Mourinho Ready to Agree €80.8million Star Signing for Man Utd – Not Griezmann/Belotti

Manchester United are in search of a top class No.9 to reinforce their strike-force in the summer transfer window.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic was Mourinho’s main center forward this season and was in top form before getting injured last month in the Europa League tie against Anderlecht.
The former Chelsea boss needs to replace the legendary striker and a few quality names have been in the lime light. We recently covered a report (via Daily Mail) that United are prepared to pay a huge sum to hire the services of Italian international and Torino star Andrea Belotti.
Now, according to the latest reports going on in the media, Mourinho is ready to hire the services of Argentine star Sergio Aguero from rivals and neighbors Manchester City (The Times).
As per the provided Times link, Jose is expected to get his approach rejected by Pep Guardiola but he thinks that the former Atletico Madrid striker is the perfect man to replace someone as good as Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
The South American star has been City’s main center forward since 2011 and has so far netted 31 goals in 42 appearances for them in the current campaign.
Aguero’s current contract with the Sky Blues will expire in 2019 and he is valued at €80.8million as per CIES Football Observatory.
Sergio is a proven Premier League striker but he will turn 29 next month and has been injury prone at times as well. Not to forget, Belotti is only 23. In your opinion, should United sign Andrea or Aguero?
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  1. Olaboye Kehinde says:

    in my own little understanding I think we should go for Belotti instead because he’s young and strong and can only get better with us
    But Aguero on the other side is good but is injury prone and can fall our hand when needed most, so MOU should not go for him
    Rashford and Belotti with Grezimann behind them is good to go for us next season.

  2. andrew says:

    the main problem at man utd is the absence of players with confidence to shoot at goal. too many back passes and at times they make seroius errors that result in goals. if the manager can get players who can take on defenders like what martial tries to do the better. SAF should assist these managers, his team was ‘attack minded’, would move into opposition area with intent and utd used to score goals. now its parking the bus, whether away or at home, its parking the bus. if no action is taken immediately utd would go down like liverpool. maybe its better to buy average many players and work on them than buy one expensive player who then gets surrounded by below average players. utd needs to have good scouts, how come other teams purchase better players.

    • Roger Lørendal says:

      What a load of BS! Have U watched many United matches this year? Parking the bus? Yes, a few times. But certainly not all the time. And definitively not at home. We dont score enough. But that is not down to parking the bus. Its about efficiency, and quality in front of goal.

    • Daniel says:

      Players with confidence and that is built by managers and the coaching staff. Confidence can’t be without goals.

  3. fernando says:

    you lost your soul to moumoneyo that’s all he is good for instead of building success he is only intent on buying where are the days when your youth was your heart and pride of the club you all glory hunters with n manager that has no clue how to manage and develop talent name one current top player in world football he have developed ? he only good at managing check books for immediate success

  4. Belotti will be a far better option dan injury prone Aguero. He can score, dribble, create chances nd assist as well. Still young nd fresh dan old nd prone injury Aguero.
    The combination of:
    Will be fire.

  5. Excellent Larry A says:

    Of a truth Martial is the only Man U player who takes on players. Others do not have that confidence to do that, which results to too many back passes. Again they don’t know how to mark opponents. The will see a player others will retrieve back instead supporting that player to mark.

    • Essigreb says:

      Martial just isn’t the class you are referring to. And to claim that others are not taking players on is wrong. Martial is no winger since he doesn’t defend. And he certainly is no striker since he doesn’t run in pockets or behind defenses. The worst thing is his work rate. He never tries to win the ball back when it is lost. I hate those kind of players. Selfish and lazy – please sell
      Belotti AND Griezmann would be nice. The former is my priority. Aguero – yes, please him too before any Martial

  6. Bolatrendy says:

    Am glad to say BELOTTI countless time.
    if Man Utd should sign him, I will carry him with my back to carrignthon

  7. Myself I prefer to have Belotti than Aguero because of the age and injuries, Aguero is old and can play for few years than strong one Belotti, also Aguero is injury prone than super power Belotti. So when we have Belotti front, Griezmann as second striker and rashford at flank we can do what we miss now (attacking with more goals)

  8. Geoffrey Isaiah Ocaka says:

    Someone who is fresh is what Utd should go for that’s Average Aged Of Belotti not Someone in the Evening of their Career like Arguero

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