Arsenal – It could have been Worse

Arsenal – It could have been WorstLiverpool are still holding onto their best player Luis Suarez as Arsenal gradually raise bids to somehow lure the Uruguayan to Emirates. The fans seem to get desperate as the transfer window is about to enter its final month and not even a single big name player has been signed by the gunners as promised by management.
Like every transfer season, Gunners are linked with numerous top quality stars but have failed to lure them. This summer, we can name a few like Isco, Goetze, Jovetic, Higuain (add anyone missed) and more recently Bernard who is perhaps set to join Portuguese side FC Porto.
The point to ponder for Arsenal supporters is that It could have been worse for them. The usual scenario over the years is that Gunners have not signed many star players but have let their own star players leave just because business sense prevailed.
Adding to that, they also have the habit of selling their captains on and off. In 2005 Vieira left for Juventus, in 2007, Henry left for Barcelona, in 2011 Fabregas left for Barcelona and lately last year star striker and captain Robin van Persie left for rivals Manchester United.
There were reports that Arsenal may as well get rid of another skipper this summer Thomas Vermaelen but those rumors have since died down. More recently, the reports that player of the year Cazorla would leave the club for Atletico was alarming as well but fortunately for the fans that was another speculation.
Since 2005, Arsenal have sold at least one first team star for $$$ and that is why they have been lately known as the selling club. What is more baffling is that they are financially strong and yet act completely differently.
For now, their old habit continues. They never seem to pay over the odds to sign a top class player and suffer. Yes doing it very often does not make sense, but losing players all the time also does not.  Bidding 20 million for a 30 million Higuain did not help. Same goes for Suarez, bidding 40 odd million for a 50 million player may again only lead to disappointment.
At least, they are not selling stars for now but their transfer dealings thus far have not convinced the supporters as well. Whether or not that will change and they will break the bank to sign one of the best players in the world, Luis Suarez, we shall see.
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Dusko Cakovic

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  1. william says:

    sack arsene wnager time to go bye

  2. mwrgo says:

    Send Arsene Wenger to PSG!!!!!!!!!!!!! He respects only Club Owners and Undermines the supporter. By the way is he mentaly Okay???????????? He must be manic!

  3. jjsam says:

    Does Suarez really worth 50 grounds? And if he fails like Torres did, it will be the same you who would put another discreditive article.

  4. please, Mr Wenga eight years without a trophy is not easy for the whole Arsenal fans, some people lost their lives, some are in the hospitals some are dying but they have not even realise that they are dying because their BP is over 200. Infact, the lowest BP for Arsenal fans is 180. Please, don’t let this continue. Just bring in suarez and Felanni to reduce our BP.

  5. Jimmy Lobo says:

    Let us wait and see the magic mr wenger want to perform before we can know what name to be giving him

  6. I dont think Arsenal will pay £50million for suarez he is simply not worth that kind of money with all the baggage he brings,Wenger is correct to be cautious,thats a lot of money to risk on that personality,if I was an Arsenal fan I would be urging Arsen Wenger to look elsewhere to fix the striker problem !!

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