Tottenham Hotspur Interested in Signing $66million Star

Tottenham must act fast in the summer transfer window and sign top quality players to strengthen their team for next season.
Premier League teams have already started spending huge sums and just yesterday, Spurs’ arch rivals, the Gunners, sealed the signing of Alexandre Lacazette from Lyon.
According to Portuguese source O Jogo (press image provided below), the likes of Tottenham, West Ham and the Toffees are interested in hiring the services of Algerian international and Porto star Yacine Brahimi.
The 27-year-old playmaker is a versatile talent who can be deployed anywhere in the attacking third. He can play on either flank and also as a secondary striker if needed.
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In the last campaign, the African star featured in 31 games for the Primeira Liga giants and directly contributed in 11 goals (7 goals and 4 assists).
O Jogo claim that Brahimi has got a release clause of 60 million euros ($66million) in his contract (expires in 2019) but they are prepared to listen to offers of around 25 million euros.
Spurs have top quality stars like Eriksen and Alli in the attack. Moreover, Son proved to be effective in the last campaign as well. They must get rid of Sissoko, who could not even score a single goal last season. In your opinion, is Yacine good enough to improve Spurs’ attack.

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  1. Michael says:

    Yacine Brahimi is a worth buy. but he can be 30 million worth. for 27 year old mid.
    try swap deal using sisoko.
    sisoko is now priced at 21 million. plus 9 million to buy yancine Brahimi. he can be a prefect weapon in champions League.
    arsenal have spent 52 million and bought a player. if we can buy him for less money. it will a smart negotiations than arsenal.
    he is hard working. 🙂
    try this type signings Tottenham.
    Yacine Brahimi.he can be like a ozil buy for tottenham.

  2. Forget it Levy would never spend that amount of money that old.
    Sadly, the days of Spurs buying a Kilnsman are long gone.

    • Michael says:

      is it 99 million. no,
      9 million Tottenham have now. and using sisoko plus 9 million. swap.
      how manchester united swaped lukkaku.
      70 million plus rooney.
      better than this.
      Levy would never spend that amount of money that old.
      he bought 29 year old soldado by wasting 26 million. he bought sisoko for 30 million then do you think levy won’t spend on that hard working player.
      yacine berahimi for 30 million. is big money for tottenham, I’m telling a tip for levy wasting money.
      Tottenham is try to get sisoko out of the club for a descent money of 21 million to Marseille.
      so why levy can’t try a player exchange deal for yacine berahimi from a champions League club player. 21 million price player plus 9 million. only needs.
      from that Tottenham can get rid of sisoko and get a champions League experienced and he was a arsenal target.
      through that Tottenham can give a reply for arsenal lacazatte buy.
      or else after lacazatte buy, arsenal will go for yacine berahimi for player plus cash exchange.
      if levy do this, he can get a marquee signing like arsenal’s lacazatte.

    • Michael says:

      i didn’t said Tottenham to spend 52 million money on yacine berahimi.

  3. Michael says:

    try to swap lemar using sisoko is much better than berahimi.
    lemar is so young than berahimi..
    25 million plus sisoko and buy lemar.
    after that ask them mbappe for loan deal and give them vincent Janseen one year loan.

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