Report – This Man will Be In Charge of Arsenal Next Season

Wenger Arsene Arsenal FCArsenal have been terrible this season under the management of Arsene Wenger and the supporters want the French manager to finally leave the club.
The North Londoners were once again humiliated in the Round of 16 of the Champions League by Bayern Munich. Moreover, based on current league form, the Gunners will not finish in the top four and fail to qualify for next season’s CL for the first time under Arsene.
Arsenal are still alive in the FA Cup but even winning the competition will not change the fact that their season has been an absolute failure.
In all fairness, Arsene needs to exit the club after the campaign ends but if reports are anything to go by then he is probably going to stay, much to the despair of the fans, who have already started a world wide protest to somehow get the manager out of the club.
According to Mirror, Wenger is closer to extending his reign at the Emirates and has told his colleague’s that he wants to sign a new two year deal.
John Cross has reported that Arsenal are ready to spend 200 million pounds to strengthen the squad in the upcoming summer transfer window and Wenger will be the one responsible for utilizing that transfer kitty.

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  1. Omar Muhammad Baah says:

    AW should quit

  2. fancy says:

    Based on logistics on ground since ten years, even if Wenger have the combined team of Madrid and Barcelona he won’t win the premiership league nor surpassed the round of 16 of the champions league. His style of coaching is out dated and the will to win is no more in him. He has lost the fight in him and this has been transferred to the players. He should step down while the charisma and respect is still been accorded to him.

  3. spaceman says:

    He is a conservatist,not always willing to spend on players.why will he make good result.let him leave if he can’t change dis attitude.

  4. in my opinion as an adent arsenal fanatic, Wenger must leave. Wenger has failed to tactically clinch to a footballing formation that helps the club to win games. even merely losing possession for defensive purpose. he has failed to blame his players during losses even when they have a horrible display on the pitch. the likes of Ramsey, xhaka, coq, etc are not supposed to wear that jersay, u find him keeping faith in these average performers. with more technically gifted managers in the likes of pep, mour, klop and konte, I see no room for Wenger to kept clinching on the arsenal managerial post. the early he leaves the better, before we continue moving down the table. he found arsenal here. however, thanks for the memories.

  5. Rick Noble says:

    Chelsea replaced their manager……look at them now.
    Leicester replaced their manager to avoid relegation, they will now be safe.
    We should have replaced Wenger several years ago but definitely several weeks ago, as we need to be in the top four….. We are not going to make it this season.
    Get the obstinate bugger out……..
    We have no confidence when he is dabbling in the transfer market with his most stupid offers, look at Suarez, had Wenger paid what was required we would not be in this position now!!!
    One man you may ask?
    Well we don’t have a world class striker do we?
    Walcott is here for the steady ride, runs down the wing like a gazelle and scores the ODD goal.
    Welbeck………how big does the goalmouth have to be?
    Come on for gods sake get the clown out.

  6. Bwoi Kizz says:

    Wenger is a loser why are you stressing us with that old man..He deserves respect but not anymore if he insist on staying…we are tired of not celebrating trophies… He had had enough at Arsenal what else does he want

  7. oseni says:

    Mr. Wenger have a biggest problems as a manager sorry to say this, he usually gave player times than necessary. Arsenal fc is now full of average players that can’t offer the team anything good than sorrow every season. I am very surprised seeing Mr Wenger waiting for player like; Ramsey, Wilshere, Wolcott, Ox, Giroud & Gibs to performed all this why.

  8. Tom says:

    In 5 seasons when down at half we have not come back to win a single match. No fight no coaching. Time for change.

  9. ODUR MAXWELL says:

    That is where we Arsenal die hard cry out for. Wenger out, wonger out, wenger out, we have become a laughing stock and wenger can’t realize he should have been beaten after losing to Leicester. I also blame the so called Arsenal fans who continue to go for games, giving Arsenal money but without outcome, make Kronke’s Arsenal broke and wenger out would sound perfectly effective!!!!

  10. Muhammad Asif Babar says:

    Every body wants Wenger out . in my opinion we should gave him two more years and funds to add fresh blood in the team and believe me we will have hell of the team next season. We needs 5 or 6 new signing and we are on track. We needs one defender winger and player of Santo caliber in the middle . we have lack of energy and fighting spirit with new singings we will have.

  11. Eye says:

    For the past 10 years wenger has done nothing good but damage to our beloved arsenal. poor tactics, bad philosophy, terrible ideals, I think the so call arsenal board members should have a rethink now and do the necessary thing before the start of next season…………..WEXIT.

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