Why Benteke Must Prove He's not Part of the '6 Month Crew'

Why Benteke Must Prove He's not Part of the '6 Month Crew'22 year old Belgian striker Christian Benteke has had a sparkling six months for Aston Villa. Amongst a poor team, has been the highlight every weekend, and this has attracted bigger Premier League names such as Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham Hotspur.
However, as good as he has been, there are countless amounts of players who have had a sensational six months in the past, and then gone downhill.
Firstly, Pappis Cisse. Last year Cisse helped Newcastle to their highest league finish in years, scoring a few crackers, that law-defying volley at Stamford bridge to name one, along the way.
The Senegalese striker was playing so well, he even attracted attention from Real Madrid! However, this season he has looked average, squandering chances last year he would’ve buried, and his confidence is lowering every game. Still a good player, but definitely part of the ‘6 month crew’ for the time being.
There are more, Jelavic also did very well in his first six-months at Everton, looking to be the missing link in their team. Goals have been few and far between since that 6 month period, and his hair looks worse as well.
The list goes on, even Gervinho looked decent last year for Arsenal.
Now, Benteke has a 20 million price tag slapped on him, and the way he’s playing, he looks worth it. However, the rest of the season will bring the answer as to whether he will join Jelavic and co in the ‘6 month crew.’ I think he’s good enough to simply be classed as ‘a good player,’ but only time will tell.
Michu, also has got to prove he is not a 6 month wonder.
The ‘6 month crew’ is a horrible trap to fall into, and very hard to get out of. I could spend all day listing its’ members, but these newbies to the Premier League have got to prove they can avoid this crew.
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  1. stans says:

    also players should not be even judged when they play bad for first 6 months many examples of that

  2. Narmatik says:

    Another thought, Benteke is just a small club player, we all know that but Michu is another level

  3. Darwi says:

    He is very very inconsistent but yes the most talented in Villa side that is why noticeable THATS IT

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