Cazorla Wants Out of Arsenal but Why?

Cazorla Wants Out of Arsenal but Why?This transfer season cannot get more annoying for Arsenal fans, can it? Like always, they are finding it hard to lure their top transfer targets and for worst now it seems that again one of their star players wants to leave the club this summer.

Whether or not anything is concrete in the report will be known soon but reliable sources like Spanish Newspaper Marca have confirmed that Atletico Madrid have agreed terms with Gunners player of the season Santi Cazorla and the former Malaga star wants out of Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger will not want his best player to leave the club but if the reports are true then the real question is, why Cazorla wants out of Arsenal? Arsenal have been losing their best players regularly for the past few seasons and they have not been able to replace them as well.

Fabregas left for boyhood club and Nasri perhaps left for $$$/titles  in 2011, last year Robin van Persie departed to Manchester United claiming the gunners lack ambition and he wants to win titles. Now Cazorla has reportedly agreed to join Atletico. Only thing left is for Spanish club to reach an agreement with Arsenal.

The reasons are perhaps well known in his case as well. Arsenal’s long trophy drought continues whereas Atletico have won two Europa Leagues in the past 4 years and a Copa Del Rey trophy last season. Second, Arsenal fans and players still wait for the change in ambition as their habit of only signing stars after selling their own continues.

A different one is that may be Cazorla thinks he has a better chance of starting with the Spanish national side in the World Cup if he plays with Atletico, but that rarely happens as Madrid and Barca players dominate that lineup.

Santi Cazorla Arsenal Celebrating

Nevertheless, Atletico are a top side, were brilliant in the last campaign, and are building to compete in the Champions League next season

According to Marca, Atletico owner Miguel Angel Gil Marin is in London, has reached agreement with the player who would welcome back return to homeland with Atletico and now Marin is there to finalize the fee and the deal with the North Londoners.

Diego Simeone sold his star striker Radamel Falcao for 60 million Euros and replaced him with David Villa after spending just 5 million. The Spanish club has enough funds available to land Cazorla who would cost around 30 million Euros if Arsenal are to sell him.

Expect an outcry from the Arsenal fans if Gunners sell him for mere business sense. Even if Arsenal block his transfer, the fact that another top player wants out clearly explains that the club is still stuck in the old dilemma and is not progressing.

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  1. England lad says:

    Marca are just bullsh*** Cazorla hasn’t agreed personal terms and is not leaving period!!!!

  2. Milk says:

    First go and makes a search for who has the highest portion in falcao’s deal! Marca as a reliable source? The most untrustworth and biased newspaper is marca! They just said that cos to avenge the higuine story run by the english media and they want to unsettle the player! Athletico as a top side? Dont be absurd! They might win europa league but wasnt in the champions league for years and are you comparing this team with arsenal?

    • Hmm so Eight years without trophy and Champions League qualification makes Arsenal more successful than Atletico lately who have won Europa Leagues and a Copa Del Rey.
      Im baffled by the news as well, but in todays football and the way Arsenal deal over the years, you just never know. If he has agreed terms in turn means he wants to leave. Have to wait and see

    • brian says:

      Come on. What sucess have Arsenal had in the last 8 years? Nothing ! Zilch! Zippo! The squad is full of trash,ie.bentner,diabolical,djourou,squillo,etc and we cannot attract any of the big signings. We contnually loose our best players and the french idiot continually tells us he is building for the future. What future is he talking about? We have made one signing,and guess what its a froggie kid! Need we say more?

      • panther says:

        Oh Brian stop the derogatory language ok ? Why are so many English people rude and I dis-respectful towards other nationalities? Sanago is French he’s not not a bloody frog you stupid ignorant twat. Anyway , I doubt this story but with Arsenal anything is possible

  3. Daniel says:

    I am in support of Santi carzola leaving the GONE ASS because Arsen wenger should open his old mouth and tell the fans if really is the one responsible for the deal of players not taking place or if it is the board.
    I also blame Arsenal fans in london for buying tickets up till now to go and watch match at the Emirates cos if they can sit at home and allow Wenger and his stingy board members to watch the match alone i think it will pass a serious message to the management.

    • zakk nigeria says:

      I laughed at that really, wenger and the board should be allowed to watch the matches this season at the stadium if they are not ambitious. Having said that, I think marca has a biased tendency towards arsenal, they are unreliable.

    • zakk nigeria says:

      Thumbs up for that, you are right! Wenger always reluctant buy quality players. Wenger out!

  4. Momoh Abdul-Razaq says:

    This report if true is timely but unfortunate. Arsenal’s top brass have not shown any sign of change even after reporting a transfer war chest of £70m. Most class players were linked to Arsenal long before the transfer window opened,as at the time of going to press,Arsenal has done little or nothing to improve her squad,all domestic rivals have gone ahead to fortify their teams,rivals in Europe are not left out,being very active in the market.The best Wenger could give us is a kid who almost quit football for a career as a post man not quite long ago,just a kid,another kid.Everyone,including the players now know that the club lack ambition, has a singular direction which is to make money for herself,the players career are truncated and the best way out is to leave.It is unfortunate,the level Arsenal denigrated.

  5. fran says:

    Em wouldn’t it be hard to agree personal terms with our caz in london if hes on the other side of the world in Vietnam?

    • Zoran says:

      Cazorla is in London, did not flight to Asian Tour as well as Monreal.

    • Third Plebeian says:

      Erm…Cazorla is not in Vietnam. He’ll be starting pre-season late because of Confederations Cup duty, and therefore probably IS in London. That said, this rumour is hard to believe for other reasons.

    • schoolboy says:

      @fran, cazorla is not in the squad for asia tour, as well as nacho monreal.Well I hope the rumour isnt true

  6. Ekai Festus says:

    No carzola am crying to hear this.don’t agree this.we dearly depend on u.have mercy on us.we are behind u

  7. mr mad says:

    Would’nt suprise me ,wenger 70 million more like 70 quid and we get another lame duck french bloke , if all the rumors are true and wenger dose not get fabregas back and he goes to scumchester he’s sealed his own fate with me ( then i will say sack him )

  8. victor says:

    My fellow Gunner listern
    Any sensible player who wants to work without pressure will stated with Kos its now Cazorlo its because the ve seen Wenga is not near to improve the squad or buy new experienced players. The problem is wander he is not sell Bentna Chamak those crops can,t perform today .Wilsher said this summer we to get players who can intimidate the opponent who do we see Sonogo.
    Wenga can give u heart amble request to Cozorla please go to where you want & u will faster than u want cos Wenga love profits

  9. DiBis says:

    He can move away if he wants to leave and so he paves the way for Fabregas.

  10. Gooner888 says:

    Cazorla and Monreal have an extended holiday due to the confederations cup and are not on tour in the Far East.

  11. Stokesie says:

    Fran!! Cazorla has not gone on tour – he was given extra time off!!!

  12. sam says:

    Our manager arsene wenger wil not agree the term of selling carzola because now carzola is arsenal

  13. Aussie Jack says:

    Last I heard he was as happy as Larry in London and looking forward to the new season. Sounds like good old Spanish mischief to me.

  14. Wamba Jack says:

    Well, Santi realses he’s in the wrong place! Arsene is drunk on his Wenger-nomics and won’t dig into his ‘darling profits’ to sign any recognizable big name players. It is nauseating that ailing Arsenal FC is plotting to dish out a new contract to this ‘dick-head’ of a manager. And Wenger and his co ‘dick-heads’ like Ivan Gazidis are hell-bent on extending the septic rot at Arsenal beyond an eight empty years! Ouch! Stench, stench! Yuck,ck,ck,ck,ck……. And Santi is taking to his heels?

  15. Najibullah Sharifi says:

    Arsenal management make just gossip .they never spend big money .
    This is the new policy that they started for the fans
    The big players are contracting with big teams but
    Arsenal …………،..،

  16. arsenal-steve says:

    This is a hoax designed to destabilise Arsenal. I do agree that Arsenal’s and Wengers lack of ambition shines through though and must disappoint players. The board and Gazidis should be ashamed at their lack of ability to entice players to Arsenal and their indolence in the tranfer market is becoming legendary. The fans should choose a game to boycott and no supporters should turn up. The clubs attitude towards the supporters who pay to watch game is nothing short of disgraceful. Instead they are on a corporate tour of Asia which will not improve the squads football one iota. There is no communication with home fans to reassure them and give them hope. Shame on Arsenal, shame on Wenger.

  17. Shubham says:

    Firstly, this is rubbish. Secondly, like most clubs in Spain, Athletico is skint and don’t have the money from the sales of Falcao. He was third party owned. Though some portion of the sales money must have come to the club. That’s why they got a cheaper replacement in striker David Villa. Finally, rarely do players form Athletico get called up for the Spanish national team.
    I beg to all so called bloggers/writers, please verify facts before. Be sensible and use judgement. Cheers.

    • Thanks for the comment, a lil more decency could have helped but nyways that is edited.
      Firstly it is news?Rubbish or not, we shall only know as the transfer season progresses.
      Yes Falcao was third party owned and we do not know the portion Atletico (not Athletico) got but they spent 35 odd million to sign him. Surely it would be make no sense for them to sell him taking a portion less than what they paid for him even after he was arguably “the best” striker in the world. Makes sense?
      I already mentioned in the article that only Barca and Madrid players normaly make the cut for Spanish side. However, i thought that IF he wants to leave , that too for Atletico then that can be one reason other than the normal ones (no trophies, lack of ambition thing)
      I could have easily attracted views with just a two paragraph News instead opted to use judgment made sense and added an opinion to discuss.
      Lets just wait and see what happens.

  18. Adam Harvey says:

    1. Cazorla is in Japan . 2. He could not talk to any other club without permission from Arsenal. 3. He has a long contract and we have no need to sell our best players any more. 4. Arsenal are showing ambition by bidding for world class players like Suarez and Higuain, they are not going to tell us we are in a fantastic financial position now and then sell our best players.
    Have a bit more faith please because all the transfer news so far has been encouraging. Do not expect the very good players to be sold so easily that we can just take them off the shelf like in a supermarket. These things can take time.

    • Goon says:

      1 – Cazorla is not in Japan he stayed back, so first know the facts then comment
      2 – CAnt talk with player without permission – You and many other Arsenal supporters strongly beleived that Arsenal have agreed terms with Higuain and only fee with Madrid is left
      3 – Arseal never had the need to sell their best players, always were in profit and yet always SOLD
      4 – Showing ambition by bidding for Suarez and the world knows they cant get him for those bids. and wait FLORENTIO perez said they never bid for Higuain so wake up eh

      • Steph says:

        @Goon, you need to get your own facts right:
        1. Cazorla is in Japan on holidays and not for the AFC Asian tour.
        2. You can’t agree fee with a player unless the club gives you permission as Higuain’s father/agent clearly stated at one point.
        3. Most players Arsenal sold over the last few years wanted to leave and Arsenal had little or no choice but to sell to the highest bidder as any business man will do.
        4. You do not draw conclusions from what you read from the media about bids and negotiations unless of course you believe that we are looking to buy all the players in the world. The transfer window is far from closed and anything could happen before then, we all know that Wenger rarely make early transfers bar the case of Podo.
        5. Stay positive.

        • Aussie gunner says:

          Good on you Steph, i like your way of facts and being positive about the future, everything you say i agree with
          say i agree with, keep punching.

  19. JSP2303 says:

    Who better than the players know what is going on at the club. Maybe Carzola knows who is coming in and sees he will not be a definite starter for Arsenal next season. Therefore, he wants to move to get first team football.
    Then again it could be the usual rubbish that goes with Spanish football! Why player want to go and play in a two team league I don’t know. If they are that desperate to win things then go play for Celtic as they are n a one team league!!!

    • Our editing team looks after the comments approval and yours was sent to Spam. Since you were complaining, I have brought it back.
      your first point, Are you even serious saying that Cazorla who was one of the best players in league, Arsenal player of the season sees that he will not be a starter next season :S and he wants to move for first team football. Cazorla would be the first name on the sheet for Arsenal when fit.
      About your next argument, yes Spanish league is perhaps two team league but it is still an attractive prospect for Spaniards, only Cazorla would know why he wants to go back IF he wants to

      • JSP2303 says:

        Thanks and thanks for your comments.
        It was just a thought about him not being a starter. I totally agree he is a class act and I for one would be sorry to see him go, but you don’t know what he is thinking if he knows a big name (possibly ex-captain, fingers crossed) is coming back.
        Hope he does stay though.

  20. Akin Ajibade says:

    I will refer to d London gunner’s fans as being so foolish, senseless and insane, if they still go on to buy Aristocratic Emirates ticket next season, to watch the recalcitrant Wenger boys, if he, Wenger, fails to buy marquee players before the start of the season. You, fans would be foolish enough, if u still goes on to buy their tickets and watch them.
    Go on protest, and let it known globally, that u are not fools.
    If this could be done, Stubborn & insensitive Wenger and his board will rise to the occassion.

  21. Ralph says:

    Rumour true or not, does not matter. Surely, an approach was made.
    The fact though is that AW is a cheapskate, timewasting boring tosser, who has just wasted 1 month with no positive results. WHAT IS HE WAITING FOR ? Get Higuain, get Cesar , Get Fellaini OR GET LOST !!! (and take Gervinho/Sagna with you please. )

  22. This artical must be writen by and angry liverpool fan or a scared man utd fan bcoz everyone knows that suarez is leaving and rooney possibly but only to join Cazorla and wilshere at Arsenal bcoz Arsenals squad is the happiest and most confidant in the country with hunger for trophies not money like the rest! The wilshere to munich stories were the first to try and start something but thiago boyyed off man utd to go there then it was fabregas to man utd hahahaha that was my favourate one bcoz he’s cesc is Arsenal and now its Cazorla the man who says Arsenal are the perfect club for him! What’s next Arteta s going to spurs hahahahaha all of u haters keep dreaming its our time now except it don’t fight it!!

  23. Jagger says:

    We forgot..just what we needed to complete a de ja vu summer, our best players being linked with other clubs!

  24. says:

    Arsenal is a great club, but Arsene Wenger treat the fans and players as if is deling a baby. Each season he promise to buy great players and at the end of the transfer window he comes up with no signing. I think he should leave Arsenal and stop killing the club

  25. masher says:

    this is unbelievable,i dont think this one can happen,arsenal lost fabregas,nasri,van persie,and song,and now over to carzola,i dont think asene wenger is a good coach wenger want to spoid arsenal and,all arsenal fans through out the world we must be prayerful.if we want this team to regain is honour.

  26. Dominic says:

    The papers have to fill their pages and the presidents of the clubs have to keep a high profile to ensure re-election. Thus the surfeit of bullshit at this time of year.

  27. suarez is coming ;-) says:

    Farjad mate! The only lack of ambition going on here is ur story! Its weak and desperate and shows Arsenal are getting to everyone and they are taking notice af the ambition we are showing!!

  28. Marvin says:

    he is a good player i cnt argue,but if its true he wnts to leave wil let him go for trophies lyk RVP,Sami and so many more,but belive you me guys we only nid a defender(williams), a defencive midfilder lyk Song and a striker lyk jovetic and wil be done and compete 4 trophies.he stays he goes stil arsenal

  29. CHARLES says:


  30. tai haxan says:

    Marca! U make me laugh isn’t it the marca that report the signin of higuain,.reliable source indeed¡

  31. Tonia Reeves says:

    Oh my goodness! Cazorla wants to leave??? I don’t blame him for wanting to leave – (Sonogo from League 2) is the only player Wenger has added to the team….we are still waiting to see a quality player added to the team as an encouragement for the coming season. It will hurt if a good player like Cazorla leaves the team; every player wants to win trophies this is why he wants to leave like the others! Please Wenger do something to avoid exodus of our players (God forbid)!
    Gunner for Life

  32. dutti_S says:

    Just to confirm, Carzola is on holiday and is NOT in London.
    I am so tired of this ‘every player wants to win trophies’ excuse for players wanting to leave Arsenal. It’s just regurgitated talk from the past and is not relevant to the present squad. We are far from a one man team anymore and the team is more balanced and have a positive attitude. And that is the real reason why all these stories are going around, our rivals are seeing that slowly but surely we’re getting the Arsenal spirit back. As some for Arsenal fans, take a Xanax and read this: “Atletico Madrid president Enrique Cerezo has denied talk that the club are signing Santi Cazorla from Arsenal.” -
    Or if you can read spanish go straight to the source:

  33. gary says:

    does anyone know if wenger has a profit related bonus payment in his contract? if so then change it to a win bonus and this self obsessive money grabbing frenchman might want to win more matches

  34. Sasirabo vincent says:

    Some tym i feel lyk crying wen i remember my old days arsenal to that one!. & stuped arsen wenger trying to luk like shaking wen he sees is gona loose the match!.but the last blame goes to arsenal ticket buyers,coz they’ve seen that their team cant change when it still have that management!,the only bullet remaining now is you….,i mean you who buy tickets!,just boycott for buying tickets for 5 months,u’ll see your team buying star players!!,but if u dont,then we shall remain lyk that without winning any major trophy for the rest of yr team support!.arsenal ticket buyers,where are you??,are you also sleeping lyk arsene wenger & the arsenal board?.ticket buyers,you enjoy spending your money & keeping quiet,while others are winning trophies &celebrating?.the only faith left now is from you..,boycott buying tickets before the transfers deadline,so that thay can buy before the transfers deadline.

  35. adili selemani says:

    cazorla will not go any way that rumors is not true, he still have very long contract with arsenal to break it , it will cost him a lot of money , and arsenal now they need quality players, so they will not let him go.

  36. AW So Close Yet So Far says:

    Someone is desperate to make headlines. Disappointed that this time Arsenal is not selling a key player, and Top Four (Wenger) is not going to PSG? Sorry pal try another headline. Can even offer suggestions which are as crazy as the hint that Santi can leave Arsenal. Try this one: Sir Alex Ferguson Appointed Rangers Manager

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