Reds Must not Lose Out on Champions League Level Player

Reds Must not Lose Out on Champions League Level PlayerIt is clear that Armenian International Mkhitaryan wants to leave Shakhtar this summer and reports thus far have suggested that Liverpool are favorites to land the versatile midfielder. However, Coach Lusesku wants Henrikh to return to Shakhtar and rethink on his decision.
The Reds must not lose out on this Champions league level player if they are to amplify the chances of returning to Europe’s elite competition sooner rather than later. Liverpool have failed to qualify for Champions League for the past 4 seasons and hence find it hard to attract world class talent.
Here in discussion is a top quality player. Mkhitaryan as an attacking midfielder scored 25 goals in just 28 league appearances for the Ukranian side and Brendan Rodgers should do whatever it takes to lure the Armenian star at Anfield.
Shakhtar coach has other ideas as he wants Mkhitaryan to come back from his AWOL, dream bigger than that and wait for a bigger club to come for him. Lusescu claimed:

“I want him to think very hard about this decision. There is still time. At a different team with a different game organization, his qualities that he showed here may vanish. I just encourage him to return to the team and start working. This is his team. Nothing happened between him and the management, as well as between him and the rest of the players. He was helped by everyone.”
“If he still shows up at a club that is superior to Shakhtar, then, I guess, I will understand his wish. I’m talking about such teams as Bayern, Real Madrid, Barcelona. As the rest are of our level.”

Reportedly the merseysiders have offered 22 million Euros for the Shaktar star but the Ukranian club are holding out to a price tag of 25 million pounds.
Shakhtar featured in last year’s Champions League and every player loves the experience of playing in that competition and so does Mkhitaryan. The problem with Liverpool is that next season they are not just out of CL but also completely out of Europe.
However, the reds are still an attractive prospect for top players and for reasons perhaps only known to Mkhitaryan, he wants to join Liverpool. If that is the scenario then there is no point of backing off and FSG must sanction the deal.
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  1. Carl says:

    I guess Liverpool will miss out because of a few million. The player is either worth it or not.

  2. Danno says:

    Ian ( I couldn’t negotiate my way out of a paper bag ) ayre is doing a great job of screwing this deal up,with his penny pinching.He should be the first one out the Anfield Door.

  3. David says:

    Lfc have sign him

  4. Fernando says:

    If his heart is set on lfc then get him in asap i wuld luv to see ngoo and suso also get a fair crack this season mabe jao t asswell alog with yetsil im glad br and fsg doing a good job so lets get behind the lads lfc ynwa

  5. hassan says:

    Dis guy really want lfc
    S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ let sign him on time

  6. sholepal says:

    I don’t even know wat to believe anymore, since a reporter from russian says a fee of £25.5m as been agreed between the two clubs and only medical and few document to be sign awaits.

  7. Ezechukwu Onyekachi says:

    BR get rid of Lucas,Jonjo Shelvy,Spearing,Fabio Borini,Pep Rena,Martin Skirtel,Sabstine Coates,even Glen Johnson is not Good,show the the exit door & sign Mkhitaryan pls.

    • tee cruft says:

      If dey sell half d squad just to get this player,w@ will happen if dey wanna sign the likes of messi,uhn???….mkhitaryn henrik,welcome to d most passion8 club in the whole world…YNWA!!!

  8. pete turley says:

    agree with whats his name above! sign him!

  9. David says:

    Lfc sign him quickly and then focus on other signings.Lfc will surprise Epl

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