

    Who gives a shit why he left RM! Fact is, he rejected them, PSG and Manure to come to us! Get over it!!

  4. j says:

    Congratulations on being able to reprint the blatant propaganda of a certain Mr Florentino Perez. Well done.
    Now, let me fill you in what the true story is.
    Real Madrid, after having splashed out £150m + on new players, including a ridiculous £85m on a one season wonder in Bale, then needed to move players on to balance the books in preparation for FFP.
    Mesut Ozil publicly stated his desire to stay at Real Madrid days before his transfer to Arsenal went through. It was decided though that he was to be the one who was to be sacrificed for the Bale experiment and so he was made available for transfer.
    The Real Madrid fans, players and a plethora of professionals, both current and former, expressed their dismay that the leading assist maker of the past 5 years was being sold off. Indeed, within the Madrid fanbase came borderline anger and grief at losing such a great player. Reeling from this, and acting like a scorned child, Perez took it upon himself to enact a public campaign of smear against Ozil. From questioning his attitude, his professionalism, his fight and courage and now even his ability, a smear campaign has been waged through Madrid’s newspaper mouthpieces all in an attempt to alter public perception of the transfer.
    Funny how Madrid never questioned his attitude whilst he was winning games for them by providing Ronaldo with the ammunition to score all those goals. Funnier still that no other managers, both for Germany and his previous clubs, have questioned him in such a way.
    Mesut Ozil is a victim of political games by a scorned man child in Florentino Perez. He long ago made Madrid a circus and has now made things about him, his ego.
    Mesut was sold because Madrid needed the cash from his sale after the crazy splurge on Gareth Bale. He was sold so that the emperor could buy a shiny new galctico toy. Not for any other reason.

  5. DöubleDöubleDöuble says:

    1. Real Madrid sell Özil.
    2. Fans, teammates, and everybody else in the world of football can’t understand why.
    3. Perez tries to justify his ridiculous decision by making up rubbish, in order not to get lynched by the Madrid fans.
    4. ????
    5. Arsenal profit.
    Real Madrid sold arguably the best no.10 in world football in order to buy a player they didn’t really need, simply because he cost a lot.

  6. tomasi says:

    It’s so heroic for Di Maria to say that after the competition was reduced! I bet he would have left had Ozil decided to stay! Besides, the club, the players, the fans and the stats all say that Ozil is a better player anyway, Di Maria was just lucky things turned out this way.

  7. lase says:

    Ozil was a complete idiot leaving real madrid for the likes of arsenal when he could have fought for his place he really is afraid of competion it is impossible to desribe his stupidity

  8. rotimi says:

    The issue is simple. There was no other player aside Ronaldo that could give Madrid that kind of money with which to balance their books. Di Maria would have fetched them far less than they needed. Secondly, 2014 is a world cup year, players worth their salt would be ready to go to where they can play regularly in order to earn a call up to the national team. What this writer has done was to show his level of ignorance of what is at stake. What is your IQ level? Leave this issue to those who have a better grasp of it. Thanks.

  9. Topats says:

    Pressure or no pressure he chose to move on and he’s happy at Arsenal. Madrid just cant come to terms with it hence all these negative coments week in..week out . Perez, please forget about Ozil and move on He dumped you for Arsenal get over it.

  10. Zodo says:

    Thks perez for busness, welcome ozil to emmerate. Upguners’

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