10 Pts Above Man Utd & Now Trash – Liverpool Fans Turn Against Klopp

Jurgen Klopp DortmundLiverpool suffered a shocking defeat at the hands of another relegation threatened team and now, even a top four finish looks highly unlikely.
The Anfield faithful must have thought that their team have returned to form after comfortably beating Tottenham Hotspur at home but it wasn’t to be. The Reds continue to struggle against weaker sides and that has baffled the supporters.
The Mersyesiders were considered as strong contenders for the Premier League title in the first half of the campaign. However, since the turn of the year, Klopp’s men have only managed to win one PL fixture.
Last night, Leicester were playing their first game after getting rid of Claudio Ranieri. With a care taker manager, the Foxes were able to absolutely rip Liverpool apart.
The Reds had enough time to prepare for the game and the German manager even took his team to Spain. Unfortunately, they just did not show up last night.
The fans are getting furious by the minute and a lot of them have turned against Jurgen Klopp. Here are a few reactions.

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  1. Praphot Rak-Arom says:

    Already anticipated long tong time ago that Liverpool will not be in the TOP FOUR, and the time is at our door -step, Liverpool will definitely enjoy the non-listed TOP FOUR. Mr. Klopp has to be responsible for this . He has to be blamed !!!

  2. gregory williams says:

    we have to blame, klopp and the owners, this was the year for liverpool to win the league, they had to invest heavily over winter period, spend the bloody money, get in really know, goalkeeper, the whole backline, a defensive, alonso type a player, and a serious goal poacher, we let hiquin, now by juventis slip.

  3. Odokonyero Fred says:

    Rafa, Only One Who Can Solve Lfc Top Four Finish

  4. Justice says:

    Klopp out please… He’s just the same with other managers. Who is he to not forgive sakho amd restore him back to the first team? FSG please get rid of klopp and bring in a good manager that would sign quality players for our club and not these useless average players. Sometimes, i wonder if LFC is cursed to always disappoint at crucial times.

    • sun says:

      sorry dont blame Klopp,its ze owner we should blame not Klopp who finance and give ze green light its fsg not klopp, you can sack and recruit a dozen like klopp as manger all season ze result will be ze same if ze owner dont hv any ambition to lift up ze team we will keep crying generation after generation its already 26 yrs we are still chasing for ze tittle its all about sacking owners now not managers

  5. Jhonnie says:

    Man United over LPFC. Liverpool must accept they are no longer an elite Football Club. They have lost sensation.

  6. kunlexy says:

    I have always maintained that Jurgen Klopp is overrated. His two league titles at Dortmund have deceived LFC fans. Yet he lost four crucial finals he could have easily won 3 of them. Klopp lacks ability to read games and effect proper changes when things aren’t going in tandem with his plan. He even lacks proper intelligence for players selection. The game against Leicester was already lost before kickoff. How do u keep using Lucas, who’s a very poor and incompetent DM as central defender? Why should he even be in Liverpool team? Emre can is not even fit for Stoke city yet he starts for Lfc. Somebody just said, he should have brought sakho back, what the hell! Liverpool docile fans are the biggest reason why the club has been castarophic over the years. They are quiet and lower their standard and expectations. If klopp were to be in Man U, his job will be on the line. Klopp had the whole winter transfer window to sign quality DM, Central defender, reliable goalie and Higuain begging to join, yet he wasn’t intelligent enough to do this. It’s laughable how you keep klavan on the bench in favour of slow, unreliable and skill less Lucas and expect to get three points match after match. Lfc has become a joke, so unfortunate!

  7. MIKE says:

    I watched this Match in Saudi Arabia and awoke from a Pre- Match Sleep to witness just 30 Minutes of more Liverpool Pathetic Play before deciding to return to my Sleep. Lucas and Can should be playing for Teams at least 2 Divisions below us. Milner needs to be Replaced this Summer also and we need Quality x20 if we are to achieve ANYTHING in the Future. Winning a Premier League is as far away as the Star Ship Enterprise in the Galaxy. Klopp do as your Position demands as Manager of LFC, get Money to Buy or Liverpool needs new Owners who are prepared to put LFC back onto the Football Map. Born a Scouser on the Kop but so embarrassed to Watch my Team these days with Football Neutrals around me. We have become a Laughing Stock to be truthful. Sort it it for God Sake and FAST!!!!!!

    • kunlexy says:

      Thanks MIKE for your contribution. Who in the world kept Lucas in Lfc for 10 years? Ridiculous. He and can don’t belong to Epl. If klopp knew what he was doing, he should have sold them both, together with Lovren and Sakho to Wolverhampton or Oxford United cos that’s where they belong. Get a solid keeper too. I still don’t rate klopp high cos same mistakes and style of play common under Rodgers are still prominent In Klopp’s era. If you notice, Liverpool players don’t win headers cos they don’t jump and that’s one major reason we concede from spot kicks a lot. Our players don’t move with the ball towards opponents goal post and often times crosses or passes are wasted for want of connection. Our marksmanship is poor to say the least as we allow opposition to distribute passes at will. We allow them acres of space and lfc players don’t spread well on the pitch. All these were evident even when we were winning. So I don’t think klopp is as technically gifted as we are made to believe if all these can’t be corrected in more than one year of coaching LFC!

  8. sun says:

    shameball,i think klopp n players talk too much after beating Tot, as if we hv already won ze premier league,they will all 14 matches left and so on, a month ago i wrote just after losing to Wolf zat klopp and co are already at Ibiza and zat proved i was wright,they went to Spain for a warming session all relaxed whereas Leicester played champions league,just a waste oif money,instead they should have gone to south pole training session,i switched off my tv at half time for me ze game was already game over, its not about how you support your team its also how ze board support ze team, both hands claps make a sound,

  9. Craig Van Sensie says:

    It is sad to see people surprised at Liverpool not qualifying for
    Champions League soccer, a number of people warned Klopp and the fans that there is no way, you can win the league without quality defending. Yes they scored goals like there’s no tomorrow but how did Liverpool fans and Klopp missed to see all the goals they conceived. How on earth did their best defender end up at Crystal Palace

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