France’s Whole Team Travels to London

The team of France will play on the Tuesday’s friendly at Wembley. The squad refused to cancel the match against England, despite the terrorist attacks across Paris on Friday.

Lassana Diarra, midfielder, suffered a tragic loss. His cousin Asta Diakite was one of the 130 victims, who died on Friday during the terrorist attack of suicide bombers. They were really close, she was like “an elder sister” to Diarra.

Antoine Griezmann’s sister escaped unharmed from Bataclan theatre, which was the place where 89 people died.

In spite of the tragedy, the squad was training indoors during the weekend. Having a concern about the team, the Football Association offered to anyone who felt that they should not travel to England to drop out. However, the French Football Federation turned down the proposal and confirmed that the whole team of 23 players will arrive.

Griezmann and Diarra, who played against Germany on Friday, refused to miss the friendly, as well.

The security at Wembley will be enhanced to maximum level. The supporters will arrive earlier than the usual time and the police presence will be more visible. The FA and the government discussed that the football meeting is not under any threat.

Appropriate and prudent measures are taken in order to ensure the safety of the expected crowd. The Football Association urges fans to come earlier to Wembley, because there will be increased safety and security checks.

England’s players will pay a tribute before the match. The words of La Marseillaise, the National anthem of France, will be on displays within Wembley, which will give more people the opportunity to sing it in order to pay their respect.

The Wembley arch will be lit up in the colours of the French flag – blue, white and red. Outside the arena the French motto “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” will be on the screens in solidarity with France.

Noel le Graet, FFF president, said “It is me alone who made the call for the friendly to go ahead”. Roy Hodgson, England manager, agreed with Graet’s decision and welcomed it. He said that the football world should be united during such times of tragedy.

The head of the organizing committee for Euro 2016, the FFF president Noel le Graet, the French government and UEFA are debating on safety and security matters before the next tournament during the summer. 24 teams will meet across ten venues, therefore the tournament organisers have to ensure and provide secure and safe environment.

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Morgan Bray

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